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  1. Seriously? I got my Laythe encounter with a 2500m/s ejection burn and less than 500m/s all the way to Laythe. I don't have the robots expansion, but otherwise I'd volunteer to fly your intercept flights for you.
  2. My attempt at Eve Rocks challenge was sea-level capable and didn't use a heat shield for landing on Eve. On the other hand I staged off all kinds of stuff so it doesn't get any closer to this challenge. Couldn't get it small enough to fit the circle of the VAB.
  3. I really wanna see your screenshot of this. Getting a craft to Jool sea level and back up is just barely possible. Actually planting a flag is something else entirely.
  4. Where's the Orion Drive when you need it?
  5. I see your 4390 and raise you 619 for a new speed of 5009 m/s.
  6. @fulgur: The comrades of Baikerbanur spared no expense to provide a luxurious rescue. Incidentally, that was an SSTO. The booster is still in Kerbin orbit.
  7. Comrades, we have sent rescue from Baikerbanur.!GNZBjSRA!ZaWsxQHoVVAcJkveBYtKjWfVE3xObo6Usd9j1k1eEHY Unfortunately we lost some solar panels due to collision with the fairing during launch. While you can complete the Minmus landing and return, if you aren't careful you can find yourself with no power. I turned the good ones toward the sun.
  8. I'm going ahead and posting a better answer because this thread is the top hit for "ksp inland space center hyperedit coordinates". If you want to hyperedit your craft to KSC2 launchpad, the hyperedit coordinates are lat 20.6632, lon -146.4209
  9. I've got this awesome SRB launcher for a single-launch space station lying around. I'll just replace the parking tug for fine tuning orbit with one that uses RCS instead.
  10. I'm starting to think the "solution" is to add 4 hours of battery to the rover.
  11. 4.7 hours / 4 for physical time acceleration is just under 1.2 hours. Totally doable amount of time. Of course that means you've gotta be able to drive a rover that's going 280m/s as far as your reactions are concerned.
  12. Resonance orbits. Excel plots. That's doing it the hard way. I'm eyeballing Hohmanns and plane change burns. The correction technique is to aim one day ahead take along a little extra delta V so I can "hover" for a day or two and wait for the SOI to reach me. Though for the Mun my eyeballing is so reliable I can hit the Mun without a midcourse burn.
  13. My whole reason for playing Talc was to try that Jool mission. Personally I think all those KSC biomes are exploity, but whatever.