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  1. As excited I am for KSP2 I wont be buying it until it either 1) has RSS implemented by default 2) there's a mod to change it to RSS. It's that simple for me, don't care to play KSP anymore not in RSS.
  2. I am trying to make this work. I manually installed the 1.7 release without the toolbar folder. I also replaced the dll with the one posted earlier for windows. Nothing shows up in the toolbar or by pressing shift + L and trying to save settings for control input in the settings menu does nothing. I saw while exploring this that linuxgurugamer had a commit 5 days ago....any chance a new working release will be forth coming? Trying on ksp x64 1.2.2 windows
  3. Is this dead now? I didn't see anything about it on your homepage Vassily and haven't been comments in a bit. This still hasn't been grouped into procedural parts either.
  4. I too have unistalled PR due to this issue but I am playing RO/RSS in 1.1.3
  5. Did you ever try modifying the txt file to add earth and see if that worked? It installs TACLS tac life support systems.
  6. I did a search for anything asteroid and RO related...nothing came up. Are there currently any mods supported that insert asteroid in real orbits or close to real orbits?
  7. So this mod doesn't work with RSS/RO? I was hoping to try running "real Asteroids" from 2014 but it requires this mod to run. Is there anything that will insert real asteroid orbits to be used in RSS/RO? I'll ask about this in the RSS/RO threads as well. Thanks
  8. Hi, not sure if anyone is still in this group or if this mod is dead seeing as it hasn't been updated since 2015. I stumbled upon this after reading about the osiris-rex mission NASA is doing and thought it would be cool to have real asteroids in KSP instead of randoms. Like the planets it would let users see the orbits of asteroids and get a sense of where in space they are. This mod sounds super cool and I'm hoping someone is still around to pick it back up and make it current. Maybe even put it on ckan.
  9. Mine goes a little farther than that, not only do I not get the icons to show but the mod isn't working at all or doesn't load with the latest release. Reverting back to previous solves the issue. Something changed and isn't working for me. I run this in a RO/RSS modded game.
  10. That would be part of RO too....I guess someone should just install it and try it out...hmmm..brb
  11. Wow! That's awesome. I am using this mod and xscience but if this works with dmagic and has all the features that xscience does, I may just use this one only.
  12. I was unable to see the ui as well...thank you for this info. Will try and report back. That was the trick!!! Thank you very much. I was playing on a smaller screen than normal and the defaults are outside of that.. Edited the config and all good now! awesome mod by the way!
  13. After extensively trying out procedural probe again, I am happy to report that everything seems to be working with my RO/RSS install. There were no crashes and no errors given while using it. Things I did see wrong are 1) Placing a PP on a spacecraft makes the s/c controllable no matter the size. For a RO game this is a bit of a cheat but I only use it on s/c that the avionics is broken on anyway and mostly sounding rockets. 2) I think it keeps remote tech link status green no matter what. I need to play around with it more but low altitude entries always remain green when other ante
  14. I will try it out, just looking at the files now. I see there's two folders created. 1 for stock and 1 for RO. I play RO so I'm wondering do I use only 1 folder? or put them both in the gamedata folder?
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