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  1. Assuming this works similar to how the pages that Telemachus comes with, this should be doable already; if the host forwards the appropriate port and gives the others the IP, the others should be able to input the host's IP and port in the settings. The downside of this, of course, is that you'd have to give everyone your IP and that it would result in additional traffic, neither of which are desirable. You'd have to do something similar to Proxymachus to keep the traffic down and protect your IP.
  2. @ototcon: I've been considering adding RPM MFDs to the cockpits for myself, but my lack of knowledge about IVAs makes me a bit wary to do so.
  3. It's a smooth animation, although I'm not sure I understand the reason behind it opening like that.
  4. Good to hear that it's on Github now. It'll be definitely help with the update process, especially if Squad does another update that breaks old parts. If you've any questions, feel free to ping me on the forums or on Github (same name). As far as the tug goes: apparently that's a known bug with grapple nodes, with the "fix" being to relaunch the game or vessel. But I do still like it being a docking node rather than a grapple one, as I find it makes it easier to connect to something as you intended.
  5. Word of warning: don't use the Tug from LLL. At some point it was converted from a docking port to a grapple node, and it does not like time warp while attached to something.
  6. From looking at the configs: the wrench allows parts up to 0.5 tonnes to be attached radially, and the electric screwdriver is an upgrade to it and allows you to radially and stack attach parts up to 100 tonnes. I think that information is displayed when you put one in an inventory, but I'm not totally sure.
  7. @adsii: NathanKell updated SXT, and Dakota2063 and myself updated his scifi spaceships pack. As far as I'm aware, the only thing that hasn't been updated is KSC++, and I'm unsure whether that needs an update as it's assets for Kerbal Konstructs rather than vessel parts.
  8. Freethinker, note the dates on the posts preceding cipherpunks's. Two years ago, the Community Resource Pack didn't exist.
  9. Fengist: The ModuleManager files in Dakota's package are identical to those in Lack's 0.90 download. You can run their contents through any diff tool to confirm that. I just checked in my install (with the only mods LLL has support for being KIS and Extraplanetary Launchpads) and I have something like 150 parts, not "a dozen". Additionally, ModuleManager does exactly as it's told - if it can't figure out what you were trying to do, it'll throw an error and move on to the next node (or file if it's the entire file). It doesn't outright remove parts.
  10. Here's a quick patch for something we missed and some added functionality with Extraplanetary Launchpads: The 2x1 ISRU no longer has Kethane as a dependency in . The 2(2x1) Workshop is now properly an Extraplanetary Launchpads workshop with the ability to convert Metal into RocketParts, and now requires Extraplanetary Launchpads instead of TAC Life Support. Added a ModuleManager file that allows the ISRU to handle MetalOre to Metal and ScrapMetal to Metal for use in Extraplanetary Launchpads. It's a tweak I had made for myself for the stock ISRU, but I understand if you don't want to use it. Link Note that this is just a differential patch; you still need Dakota's link.
  11. I'm running into an odd interaction with AntennaRange - the hailer needs to be enabled before AntennaRange will recognize a connection. Not sure of exact reasons, though.
  12. Only thing I did that's not in your changelog was changing some model references, although I'm not sure if those parts even show up when ModuleManager is installed.
  13. Suggestion: reword the warning for the missing Heisenkerb Compensator to say no active compensator. If there's no compensator, the player will realize they don't have one; if there's one that there but off, the player will realize they need to turn it on.
  14. Ah, nice. I didn't realize you had made progress on that end. Just a downside of not using version control software like Git, I suppose.
  15. I got a bit farther in my tweaks. I think I figured out how the cargo bays work, I changed the parts with KASModuleContainer over to ModuleKISInventory (tried to make the internal volumes consistent with the KIS parts), and I fixed a few parts whose R&D requirements pointed towards nodes that no longer exist or whose names were changed. http://www./download/avb20p06eyttzq5/LLL_13-1_with_node_and_firespitter_fixes_r2.zip