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  1. Any idea why the mod would not be setting a KAC alarm??? I made sure the settings were set to do so. It had one for the first month but has since stopped making alarms?? Perhaps I'm missing something simple. Thank you.
  2. I've just installed this mod via CKAN on a heavily modded install. The mod seems to be working correctly but I don't have any options in the difficulty menu. Any guidance to figure out why that is? Thank you! Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled via ckan a few times, same result and I don't think the mod is doing anything at all. Installed manually, everything is working. Ckan issue?
  3. Hello Linux, I've installed kaptain's log and it doesn't appear to be working. I get a constant stream of the following in the console "KaptainsLog: Snapshow scheduled, but queued event: Funds changed doesn't allow snapshots". To clarify not working, everything is there but it's not making any log entries. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyjywj48oosql3w/output_log.txt?dl=0 Log file.
  4. Ah, you can see that not reading things very closely is a recurring issue for me Love your work, thank you.
  5. Came here with the textures problem, see the fix, thanks guys. I am curious why they are a separate download now?
  6. @ JadeofMaar, the problem ended up being the version of EVE. I thought I was using the latest version, I copy/pasted the link in the readme file, version 1.1-2. Once I realized there was a newer version (1.1-3) on github I used that and it worked. Both on my fresh install and the modded one. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I recently upgraded to 1.2 build. I cannot get the clouds to work. I installed the GPP Cloud folder as outlined in instructions, then installed EVE (any cpu release). I didn't do a fresh install. I removed everything from the game data folder that was put in with the previous GPP version then installed the new version per instructions. I'm hoping there might be a different answer than "fresh install". Thanks in advance. Edit: Tried it on a fresh install as well with no other mods.....still no clouds.
  8. Ahhhh, thank you @RoverDude
  9. Hello, wondering if someone could clarify something for me. I have a vessel with a mk1 command pod and a ppd-10 Hitchhiker storage container. There are 4 kerbals on this vessel. In the Vab it says I have 166d 5h 15m of Habitation time. When I go to the launch pad the home/hab time is only 9d 2h. What am I missing??
  10. Try fully closing steamd own and restarting, or try verifying the cache of ksp
  11. That sure sounds like the same issue I'm having. I reverted back to 1.02 for now. I am using many of the same mods you are, I figured it'd be best to just wait to update 1.04 until the majority of the mods I use are updated. Here's my modlist if you want to do any further digging. KSP: 1.0.2 (Win32) - Unity: 4.6.4f1 - OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit USI Tools - 0.4.1 Ambient Light Adjustment - Chatterer - Community Resource Pack - 0.4.2 Contract Configurator - 1.4.2 Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor - 1.2.2 Contract Pack: Kerbal Space Station - 2.1.1 Contract Pa
  12. Is your gimbal operating backwards??? I'm having a similar problem.
  13. Hello, I'm having a very odd issue with my engine gimbals. Seemingly at random (I can't predictably reproduce it an any time) the gimbals on my engines will operate backwards, in other words if I pitch up the gimbal pitches down. It will work just fine one second, flip the next, then be back to normal the next time I hit a key. The really strange thing is it's only the engine gimbals, the reaction wheels are RCS will operate properly and fight against the incorrect gimbal of the engine. This happens with all of my spacecraft and I don't have any fancy builds, just fuel tanks with an engine
  14. I think the question he is getting at is why is the barometer the only part in that area that is getting hot. From what I can gather none of the parts right next to it are getting hot, only the barometer. I have a similar scenario with mystery goo getting hot on one of my vessels. Only the goo gets hot but the service bay and all the other science parts in the service bay stay cool.
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