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  1. Honestly, I've been avoiding them since they were added just because of this. I like making massive cargo planes and these are the only engines that look the part and act accordingly. I know that an animation going backwards is a trivial reason not to use these engines, but it's so distracting when you notice it . Gif just to prove this happens with stock engines too on a fresh install And yes, even on idle, the rotors are speeding up and slowing down for no apparent reason xD
  2. I just reinstalled the game, didn't take as long as I thought. Looks like this is an issue with the core game; brand new and fresh install, rotors still going backwards. So you might be right...
  3. I've tried removing every mod and every config that's not of Squad origin, yet it still persists. Once the game reinstalls, I will check to see if it's still doing this. If not, then it's a mod. If it is, then this is out of my control. Under the assumption that a mod is causing this, I will add them in 1 by one and restart the game each time to pinpoint which one it is. I have around 20 mods, only 2 of which are part mods (legacy parts and Airplane+), neither of which are the cause... We'll just have to see. I'm not sure what kind of trigonometry error could cause this, but I won't rule it out as a possibility. For all I know, it could be as simple as a -1 being used in stead of 1 somewhere in the configs.
  4. Trust me, it's not the stroboscopic effect. I had just started the engines, spooled them up 1% for a split second then back to 0%. The rotation you see is the actual speed and direction Edit: Screw it, I'm just going to reinstall the game. Might a few hours or a day, but it's best to get a fresh start and see if this minor issue remains.
  5. I haven't used this account in quiet some time, nor do I play much KSP anymore... But this has been an ongoing issue for me for ages. Any engine with a rotor, be it stock (Goliath) or modded (in this case Airplane+), the rotors seem to spin backwards. I feel that this isn't major enough to put in any other forum section and may seem trivial, but it's been bugging me for ages. Redownloading the game isn't something I want to do (due to my very slow internet and limited bandwidth) and I've tried removing all mods, but this minor issue still remains. If anyone has any ideas on what I can try before giving in and reinstalling, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's a gif so you understand what I'm talking about. Edit: I just reinstalled the game, no mods, nothing other than stock parts and settings... Rotors still going backwards. This is an issue with the core game. Although minor, I think it should be fixed. No jet engine I've seen IRL pushes air out the front
  6. Ok, rewriting the entire thread, because things changed in the space of like 10 minutes. So, my Steam Controller has had a history of not working with KSP, but earlier on, I theorised that it might be the fact that the Steam Overlay wasn't working at all. I know that Fraps messes with the Steam Overlay in some games, so I closed that, restarted KSP and BOOM, the controller is recognised! However... It's not switching between the different modes, it's just stuck in menu mode the whole time. Does anyone have this issue?
  7. Ah right. Hmm, I'm verifying the cache right now, and it said 3 files failed to validate. I'll relaunch the game and see if it made a difference. Oh, and yeah, I can make my own profile for KSP. I'll also try that. Edit: I've just tried creating my own profile (generic gamepad), and tried binding the analog stick to the pitch and roll axis, but I'm having no such luck. The game isn't switching from my Desktop config to the Gamepad config, and as such, the analog stick is acting as the arrow keys. If I try to rebind any of the keyboard keys, it works, but again, that's only using my Desktop config. I feel that something is preventing steam from switching the controller mode.
  8. It shouldn't be a driver issue, or at least I'm hoping it's not. My controller works fine for other games, which is why I'm thinking it's just ksp locally. Which drivers should i try?
  9. Apologies for my late reply. I'm not using the beta version of Steam. I've also since removed my mods and all that, but it's still not fully registering. The notification for the different control schemes are present, so KSP definitely knows there's a steam controller, but it's just not allowing me to actually control anything (outside of the regular desktop settings) The only other thing I can think to do is completely reinstall KSP, but that would take several hours :/ Edit: Wait.... Maybe it's because I'm in windowed borderless mode? I'll quickly restart KSP with it in full screen. 2nd Edit: Nah, it didn't help, unfortunately.
  10. I am indeed using big picture. Unfortunately, the controller doesn't like working with games with it not open, so I just keep it open in the background.
  11. Yeah, I'm using mods. I've tried removing them, but I still got the same results :L
  12. So, I bought the steam controller a few weeks ago, and I've been getting used to it with Rocket League. All is going well, but I would also like to be able to use the controller on KSP, as it does work not only as an actual gamepad, but as kb+m too. I'm aware there's already SC support, and when I turn on the controller, it notifies me in the top right on which mode I'm in (flight, menu, etc...), but it's just not working. Using the controller, it just uses what ever configuration I've set for my desktop controls. Has anyone had this issue? All I want to do is be able to fly planes and rockets with the controller, but I can't even get the game to recognise the analog stick as an input, rather, it just comes up as directional buttons (again, set by my desktop configuration). Does anyone have any clue what's causing this, or how to fix it? I can provide logs or w/e you need.
  13. Just want to say that Scatterer seems to not work properly with Camera Tools. I have no idea if I should be posting this here or over at Scatterer, but the ocean seems to extend to infinity (to the horizon), even through the ground :/
  14. Recently reinstalled this mod, and I flipping love the new features, ESPECIALLY the doppler effect and the sonic boom. It just adds a whole new level of camera shots! But I still have a few things I would like added, so here are my personal suggestions: All the suggestions in that spoiler, I think should be added to an "advanced" tab, and also maybe move some of the other functions already in the mod to there as well, so it doesn't daunt new users as soon as they open it Again, I love this mod so much, and it's very well built. Keep it up P.S: This is my first forum submission in MONTHS, so cut me some slack, formatting wise xD
  15. You're a freaking god-send, thank you so much