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  1. I encountered similar things when I was running Active Texture Management. Do you have that set up? Since textures were changed to DDS by default I haven't noticed much of an improvement with ATM so I removed it. I try to just stick with OpenGL mode to keep RAM usage down.
  2. It looks like the latest build of CRP on Git (version 4.0) still has a version file showing it as being 3.3. AVC is flagging it as being out of date. However, you do look nice today.
  3. Damn good job, Ven. Damn good bloody good damn good job.
  4. I tweaked my TankLifeSupport.cfg file to get all of the ratios to line back up again for TAC LifeSupport. All resources line up pretty nicely into the 12,000 kerbal-day range. The file in question lives in [...]/GameData/ProceduralParts/Parts/ZOtherMods/TankLifeSupport.cfg https://www.dropbox.com/s/iavf18djvs98gy1/TankLifeSupport.cfg?dl=0 If anyone would be willing to double check the new entries (and my math) that would be awesome. I didn't touch the dryDensity numbers, I figured those were fine. Time to sleep.
  5. That's the exact document I was hoping to find. I failed miserably. Thanks for catching that.
  6. It looks like there is some ambiguity around the mass of the water and oxygen recyclers (higher mass to prevent a cheaty feel / lower mass to make it more usable). If we use the smaller CO2 scrubber and water purifier (5 tons and 3 tons respectively) instead of just sending more oxygen and water, the approximate break-even point is a crew of 7 going to and from Jool. If we have less crew, or are going anywhere inside Jool orbit, it doesn't make the recyclers useful. Add in their need for electricity and it hurts a bit more. Maybe it's the simple idea of avoiding waste that's appealing, but making the recyclers lighter would make them desirable for interplanetary ships instead of limiting them to bases and orbital stations. There was a blurb in the calculations spreadsheet about making them 0.75 tons when empty, which may not be a bad starting point. After doing a lot of digging around in NASA articles I could only gather a gut feeling that the CO2 and water scrubbers on the ISS would be in the hundreds of kilograms range (not thousands), but that's without any added infrastructure, and it's also for human beings instead of Kerbals. I feel torn on this.
  7. The procedural life support tank has odd ratios of food:oxygen:water since TAC LS was updated. Any chance on getting these changed so they balance out again?
  8. With TAC LifeSupport updated to v0.10, I thought about trying to tweak the ProceduralParts TankLifeSupport config file so the values were current. I'm struggling with some of the conversions. That said, does anyone have an updated config file with the new life support values entered? If not I'll keep staring at the numbers until something clicks in my brain.