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  1. As excited I am for KSP2 I wont be buying it until it either 1) has RSS implemented by default 2) there's a mod to change it to RSS. It's that simple for me, don't care to play KSP anymore not in RSS.
  2. I am trying to make this work. I manually installed the 1.7 release without the toolbar folder. I also replaced the dll with the one posted earlier for windows. Nothing shows up in the toolbar or by pressing shift + L and trying to save settings for control input in the settings menu does nothing. I saw while exploring this that linuxgurugamer had a commit 5 days ago....any chance a new working release will be forth coming? Trying on ksp x64 1.2.2 windows
  3. Is this dead now? I didn't see anything about it on your homepage Vassily and haven't been comments in a bit. This still hasn't been grouped into procedural parts either.
  4. I too have unistalled PR due to this issue but I am playing RO/RSS in 1.1.3
  5. Did you ever try modifying the txt file to add earth and see if that worked? It installs TACLS tac life support systems.
  6. I did a search for anything asteroid and RO related...nothing came up. Are there currently any mods supported that insert asteroid in real orbits or close to real orbits?
  7. So this mod doesn't work with RSS/RO? I was hoping to try running "real Asteroids" from 2014 but it requires this mod to run. Is there anything that will insert real asteroid orbits to be used in RSS/RO? I'll ask about this in the RSS/RO threads as well. Thanks
  8. Hi, not sure if anyone is still in this group or if this mod is dead seeing as it hasn't been updated since 2015. I stumbled upon this after reading about the osiris-rex mission NASA is doing and thought it would be cool to have real asteroids in KSP instead of randoms. Like the planets it would let users see the orbits of asteroids and get a sense of where in space they are. This mod sounds super cool and I'm hoping someone is still around to pick it back up and make it current. Maybe even put it on ckan.
  9. Mine goes a little farther than that, not only do I not get the icons to show but the mod isn't working at all or doesn't load with the latest release. Reverting back to previous solves the issue. Something changed and isn't working for me. I run this in a RO/RSS modded game.
  10. That would be part of RO too....I guess someone should just install it and try it out...hmmm..brb
  11. Wow! That's awesome. I am using this mod and xscience but if this works with dmagic and has all the features that xscience does, I may just use this one only.
  12. I was unable to see the ui as well...thank you for this info. Will try and report back. That was the trick!!! Thank you very much. I was playing on a smaller screen than normal and the defaults are outside of that.. Edited the config and all good now! awesome mod by the way!
  13. After extensively trying out procedural probe again, I am happy to report that everything seems to be working with my RO/RSS install. There were no crashes and no errors given while using it. Things I did see wrong are 1) Placing a PP on a spacecraft makes the s/c controllable no matter the size. For a RO game this is a bit of a cheat but I only use it on s/c that the avionics is broken on anyway and mostly sounding rockets. 2) I think it keeps remote tech link status green no matter what. I need to play around with it more but low altitude entries always remain green when other antenna's go red. Not sure if the RT config is working for this. I am happy this is working though. thank you very much
  14. I will try it out, just looking at the files now. I see there's two folders created. 1 for stock and 1 for RO. I play RO so I'm wondering do I use only 1 folder? or put them both in the gamedata folder?
  15. Anybody try this with 1.1.3 yet? I can't believe this hasn't already been incorporated into procedural parts....if I new how to code I'd do it
  16. Dammit! That's like nearly 2 years from now...Good thing I can just use everything now and replace the legs
  17. I didn't know there was so much hate against CKAN either. I know of a couple very popular MOD authors that are vocal against CKAN but I didn't realize CKAN was becoming hated by users as well. It's a shame really as I have found A LOT of mods I never would have thru CKAN. I don't have time to browse all the forums and mod forums for updates everytime I play and discover new mods. CKAN put's all that in one place, easy to update, discover new mods and links to the forum pages for mods especially since not everyone is using KSP official forums too. I wish more or all the mod developers worked better with CKAN to fix problems when they arise. A LOT do and I don't mean to lump everyone in the same boat, but there are enough that despise CKAN. Really who has the time to check scattered places for updates to their favorite mods, manually place folders in the RIGHT folder locations, tweak config files etc for hundreds of mods installed everytime you just want to play the game.
  18. Ahhhh....I was always trying to get my wings EXACT for my craft replica's of real spacecraft and aircraft. The camber l/d this explains a lot why it never seemed to make a difference. I also didn't realize ground effect wasn't a factor but I suspected. Thanks for the info. I love FAR as well and will now not spend so much time on the wings. Can't wait for this mod to be updated..thanks for all the hard work.
  19. Hmmmm... Just finished an hour reading this thread...I'd seen the notice at the top for some time but never clicked until today when for whatever reason I decided to. I'd never been to the RB thread before...visited the spacecraft exchange, but now that I've discovered the RB thread, I'm sad to hear it's going and even more discouraged at the reason for it going. I'm an outsider looking in on all this at the 11th hour but from my armchair general position it seems silly for squad to kill RB just because they have a silly rule about no role playing. If roleplaying members get mean or rude or out of hand, chop down the tree, NOT the forest. It's a shame to exclude and alienate members who contribute their time and energy to make the game better, if they want to pretend their the CEO of a fictional company that makes kickass parts for a great game...what's the harm?? seriously. But it's your game and your company to do with as you will....I now understand why members have been "Banned" and have resigned from the forums.
  20. A universally updated autopruner script for RO, RSS, RP0 would be great. I keep thinking someone will make a mod that will have a GUI for autopruner like functionality but it hasn't materialized yet and I suck as a programmer. Couple tips if you are using autopruner that I have learned. 1) Unprune everything before doing a CKAN update 2) if you use 1 script like above, it makes it easier to find items and add them if it's organized alphabetically or by manufacture etc. [spoiler=code] Squad/Parts/Aero/aerodynamicNoseCone Squad/Parts/Aero/airlinerWings Squad/Parts/Aero/airplaneFins Squad/Parts/Aero/basicFin Squad/Parts/Aero/cones Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings Squad/Parts/Aero/HeatShield Squad/Parts/Aero/protectiveRocketNoseMk7 Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings Squad/Parts/Aero/wings Squad/Parts/Aero/wingletAV-R8 Squad/Parts/Aero/wingletAV-T1 Squad/Parts/Aero/wingletDeltaDeluxe Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-200Battery Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-1kBattery Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-4kBattery Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-100Battery Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-400Battery Squad/Parts/Engine/solidBoosterBACC Squad/Parts/Engine/solidBoosterRT-5 Squad/Parts/Engine/solidBoosterRT-10 Squad/Parts/Engine/MassiveSRB Squad/Parts/FuelTank/Size3SmallTank Squad/Parts/FuelTank/Size3MediumTank Squad/Parts/FuelTank/Size3LargeTank Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankJumbo-64 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankOscarB Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT100 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT200 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT400 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT800 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankX200-16 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankX200-32 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankX200-8 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSFuelTankR1 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSFuelTankR10 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSFuelTankR25 Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCStankRadialLong Squad/Parts/FuelTank/xenonTank Squad/Parts/FuelTank/xenonTankLarge Squad/Parts/FuelTank/xenonTankRadial Squad/Parts/Resources/LargeTank Squad/Parts/Resources/SmallTank Squad/Parts/Structural/Size3Decoupler Squad/Parts/Structural/Size3To2Adapter Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerSeparatorTR-18D Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerSeparatorTR-2C Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerSeparatorTR-XL Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerStack2m Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerStackTR-18A Squad/Parts/Utility/decouplerStackTR-2V Squad/Parts/Utility/largeAdapter Squad/Parts/Utility/largeAdapterShort Squad/Parts/Utility/parachuteMk1 Squad/Parts/Utility/parachuteMk2-R Squad/Parts/Utility/parachuteMk12-R Squad/Parts/Utility/parachuteMk16-XL Squad/Parts/Utility/parachuteMk25 DeadlyReentry/Parts/DRE_0625HS.cfg DeadlyReentry/Parts/deadlyReentry_1.25Heatshield DeadlyReentry/Parts/deadlyReentry_2.5Heatshield DeadlyReentry/Parts/deadlyReentry_3.75Heatshield DeadlyReentry/Parts/UP_decoupler_2 FASA/Apollo FASA/ICBM RN_US_Probes/EOS RN_US_Probes/Galileo RN_US_Probes/IUS-PAM RN_US_Probes/Magellan RN_US_Probes/MP_Nazari_FX RN_US_Probes/NEO RN_US_Probes/NewHorizons RN_US_Probes/Surveyor RP-0/Parts/Science/sensorGeiger SXT/Parts/Aero/Wing SXT/Parts/Aero/noseCone SXT/Parts/Hull/Barrel ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupportContainers ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupportHexCans [/spoiler]
  21. Awesome! don't know how I missed that...this should be standard I would think...still incredibly hard to point in the right direction and spin right for the TLI burn.....
  22. I've been trying to recreate the pioneer missions but having an issue with spin stabilization. How do you keep the probe spinning or with no RCS reorient the probe to make a proper retro burn????
  23. I'm not getting any procedural side fairings in a RO/RSS game. They show up in the tech tree and loading a craft with them but they aren't to be found in the VAB or SPH inv.