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  1. I updated the mission to fix a bug where the mission doesn't advance after you dock with the KPM.
  2. What specifically is going wrong? This mod works fine for me in w/ RSS and RO and the patch @Stone Blue found, as in the parts load in the VAB for me.
  3. Oh thank you. I overlooked them on the RO page or wherever they're at.
  4. Does anyone have the RO configs for this craft? The link to the Github returns a 404, and the config doesn't appear to be on his GitHub anymore.
  5. Is there a 1.3.1 backport of this mod available somewhere? I tried using the version that was available on May 7th of 2019 (I cannot find the version number easily, I assume it's for KSP v1.6) in an 1.3.1 install and it caused KSP to become stuck on the loading screen.
  6. Seeing as my RSS/RO take on Ares is on indefinite hiatus because I need a better computer, I took advantage of the mission builder to create a Kerbalized Ares. Introducing Excursion: The Kares Mission to Duna! Note: I'm considering this initial release a beta release. I've worked out as many bugs as I could, but I feel playtesting by others will help work out any bugs or problems I may not have caught or foreseen. Mission Description: Finally! After 15 years and billions of funds, we were able to scrape together and modify some old Kerpollo hardware to make a one-shot trip to Duna! Trust us, it's worth all of the science we lost not exploring the outer Kerbol system.\n\nSince we don't have the nerve to use NERVs due to that last mishap, we're using good 'ol hydrolox technology. We have a propulsion stack waiting in orbit for you to dock with after launch. Make a swingy of Eve, and then head off to Duna to make your historic landing. In the meantime, we'll be figuring out things for you to do when we get back so we don't lose funding. Details: This is a kerbalized Ares mission. You will be required to slingshot around Eve to Duna and return safely, and your main goal is to land on Duna. You can also drop a probe on Eve to transmit science to Kerbin for extra points. This mission has four endings. Each ending is based on if whether you collected science at Eve or not and if you landed on Duna or not. This means that you can fail to land the Eve probe and still complete the mission. You can also abort the Duna landing attempt and still complete the mission. This mission is purely stock, but to help with the interplanetary transfers and precision landing, you might want to play this with mods. I'd recommend Kerbal Engineer, Waypoint Manager, Slingshotter, Precise Node, and Trajectories. Known Issue: -If you lose the Eve probe and then lose the crew, you won't get the proper "mission failed" screen. This is because of an issue with setting the "Vessel Destroyed" catch-all node to fire more than one time causing the entire mission logic to be stuck at the "Vessel Destroyed" catch-all node, making the mission impossible to complete if you destroy the Eve probe. I will either try to work around this problem or just remove the general "Vessel Destroyed" catch-all tree and restrict it to the Eve probe. Let me know if there are any bugs or issues in this thread, and I'll try my best to correct them and put further polish on this mission. Link to Mission: Screenshots: Screenshots taken using Astronomer's Visual Pack, Kerbal Space Program Renaissance Collection, and Real Plume Stock.
  7. I could see a Gravity mission if you throw away the whole Kesseler Syndrome plot point and fudge a few other things. I could see Kerbalized Gravity taking place because of a meteor shower, but you don't show the meteors when you explode parts.
  8. Works for me in 1.7.3, though it throws up Module Manager warnings based on syntax errors (Running Module Manager v4.0.3) . I wouldn't worry about them. [WRN 14:55:07.791] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/liquidEngineLV-303/@PART[liquidEngine303]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]:NEEDS[MissingHistory] [WRN 14:55:07.793] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/liquidEngineLV-909/@PART[liquidEngine3]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]:NEEDS[MissingHistory] [WRN 14:55:07.793] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/liquidEngineLV-T15/@PART[liquidEngineT15]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]:NEEDS[MissingHistory] [WRN 14:55:07.793] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/liquidEngineLV-T30/@PART[liquidEngine]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]:NEEDS[MissingHistory] [WRN 14:55:07.793] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/liquidEngineLV-T45/@PART[liquidEngine2]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]:NEEDS[MissingHistory]
  9. I'll probably do a complete re-install of KSP and the mods or just re-install Kopernicus and AVP and dependencies. It probably is something up with that. EDIT 8/12/19: Reinstall of AVP and Kopernicus fixed the problems. I think the problem was that I did a "lazy" update of the mods, meaning I didn't uninstall and reinstall the mods. Can't be lazy updating mods.
  10. This is a common bug with Kopernicus. You're probably going to have to wait for an update. Even I'm having this bug and have had a lot of it in the past. For the record, I'm not using RSS, but I am using AVP. If I knew some C#, maybe I could nail the bug, but I haven't learned C#, so sorry about that. My suggestion is just to be patient.
  11. You can! Try hot staging! You can just fire your next stage before the previous stage runs out so that your tanks are settled. Early rockets used hot staging or solid upper stages (I think the Russians really loved hot staging), so in a way, having to hot stage or forego liquid upper stages before you unlock RCS or separatrons are a bit of realism. Also, sorry for never getting those SXT modules created. Real life hit me like a tsunami. It's why own main project fell into neglect. @Errol Maybe I could help model the simplistic physics of fuel and ox in zero-g if you want to create a better ullage sim? I also don't know if any actual spacecraft spin their tanks to create ullage, but this is KSP, and spinning your craft is a very kerbal way of settling fuel. I would think ullage time should be related to the impulse required to settle fuel (and ox) in a tank. Impulse J = F * delta t = delta p, so a heavier mass of fuel would require either a stronger push or more time with a weaker push to properly settle the fuel for ignition.
  12. Any engine that says "ullage required" does. Not all of the engines do with Engine Ignitor. You can also turn the ullage requirement completely off in the difficulty options.