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  1. rockboy3970

    FTL Drive MK I (MKII Pictures inside)

    Does anyone still have the previous unstable version? This current one is a bit em slow... Also creating solar panels is easy, simply make an engine with no thrust and negative consumption.
  2. rockboy3970


    I have another name fo ryou counter-weights '15 Pounds of Boom'. So how does a 15 pound fuel tank with no fuel explode on contact? Thats Kerbling Science for yah.
  3. rockboy3970


    Should this be here? I think you posted in the wrong forum... You say they blow up with ground contact? 8)
  4. rockboy3970

    True Autopilot

    Well, It depends... What is the game coded in?
  5. rockboy3970

    Feanor Rocketry - NEW 0.5 Stock pack released!

    Offtopic: Might I ask, How on earth did you manage to only kill 2 astronaughts? Ontopic: I wanna nuke launch pad from space...
  6. rockboy3970

    [Index] Modifications for KerbalSpaceProgram

    Why do you have the CHILL-2 heat Capaciter 3 times?
  7. rockboy3970

    True Autopilot

    Aw, People are fighting over grammar here. .... At least you people are better the SWS...
  8. rockboy3970

    Team Build Project

    Hint: Dont let me try, I will just attach a Firelark booster to it and make the whole project unstable.
  9. I\'m asuming that the solar panels dont collect energy to fuel some sort of Ion engine? More Pipe dreams for me tonight.
  10. Yeah, I found out when you use 4 boosters attached to a central booster the ship experiances a EXTREMELY high spin. This results in your ship ripping itself appart, However if you put Advanced SAS\'s on top of each booster and 1 under you command module this 'Useally' prevents the ship from going CABOOSHKA.
  11. rockboy3970

    True Autopilot

    Perhaps one day I will be able to deploy working satalites, do Space Walks, Maybe set up a moon base or at least an IKSS(International Kerbling Space Station).
  12. rockboy3970

    True Autopilot

    Crud, I guess Im just going to have to keep flying into the sun and call it a technical error.
  13. rockboy3970

    True Autopilot

    I would like to know would it be posible to create a SAS-like part that can be controled to pilot it to were ever you want to go (So basicly Go to Kerbal, Orbit around Kerbal, Go to Mun, Orbit Mun, Got to Sun, and Orbit Sun) Is this possible? Or am I just going to have to learn how to drive better?