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  1. Guys, I'm really sorry I couldn't get around to finishing the patch this weekend. Bug fixes + working linux build incoming soon.
  2. I have fixed most of the bugs, last thing left is getting EVA to work again. Release tomorrow.
  3. I've published version 1.7 which works with KSP 1.1 but you should assume there will be some new (or old) issues cropping up. Report them here or on GitHub.
  4. The update to 1.1 is taking a bit longer than expected, hang tight..
  5. I've been quite busy recently but I'm looking into all issues and a version for 1.1 is coming also. Stay tuned and thanks for reporting issues
  6. After the unfortunate shutdown of KerbalStuff, AFBW is now on SpaceDock.
  7. Version 1.6.2 is up on KerbalStuff (and CKAN soon) and fixes the MechJeb issue. Thanks for reporting issues, I will get to everyone in time. Stay tuned. I'm sorry I should have been more clear. There is a setting called "Precision mode" which allows for configurable sensitivity. You can find it by clicking the "Mod settings" button on the main AFBW screen, then turn it on via the checkbox and configure the sensitivity you want using the slider. You also have to bind a button to toggle it via "Add button" from the AFBW preset editor. At the moment this only allows you to get lower sensitivity. As an addition to that you could try to switch to using "quadratic" curves from advanced settings in the controller config window.
  8. You can configure sensitivity from the mod itself.
  9. I will look into this, thanks for the report. You don't have to use CKAN once you have installed the mods though you should probably open it every once in a while to check for updates.
  10. Gonna have to look at that output_log.txt, check the main post for details on how to send it to me.
  11. Thanks for the report, version 1.6.1 should be up on KerbalStuff with a fix now and on CKAN shortly.
  12. After a pretty long break, version 1.6 for KSP 1.0.5 is available. It may take a bit for CKAN to index it but after that you should be good to go. Linux version has also been updated. Thanks to taniwha for his fixes.
  13. Are you sure that's not something NEAR is doing and not AFBW? If it's not I guess the devs implemented something in 0.90 and, again, didn't tell us.. I summon ddaf to investigate as he's dealt more lately with that part of the code Yes, it does. When you click calibrate AFBW assumes that the controller is "at rest", meaning that all axes are at their identity values (most likely 0.0f for most controllers). The issue here is that your throttle slider doesn't return to its identity (0.0f) automatically when you release the controller - the solution is to manually put the slider at the minimum possible position before clicking Calibrate. The whole configuration is in the single XML file. Look for the <axisConfigurations> tag. Sorry about that, I'll try to do better. Thanks for the feedback and the support, if it wasn't for you guys I would have given up on KSP/ Unity's idiosyncrasies a long time ago
  14. No, you shouldn't lose your presets. I try my best to break the config only when changing the major version and put a warning in the changelog. Windows 8.1 and AFBW have a love/ hate kind of relationship, for some people it works flawlessly, others can't ever get AFBW to recognize their controllers. I am 99% sure that x360/ ps3 controllers work fine on windows 8.1 for all users, but SDL has some issues which I can't seem to solve. I will try upgrading to the latest SDL version for next release and we'll see what happens. This has been on the TODO list for a while, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the report.
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