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  1. You can! Try hot staging! You can just fire your next stage before the previous stage runs out so that your tanks are settled. Early rockets used hot staging or solid upper stages (I think the Russians really loved hot staging), so in a way, having to hot stage or forego liquid upper stages before you unlock RCS or separatrons are a bit of realism. Also, sorry for never getting those SXT modules created. Real life hit me like a tsunami. It's why own main project fell into neglect. @Errol Maybe I could help model the simplistic physics of fuel and ox in zero-g if you want to create a better ullage sim? I also don't know if any actual spacecraft spin their tanks to create ullage, but this is KSP, and spinning your craft is a very kerbal way of settling fuel. I would think ullage time should be related to the impulse required to settle fuel (and ox) in a tank. Impulse J = F * delta t = delta p, so a heavier mass of fuel would require either a stronger push or more time with a weaker push to properly settle the fuel for ignition.
  2. Any engine that says "ullage required" does. Not all of the engines do with Engine Ignitor. You can also turn the ullage requirement completely off in the difficulty options.
  3. Just as a note, for anyone asking if people installed Kerbalism via CKAN, I don't even see Kerbalism on CKAN for 1.6.1. It's marked as compatible for 1.3.1. It's not a big issue as manually installing this mod is fairly easy, but just wanted to note it. Scratch that. Turns out my version of CKAN is not up to date, and I wasn't aware of it.
  4. I was directing that in general to others complaining and not you specifically. I read what you wrote. Sorry about the miscommunication there.
  5. Same, but you could just roll back to 1.4.5 or 1.3.1 and use a backport install until the mod is properly updated. Not sure why you can't go back to 1.5.0. Maybe that option will be present soon. Still, it's not the modder's fault that Squad decided to release a hotfix so suddenly. Plus, he can't act instantly. Gotta be patient.
  6. Hey everyone. Just want to give an update concerning this project. I hope it's OK that I update a thread that is warning me about reviving it, but it is my thread, and it's relevant information about this project. I hope to start back work at the end of this year. A lot of what's holding me back is personal stuff and not knowing if I can finish this on my laptop. My 1.2.2 RSS/RO install became very laggy when part mods, visual mods, and Principa were all installed. I hope to resolve this by only installing necessary parts in KSP RSS/RO When I restart this project, I will rebuild the Saturn VB with DECQ's Saturn V model and RSB's RSRMs. I might try to create my own custom part for the Ares Mission Module to save on part count. Might ask a good friend to help me with Blender on that front. Also can't wait to use @AlphaMensae's launchpads mod for realistic Saturn V launch pads and launch towers. As far as the Ares Propulsion Module, I may keep the current one, which will require me to install some FASA parts, or I may switch to another Saturn V parts pack (Either DECQ or even BDB). Could create custom external tanks to save part count as well. Going to also make tweaks and bug fixes to the Saturn VB launch guidance script. I want to smooth out that pitch change after the guidance mode shifts from gravity turn to inertial guidance. I also suspect my current ascent profile is not the most efficient. If I can get a new desktop around New Years or later in the year, it should definitely make things easier since I hopefully won't have to deal with severe lag in the game. I should also be able to record the game without much fear of crippling lag. I definitely want to try the idea of a newscast or even a machinima of the book, but I'll have to see what's feasible when I get to that point. Even with knocking out the things to do above, I still need to practice the flyby and flight to Mars a few times. In the meantime, I am working on an Ares mission for the Making History mission builder. That will be in stock KSP and not RSS/RO, obviously. I'll create a new thread about it once I feel it's ready for testing and almost ready for release.
  7. How does it not fly? Are the aerodynamics bugged?
  8. It works in rescaled systems, but I think you have to edit the scaling factor so the plume expands properly. It's honestly an aesthetic choice, and probably not a big deal, especially for rescales close to stock or RSS size.
  9. This is one of my "must have" mods for KSP, RSS or otherwise, so I'm glad to see the stock configs kept alive. Curious how easy it would be to config this for scaled systems (e.g. 2.5x stock)?
  10. (Functions well in version 1.2.2 of the game??) I think it should. I haven't tested it in 1.2.2. The OP says that it should. Only way you can find out is to test it out and see.
  11. Gotcha. I imagine that will take referencing the real Apollo and Saturn V stats to apply those to the DECQ model. I took a look at the DECQ configs, and it looks like you can at least use Module Manage for the RO config. It does sound like you'll have to build RO configs almost from scratch for the DECQ version. @DECQ I assume you mean that you can dock the Apollo CM docking probe into the LM female docking port but not have the ports hard-sealed? I think they would refer to the probe being caught by the LM as "soft docking" with the LM, and "hard dock" would be when the CM and LM were clamped together and sealed up.
  12. I'll leave him to do it, though if I get to messing with this, I might develop my own on the interim.
  13. Thank you so much for releasing this, @DECQ. I've been wanting to use this realistic Saturn V for my Ares mission. If no-one's done RSS/RO configs, I imagine they would be identical to the FASA configs. If not, it could be a new project for me since I haven't worked on anything KSP-related for months.