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  1. yes that gap is here because ussualy there is a part there or something but even then in my screenshots you can clearly see it is there for some legths and when you lok around that (im going to call it the cockpit seal) it canges position acorningly. could be camera placement issue or model placement issue. it basically only shows up when its far enough from the camera check out my screenshots to see what i mean im not good at explaining it but i dont get why it doesn't work at all on your game @Scytale
  2. i will try it out although all the files are missing indentation and genral style minor thing i will do rigorous testing and my life is back to normal thanks
  3. this mod is being updated you only need to read the comments in more than one page or 2 it is a 500+ page topic after all all you are doing is making it easier for another person like you to stumple on your comment and do the same thing over again. and if your doing it on purpose to make that^ happen. fine congrats you liquided someone off
  4. this is the result of many hours of replacing color tags as you can see there is still one that i messed up but im ok with it now at least most of the stuff works the gauges work fine but i am not planing to upload the files. sorry
  5. in honor of the mk22 we await your true return
  6. just a vtol i made with b9 engines and the mk22 cockpit ill post another soon
  7. i will add just in case that i changed values of .txt files in things under the aset folder as well as he rpm folder. and im not done yet. honestly you should wait for aset to be updated as it has taken me ages to fix everything and as you can see by my last screenshots some things still don't work
  8. ok i spent 2 hours in my files and found nothing obsolete. i almost deleted the rpm hud that can be on the mdf so i will guess the problem is the hud plugin that comes in the mk22 mod.
  9. it might be the iva configs i havent cheked nice call idk if i can edit and THEN redistribute the files. it is a 2 mod package. maybe 3 mods actualy. they added a subcategory thing so the module has to be part now i guess. idk all i know is that that tweak made them visible in the parts list and they were still in comand pods. ---update--- so i cheked it out and there are no obsolete files to my knowledge but i also cheked the license and i am allowed to upload the edit (with credit were it is due of course)
  10. i think i found the issue. in the .ctf under general parameters. the module = ComandPod should be changed to module = Part. i figured it out because it wasnt working so i looked at the stock cockpits to see if there was a diference. and sure enough that was the issue. i have mk22 working like a charm (i had to change hundreds of color value formats from [#--------] to <#-------> in many ASET models so the text would work but if you dont you just have to deal with all the numbers having the color tag displayed in the value.) it took me a while to get it working. that said i cant upload my files due to licenses and besides i am not done with tag changing. only thing i cant get working is the H.U.D. but im guessing all i need is an updated mk22 plugin. but im not sure yet.
  11. you were right firespitter was the problem so i updated it also it does work in 1.2.1 but my game crashes after about 30 minutes im not sure why or if it has to do with mods.
  12. i managed to fix the part switch issue i had with the pilons. and ill see if there is a newer version of firespitter. i also had to update several mods manually so ill check if i messed up that too thanks for responding btw i apreciate it
  13. are the b9 turbofan pod engines animated for this version of ksp (1.2) the fan doesnt spin and the reverse thrust is compleatly missing just wondering if you could use the stock engine setup to fix that
  14. it is not actually, if you look at the intakes from the front they are rotated and the canopy is raised a bit too high. in my opinion it was probably done to make it flow better with the rest of the mk2 parts i like the design currently and it doesn't bother me ,but if someone wants to fix it cause it bugs them, go ahead i found a download but i'm not sure if the files are complete for the internals but everything else works and it does give credit so here:
  15. i love this mod but i just got a new laptop (so i can has more fpses) and when i was going to download it kerbalstuff went down so does anyone have a copy they can upload to dropbox or something i would really appreciate it thanks for the mod BD you're awsome