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  1. With the dampeners turned down, it's pretty obvious that something in the system is adding energy to the system.. perfectly stationary craft will bounce higher and higher until the gear explode. Even with max dampener settings, it's not enough to stop the bouncing. No matter how heavy a craft is or how poorly aligned the gear are, a stationary craft shouldn't bounce higher on subsequent bounces.. Slashy's tweak helps a lot. The increasing bounce amplitude is still apparent with the dampener turned down.
  2. Check that you downloaded the actual file. I tried to "Right click -> Save As" on the link above, and that was actually the page serving the file. I had to go to the page and click another download link.
  3. Enabling surface attach also worked for me. attachRules = 0,1,0,0,0
  4. I had this exact problem in Arch linux. mozroots didn't work, with or without sudo. ckan (libcurl) was looking for certs in /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt. is using Let's Encrypt certificates, which were not in the open ssl trust store for the system. The following will fail if this is the problem: curl -I Once I fixed the above, ckan started working. The fix in arch, based on this document Download (do not install into the browser) the Let's Encrypt root and X1 intermediate certs from here: Copy both files to /etc/ca-certificates/trust-source/anchors/ and rename them .crt run: sudo trust extract-compat
  5. With the changes to CompoundPart mentioned in the dev notes, would it be possible to have a piston that attaches like a strut? It could make controlling the same structure with multiple pistons easier, especially if it could function as if having a ball joint on both ends.
  6. For working around the FAR problem, using the KerbalStuff URL seems to work:
  7. It would definitely solve the pain point of working with multiple sets of mods and fill the mod pack niche. It would also save a lot of disk space. It might be a bit tricky working with the saves. If a part does not exist when a save is loaded as I understand any craft using it will disappear. I would be worried about shooting myself in the foot switching between radically different profiles. There are some situations where it might be useful to run multiple versions of KSP its self though, such as after a new release when most mods are not compatible. I guess running multiple instances of the manager could solve this problem as well though. Another corner case may be if a mod pack maintainer needs to stipulate an older version of KSP.
  8. Thanks for this. I've wanted a cross platform mod manager for a long time. It would be nice if it could roll a full installation from scratch. Combined with the mod list import/export, this could produce something similar to the way Feed the Beast launcher for minecraft works. It would be a killer feature to be able to click a few buttons to materialize a new KSP instance with all the mods as your favorite youtuber, for example. If a mod manager had such a feature for Interstellar Quest it would be the gold standard by now. The FTB launcher does packs really well, but it is not friendly for building your own custom installations. It might be enough to be able to "subscribe" an instance to mod pack. Maybe pack authors can just publish a meta-data URL, and the manager can poll it for updates. The meta-data would contain a list of each version of the pack, each version of each mod used therein. When the pack updates, the user is notified and can update all of the mods to the version listed in the pack.