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  1. I have a bit of a problem. No RO engine will start, because Real Fuels apparently isn't found. Clicking 'remove tanks' does nothing at all. Here's my mods edit: updating Module Manager didn't fix. But I did realize I'm on 64. I promise not to post here again if I can have the cheat code to enable Real Fuels (because RSS and for that matter KSP in general is absolutely more unstable in x86 than the unsupported 64-bit. No crashes at all where I'd crash every other time I tried 32 bit client no matter what I tried to kill RAM use.
  2. Yes, I squeezed into 2011 by about two weeks, joined at 0.13.0, still kicking because the game is still kickass. Well. Actually, it's mods that have really kept the game alive for me. But then they've always done that since 0.14 and plugins were created. edit: The sun is still Kerbol! It shall never die!
  3. These are the same exact settings as in 1.0.0, why don't you open physics.cfg manually? You should see Drag 6.0 DragCubes 0.06 Lift 0.038 and Bodylift 8. If you do see those, the problem is a mod. If you don't see those, then this OP isn't right.
  4. AJE engines are 400cm, 500/625cm (don't remember) and 1m/1.25m, as I recall. None of them worked, though. It needs instructions for air intake use. I eventually made one work by attaching the radial intake directly onto the engine nozzle.
  5. like the others have said, a bit too far on epileptic/annoying side of gifs. 6/10
  6. This is amazing. I just installed and played medium, then high resolution to make sure I could handle it, didn't get Turiel's problem though. I only want one thing: to make Jool a jewel in the sky again with Alternis' coloration. Can I replace the B&W textures in BoulderCo or is it more complicated than that? I expect it is, which is why I'm asking.
  7. Very cool base, now construct additional stationary buildings
  8. Ah, I thought I had Astronomer's tuned for RSS but apparently not. Thank you Andrey.
  9. There also seems to be something wrong with the Moon. I checked my files, I don't have anything overwriting the moon's textures or anything.
  10. I'm experiencing some difficulties that I never had a few months earlier. Trying to launch tier 1 stuff, but my staging seems to break the camera. Almost every time I stage, or launch a new engine, the camera breaks and effectively ends my flight. My top stages, with intact crew, pod, etc. are labelled as 'debris' when they get far enough away from the "crash site" in midair. WTF? I'm aware that I'm probably breaking FAR aerodynamics somehow - this happens every time at 'high dynamic pressure' but this isn't right. I should at least be able to control my pod and set her down with parachutes. W
  11. OK, with a little more time and a second look at the readme it's becoming more clear. The language in the OP is very different from the instructions for all other mods I use or have used, hence my confusion. Not sure what exactly can be done to make the language clearer, but perhaps a picture showcasing a replacement image with the 'kerbinscaledspace300' name as well as a side-by-side image of the readme might help. Looking through the thread, I'm clearly not the only one who had this problem.
  12. RSS city lights instructions tell me to replace 'the one' in BoulderCo/Textures, but there are two files in there, 'detail' and 'main'. Which do I replace?
  13. I was told to come here instead of using Universe Replacer for 0.23 I previously used UR to great success from whenever it was released up to 0.22 All I want to do (for now, anyway) is to reinstall planet pack textures, (clouds? not sure if that was handled by UR or Visual Enhancements), skyboxes. I find the instructions rather obfuscatory compared to UR. Can I get some clarification here regarding files and folders? If I'm interpreting the readme correctly, what I want to do is extract all the raw textures from their file folders and hierarchies and place them all in /gamedata/texturereplacer
  14. All of the mods I've downloaded are at their most recent version as of ~3 days ago. I collected ~half from the forums and the other half from a 1 day old reddit post with links to forum/spaceport. I'll be a bit preoccupied until March, I'll check back in a week or so with a full log if you still need it.
  15. re: movement: Okay then. It just seemed like it could be. Update: it's back, with more problems and more exceptions; key and null In addition to the broken gui (stuck at two fuels again) resizing a full tank to be smaller leaves 100% of the fuel inside, then tells me it's incapable of holding fuel when I go into the action group again. There were also symmetry problems; removing engines from one side of a bilateral stack only removed them from one side. The native staging GUI on the bottom right also only recognized a partial list of SRBs, though all worked on the launchpad. gui code again [H
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