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  1. Nice avatar!

  2. So, since you've changed your name- which half are you in? The above average(joe) half, or the below average(joe) half? ;)

    1. HafCoJoe


      Ha! I'll leave that up for debate :) This name change has been a long time coming now, and I finally took the jump.

  3. Just wanted to give you a heads up that the best way to nominate a thread for TOTM is by reporting it. Pinging a moderator might not work, since we're not always on, and PMs have the same issue. By reporting the thread and typing "TOTM" (or something similar) in the text box, you can be sure that someone on the Moderator Team will see it.

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    2. Dman979


      Ah, that's odd- I didn't see it in our running list of nominations for last month (I just checked). Regardless, I added it to the nominations list for this month :)

    3. JorgeCS


      Well, I just followed the instructions given by JustJim, so I reported the post saying something like 'there is nothing wrong with it!! Just want to nominate for the TOTM' :D  and probably it was on 3rd July, or maybe on 4th... Can't recall :/ 

      Now, checking, I see why you messaged me... Cause quoted someone else's post naming you... :D 

      Cheers mate, and thanks for all the work you guys do!!

    4. Dman979


      Ah, that would explain it. Since it's in the August TOTM nominations (compiled in July), it wouldn't show up in the July nominations (compiled in June).

      And hey, thanks for making the work fun!

  4. Hey, you mentioned a bit ago that you were baking bread. Have any tips? I don't have a bread machine.

    1. cubinator


      No, I'm not the baker around here. Sorry!

  5. Nice name!

    1. IstanbulNotKonstantinople


      haha thanks, I made it years ago and totally forgot about my account until recently :)

  6. Holy cow! A post in 2013, then nothing for 6 years? I have to say, I'm impressed that you still have the account!

  7. Surprised and excited to see you. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the return as I did to the original :D

  8. Hey, man! Glad to see you're back! I hope everything is going ok for you!

    1. WinkAllKerb''


      sup ; ) never far never far ; ) more following the facebook feeds those last month ^^ that's why ^^


  9. You're back again! \o/

    1. Geschosskopf


      Kinda sorta :).  Good to see you!

    2. Dman979


      Will we be getting more of the Boffins' adventures?

    3. Geschosskopf


      The Boffins have no adventures because they're smart enough not to go to space ;)  The astronauts have no adventures because to them space is a prison sentence :D  But there is the possibility that you might get a boringly tragic tale at some point.

  10. Saw this, figured you'd enjoy it.



    1. adsii1970


      Ah, hahaha! Those are great! I love the one about explaining why an 82 isn't an A. I actually had a student ask me why her 62 wasn't a B at least... After all, she worked really hard in my class...

    2. Dman979
    3. adsii1970


      Here's one I am sure you're going to love. And unfortunately, it is true.

      Back in 2007, I was teaching at the University of Southern Indiana. The first class of the morning was HIS 101, which was U.S. History to 1865 and it was an 8:30 a.m. class. "Monica" (a name I will give her since I cannot use her real name), came into class about ten minutes late and wearing an IHOP uniform. No big deal, really. But I, like everyone else was surprised to see her wearing a work uniform. Her mother is an attorney in Newburgh and her father is a doctor.... So...

      She walked into the class and was very disruptive as she took her third row seat (it was a stadium-seating style class room). And as she sat down, she looked right at me and said, "Don't you say anything about me being late, doctor. It's President Bush's fault and it's yours, and anyone else's who voted for him -- and he's why I'm late!"

      I had to ask. No, I mean it, I HAD to ask...

      Me: So how is it Bush's fault you're late?

      Her: It's Bush's fault gas is over $4 a gallon!

      Me: And that's his fault how?

      Her: Because of that damn Bush and him making gas so high, I had to get a job.

      Me: How did President Bush make you get a job?

      Her: My parents gave me $7,000 for a car. Well, I couldn't find one that I liked. So I used it as a down payment on a Mustang. And my car payment is $380 a month!

      Me: I'd have bought something a lot cheaper. There's good used cars starting at $4,000 and up...

      Her: I'm not going to ride around in someone else's wreck! I mean, look at me, how can you expect someone who looks like this to ride in a used car?! (Yeah, the irony... she's wearing an IHOP uniform!)

      Me: I still don't understand --

      Her: Let me spell it out for you. So I have a car payment. Then I have a Discover card (what? I didn't get a Discover card until I was 40!) and now I have to pay them payments of $270 a month! (Um, what kind of credit limit does she have? I have a 10k limit, but then again, I've never charged anything over $500!) They threatened to sue me because they said I owed $XX,XXX (I can't remember if it was $20k or $25k) and I've not made a payment in six months...

      Me: I still do not understand how that's President Bush's fault --

      Her: I'm getting to it! See, I also got my third DUI over spring  break (okay, 19 years old and THIRD DUI?) and my parents' insurance dropped my coverage. So now, I'm having to get the state bonding insurance and that's $300 a month! And see, it's Bush's fault I had to get a job. I was doing okay until my parents cut me off. And it's Bush's fault. Had he not made gas cost so high, I wouldn't have to work!


  11. Welcome back, man! I missed seeing your awesome suspension designs, and the super cool muscle cars!

    1. Vagani


      Thanks! Keep your eyes open for the future :wink:

  12. I was about to say "welcome aboard," but then I realized that you joined 5 days before me! Welcome to posting, I guess. :D

    1. Scorpu


      Thank you. Yes, three years have passed and I somehow switched entirely to Realism Overhaul without a single post on this forum until now.

  13. That's an awesome profile pic! I know a guy who's got one just like it!


    1. TheDog


      Yours looks very nice, too!

  14. Welcome back!

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    2. Dman979


      I never was able to allocate the time to do it, so @linuxgurugamer took it over. It's working now!

    3. Geschosskopf


      Thanks for the info!


    4. Dman979


      Be sure to catch up on Kerbfleet, too. :D

  15. You changed your profile photo! I like it!

    1. WinkAllKerb''


      well i'm concerned by the said topic so ... https://vimeo.com/1166968 ... still staying cartesian it's quite a mess for some ... thks


    2. Dman979


      Well, you can always count me as a friendly face, Winky. :)

      That's a pretty cool video, BTW. I might share it around a bit.

  16. So, some of you might have noticed that my avatar was different for the last month. I feel like I owe you an explanation, to clear up some confusion about what it was.

    Since January, my dog had been acting sluggish and lethargic.

    On May 11th, we took him for an ultrasound. It turns out that he had a tumor on his spleen. Two hours later, he was in emergency surgery to have it removed.

    The vet did a biopsy on it, and it turns out that it was a benign tumor.

    Two weeks later, he had recovered a bit, but then didn't get better. The vet ordered another biopsy on a different part of the tumor.

    It turns out that my dog had cancer.

    His breed (Flat-Coated Retrievers) can get a very aggressive type called a malignant histiocytoma. It's a cancer that can start anywhere on the body, and will spread to the bloodstream. It doesn't respond well to chemo, but therapy can slow it down.

    We started him on chemotherapy pills the same day.

    By May 29th, he stopped taking his pills. We had to struggle with him for an hour to give him his pills, in peanut butter. By that time, he wasn't eating normally. He loved food, almost more than us. We once timed him finishing his dinner in under a minute. Now, he would leave food in his bowl for an entire day, or more. We had to hand feed him, and bring his water bowl to him.

    He was weak, and dehydrated. He was also developing swelling in his abdomen and losing muscle tone. We had to carry him outside on walks, and frequently he couldn't make it out our front gate.

    Around June 3rd, he stopped eating entirely. He could only lie in his crate. He barely showed interest in us.

    After some heart-rending conversations, we said our goodbyes to him, and took him to the vet on June 8th.


    My avatar for the last month was a mourning ribbon, in honor of my dog.

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    2. NSEP


      Sorry for your loss Dman. RIP.

    3. Spaceception


      I'm so sorry for your loss, I know the feeling of losing a dog ;.;

  17. There is absolutely nothing so good as the feeling you get when the class you're running late to gets canceled.

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    2. Dman979


      He's got a bug. :(

    3. Sgt Doomball

      Sgt Doomball

      Yes unless you're at New Tech Institute being late means you pay the consequences.

    4. worir4


      Dude, this exact thing happened to me yesterday! I ran into the class but no one was there so i checked my email and the lecturer said it was cancelled. 

  18. Quick! Nobody rep any of Kuzzter's posts! We have to keep him at 12345!

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    2. Dman979



      There, I fixed it.

    3. Kuzzter


      What? 12345 again? You--you un-liked something didn't you? Waaaaahhhh! My rep! My beautiful, beautiful rep! Oh, what a world---*dies*

    4. Dman979


      Who, me?

      No comment.

  19. Oooh, 1k posts! Nice!

  20. You back, man?

  21. Oh, drat. You hit 10k Rep and I missed it.

    Oh, well, congratulations anyway!

    1. Red Iron Crown
    2. worir4


      I also just realised, well done. You are a very valuable forum member, moderator or not. :D Here is to 20K!!

    3. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Thanks, that's very kind of you to say.

  22. I saw you're leaving the Squad team. Will you still be working on Realism Overhaul and other modding projects?

    1. pingopete
    2. NathanKell


      Yes, I will still be working on RO etc. :)

    3. Dman979


      I'm glad you'll still be a part of the KSP community. :)

  23. Way to go, Red, on your promotion to Global Moderator! I think you're a terrific choice for the job, now prove me right. :)

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Thanks, that's kind of you to say. :)

  24. That's strange. It says that the last time you visited was June 24.

    1. Mad Rocket Scientist

      Mad Rocket Scientist

      That is strange.  Oh, maybe I turned on that hide online status thing when I last logged in.

      Yep, there we go.

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