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  1. Just a short clip testing out some crazy scatterer effects. Pretty weird and awesome how you can customize the water effects so drastically
  2. Bob Got into a fight with some local fauna on Duna...Long story short they blew up his spaceship and left him for dead... For just a penny a day you could get Bob home safely in the next 100 million years (plus or minus a few years).
  3. Sure hope nothing serious has happened, feels like its been a while. Well, guess it's time to hibernate again. Fax me when there's an update.
  4. Bye again! May Helwyr's Sci-Fi Ship Pack live on in Lt Vax's Image...Or whoever else takes over
  5. I originally started with a simple blaster a few weeks and...I made a lot more... Sci-Fi Weapons Pack: Star Wars 3 Gimbaled Blasters (Varied Sounds) 4 Fixed (Varied Sounds) Turbo Laser Cannon AT-AT Cannon Star Trek Photon Torpedo (The Original Series) I don't do my own models (not well atleast) so I am hesitant on making an entire forum post on the addon development thread considering all the weapons are just config edits. This is just here to show what I've been playing with for the past week, and see if anyone's interested in it. If you don't mind the fact that their just config edi
  6. OMG yes. Do you think you could do a super Super Star Destroyer or the newer Star Trek 2009 Enterprise. I was looking all over for one I could use in a video but had no luck. Could probably just slap on mine if you can't wait for an actual sci-fi pack.
  7. Do you think it would be possible to add a skeletal overlay on the kerbal for easier positioning, just click on a point an rotate it or move it like like how you would on a part the sph or vab for example. I'm a very visual person so this would help out a lot. Example (the blue part) p.s Thanks for making me an official guinea pig XD
  8. Oh btw I did have a problem with the kerbals smiling over facial expressions. It's just kind of annoying if you want a Kerbal to frown and instead they just stand there smiling (I guess it's just in their nature).
  9. If the Kerbals head was moving during the facial expressions then yes that was me. Everything else was just happiness. XD
  10. Testing out the new Animation Suite by HappyFace. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130663-1-0-4-Kerbal-Animation-Suite-Development-Thread
  11. Wait, is it possible green goo is...Kerbal blood? *cringes*
  12. Working on a short cinematic, haha. This has really pushed me to work on my cinematic channel, thanks for this man.
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