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  1. Long time no... talk? 

    1. Kerdinand


      Yeah, I haven´t really been into KSP in the last time. Maybe I´ll come back once 1.1 is out, but I don´t really know what to do right now :).

    2. JID00 gaming

      JID00 gaming

      yeah, i feel the same, Lazarus is kind of a pain in the ass, A got a trailer done, and I'm contemplating re-doing it once 1.1 is out. Not sure, Its honestly a pretty bad trailer. Anyway, Have you talked to any of the other guys since?



    3. Kerdinand


      No, not really. :) Haven´t been on the forums very much at all...

  2. Why should "kraken" have been in the filter at all? It is a normal word, and very common in KSP. IIRC it could be used as long as I was here. I agree about that second word, though.
  3. Well, I´m no where near official but I always pronounce it like the german "Kasper", a kind of theatre character: Then I pronounce the letters, one after one, all in german. Hope I won´t get an infraction for "wrong pronouncing of the lead moderators name"
  4. Also, I wouldn´t say "KSP is rocket science". KSP is a very realistic game, but can´t simulate all the vaious problems that come up in real life rocket science. Also, a realistic game doesn´t mean it has a highly educated customer base of nerds and geeks that would like to use the raw source code instead of WYSIWYG.
  5. Kerdinand


    Very nice! Looks like a perfect mixture of Cupcake... and RevanCorana style! By the way, is that water stock or is it modded/edited? I want such good looking water, too!
  6. Did we already have "How do I upload an image?" or "How do I share a craft file?". And some more questions came into my mind: "What is the great forum derp of 2013?" "What is the 'Rocket Builders' and the 'old forum' stuff people are talking about?" "How do I edit my signature/my custom title/my profile picture?" "How do I link images?" <- might get more common now.
  7. The Rocket Builder threads (the only ones that got lost) are read-only for their creators. If you didn´t have a RB thread, you won´t be able to read it.
  8. That one isn´t there anymore, I think. But in the thread list (the subforum, like e.g. Kerbal Network) you can click the little circle or star icon to go to your first unread post.
  9. Great build, seems very useful! And if your plane explodes, what you surely haven´t forgotten is a parachute.
  10. Known for having the same person on this avatar as me! (I hope it´s the same )
  11. Very glad about this! I can´t wait for some tables...
  12. I´m sorry, but how can you sign as the whole community? Many people like and support the change, and many people (including me) don´t care very much. There may be some things worse than on vBulletin, but there are also a lot of advantages. It´s definitely not a "downgrade action".
  13. The Sword is also a rather small craft (a destroyer to be exact) but unlike the Lupus it was designed for long-range missions where it can use all of its 8000m/s of Delta-v. Once arrived, the Sword can do the battle with its 2 20mm Vulcans against heavier and its 8 .50cal turrets against lighter targets. Latter are mounted on 4 small outtriggers and can inflict damage in an almost full sphere. The only drawback of the Sword is its low acceleration that makes it vulnerable in close-in combat. But as long as you keep distance, you should be fine!
  14. Except for 5 and 6, I totally agree with you. And I like your post .
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