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  1. Have you tried to switch to map view and back again?
  2. Its in "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2"
  3. I was able to solve it! In my case in the Nvidia control panel I've set the PhysiX configuration to "Automatic (recommended". Then I was able to create a new campaign, build and launch a vessel. My machine has a UHD 620 and a "proper" GPU, albeit just fulfilling the minimum requirements . That might have complicated things. At least I can play now, although performance sometimes is poor (10fps at launch of a small craft).
  4. I'm stuck on "Loading" after creating a new campaign... very disappointing. Specs of PC used are fine.
  5. I don't have the time to maintain the mod right now, actually for a while. I would even first have to set up the development environment again. I can confirm that the mod works perfectly in 1.9. So please update the Ckan meta data. If someone likes to take over, please go ahead.
  6. @ildifa I remember that pull request, thanks a lot. When someday I find time to work on GT again I'll for sure integrate it.
  7. This is exactly the reason. GT looks for a specific partmodule and procedural fairings have a different/own one for that purpose. Of course this could be added, but well - right now spare time availability is against it . I personally use action groups to deploy fairings. While I like to use GT for the general launch profile, I still like to fiddle with some manual stuff during a launch.
  8. FAR support is not implemented and I don't know if I will add it some time. This results in the 2 issues you've mentioned above. You have to switch off fairing separation and do that manually. The stats are useless, which also means that the "improve guess" function probably won't find the ideal launch parameters. Sorry for that.
  9. Regarding the comments about RSS and RO: I think I have to cleary state in the opening post that GT does NOT really work with RO in particular. You can get it to work with RSS scale, but you would have to fiddle with the values manually and not use the "improve guess" function. But with RO it does not work because of not restartable engines or not throttable engines etc. So: GT is mainly intended to be used with stock scale. It might work with scaled up systems, but then you have to tweak the values manually. I often play in 2k or 3.2k and there I just reduce the angle value "a little" and increase the target height "a little, too".
  10. That's an excellent idea! That way one could deploy solar panels, antennas etc...
  11. It most likely is related to the filename. " characters are not allowed in filenames. As the filename is partially composed of the vessel name, this is the reason. Of course invalid characters should be removed/replaced so this cannot happen... I'll add this to the list: https://github.com/AndyMt/GravityTurn/issues/49
  12. Actually - for debugging purposes I've added this in kind of a hidden way: while keeping the "Alt" key pressed, click "Previous best settings" . This will reset to defaults and then you can press "First guess" which will end up with what you want :-). It also shows more information in the "Stats" window, most of which might be confusing... As I've stated before I want to redesign the whole UI, but I just don't find the time to do it... anyway - the "reset" button will be there... sometime...
  13. Yes 1.7.6 is the old Version. I've just released 1.7.7 yesterday, don't know if it's on CKAN already...
  14. Ok, then I'll make this an official release. Just have to figure out how to tell CKAN that it's not compatible with 1.3.1 or earlier any more.
  15. I found some additional time today :). So if someone wants to test: https://github.com/AndyMt/GravityTurn/releases/download/1.7.7/GravityTurn_1.7.7.zip It's a pre-release, just recompiled, no changes in functionality. And it won't show up in CKAN.
  16. Thx :). Today I took the effort to install Visual Studio on my new PC and got GT compiled. It seems to work, but I have to do some further testing and go through the whole release process again - of which I forgot most details... it's been a while. Maybe I'll get a release finished end of this week.
  17. Exactly - you can regain control by switching to map view and back as a workaround. Don't know if MechJeb integration works after that. Edit: actually it's by switching to the space center, then back to the vessel via the tracking station. This makes GT terminate and go away...
  18. Just tried the current version of GT in a fresh KSP 1.4 install: unfortunately it needs to be recompiled (at least). Not sure when I have time to look into this, because in the meantime I've changed PC and have to re-install everything... I would also have to merge my dev branch - or just do a new patch branch in GitHub. Anyway - probably a few hours of work. Not sure if it would be better to wait for 1.4.1.
  19. Yes, RO adds even more issues compared to RSS, like no throttling for most engines. That alone makes GT kind of unsuitable... I still have to try MJ's new way of doing launches :-).
  20. Just to add to that: the switch from Surface to Orbit marker in the navball is controlled by GT and so is the pitch to horizontal. It is controlled by the "Pressure Cut Off" parameter. The closer to 0 the higher up this happens. Personally I started to set it to 600 for Kerbin. For RSS size games I'd suggest to set it even higher, or to 0 all together. There is no hard-coded limit in GT in regards to pitch etc. The suggested parameters are all for stock only, they don't make sense for larger scale systems. I occasionally played RSS with GT myself, but it's been a while. What I remember for a 1.5 TWR vehicle is this: Increase the Start parameter to around 100 Turn Angle around 5 Time to AP, both to 60 Pressure Cutoff to 300 or even more towards 0 But as I said: it's been a while...
  21. Hm... maybe the other way around: disable roll on the core stage? Or: try to adjust the amount of gimbal you allow. As I see it the reaction time of the gimbals is too low for the amount GT wants to apply. Until the engines moved enough and back again, the impulse is already too high, so it overshoots. I see this issue when using the "Vector" engine in stock. It's gimbals range is extremely high, but it moves quite slow. So - I usually have to reduce gimbals range to about 30% for most launches. But all this is just good guessing...
  22. Usually this is due to "interference" of gimbals. So what you could try is: disable roll in the actuation toggles for all or most of the engines. It's actually built in :): set the "sensitivity" to 1.0. Then it will never throttle down. But it won't pitch down if the time to AP get's too high. So you need to design your rockets accordingly.
  23. Hm... By Launch() do you mean GT's internal GravityTurner:Launch() method? What you can do: if you show the stats window in GT and have the alt-key pressed while klicking the checkbox, GT will show some more information there. Including some status information about which phase of a launch it is in. Also the log file might help a little about what happens (or doesn't) compared to a manual launch.
  24. Great! Thanks for looking into this so the 2 mods work together. I still don't have the time to continue the refactoring and UI improvement...
  25. Sorry I wasn't clear in my previous answer: my statement is true with RSS, using stock(like) parts, but probably not with RO. With Real Fuels there come a lot of additional requirements, then there are engines which cannot throttle down, or if you try too much they cut off and cannot restart. That's why the original author probably didn't support it. And I can also see why, the effort would be quite high. There may be workarounds for some of the problems, like engine cut-off. What if you set the sensitivity to 1.0, so it won't throttle down? Then fiddle with the "Max Thrust" parameter on the engines directly? That's something I do sometimes, like if the 2nd stage engine doesn't have enough TWR initially. Then I let the first stage thrust over the configured time to apoapsis, so I have some reserves. I can look into the issue why the fins didn't work, that should not happen. But I remember having used SRBs with control fins and that worked. Maybe a RO specific issue? You can reset the config values in 2 ways: delete the file as suggested by @JAFO (no game reload required) or (something I've implemented for debugging purposes) - keep the alt-key pressed while pressing "previous best guess". This resets every parameter which is not locked to defaults. This also causes the stats window to show more stuff (for debugging), so don't be surprised.
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