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  1. Hi! I'm seeing kerbals disappear from the crew tab and the astronaut complex, while in the context of the VAB. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the intended implementation. After a flight, the "resting" kerbals will show up in the crew tab, but once I take an action to add/remove crew from a capsule for a subsequent flight, the "resting" kerbals will dissappear . Also, if I click the "astronaut complex" button from the VAB, the resting kerbals don't show there (but I can see them and their timers if I access the astronaut complex from the space center view). I'm playing on 1.11.2 with no mods other than CrewRandR and its dependencies. I also checked an older game I had (heavily modded 1.9 installation) and the vanishing kerbal behaviour isn't happening there (the resting kerbals simply never show in the crew tab or astronaut complex, when accessed from VAB). My GameData folder looks like this: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl CrewRandR Squad SquadExpansion Repro Steps: 1. Create new sandbox file 2. Open VAB, place Mk1 Command Pod 3. Launch (with Jeb) then recover vessel 4. Open VAB, go to crew tab (noticed Jeb shows under "Available Crew") 5. Click "Remove Kerbal from Vessel Button" to remove currently assigned kerbal 6. Observe as Jeb vanishes (and assigned kerbal isn't removed; you need to press the button a second time) Also, if you trigger this behavior, then switch to a different tab (Action, Build, etc) then switch back to Crew, the resting kerbals will again, and the vanish behaviour will repro once more, if you try to remove the kerbal from the ship. Here's my save file, if that's useful: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Gmh0e3satRwnoVGtbgQAmmzPDkwpFoa/view?usp=sharing
  2. This was it. I forgot to mention that I'm on 1.11 and using (mostly) 1.11 mods, including the latest Benjee10_sharedAssets. The node placement for the C-100 docking port has been updated.
  3. EDIT: I accidentally left out an important piece of info - I'm running on 1.11, with the 1.11 version of Benjee10_sharedAssets. Looks like the node placement on the C-100 docking port was updated. Hiya! I tried assembling the Orion crew capsule with LAS and shroud, and I think I'm either doing something wrong, or there's a small offset. From top to bottom, I've assembled it as: LAS-120 Launch Abort System C-100 Androgynous Docking Mechanism Mk2-3 Pod Forward Service Cone Mk2-3 Command Pod Heat Shield (3.125m) Mk2-3 Pod Decoupling Avionics Ring Here's a screenshot to demonstrate what I'm seeing: And without shroud, if it's helpful:
  4. Does anyone know what "PQS+" is? Context: " Modding: A major priority of development. Tools are being developed right now using Lua but the language isn't necessarily final. PQS+ has a ton of hooks for custom tools. "
  5. Just FYI the calculation for failure is bugged. The failure probabilities and the failure check generated are off by two orders of magnitude, and so any set probability will always 100% guarantee a part failure. The failure chance that is generated is in a range from 0-1, whereas the InitialFailureProbability and ExperPartFailureProbability values are never converted, and remain in the range 0-100.
  6. For some reason, in the VAB (or SPH), some of the part thumbnails show a white quad in the location of where the flag decal would normally be placed. This isn't happening for all parts (most of them don't show the flag in the preview thumbnail, as expected). This is happening in a fresh, un-modded install. What's causing this? Here's a screenshot exhibiting the behavior:
  7. I just wanted to thank you for continued maintenance of this project! HGR is probably my favorite part pack.
  8. I'm getting the same error. Even if I just start a new sandbox game, my output log shows that error.
  9. Thank you for continuing to support this mod, @simon56modder! This is one of my favorite mods and has been an essential part of my Career game.
  10. I think I found a bug, or maybe I'm just not understanding something. I think it's the same thing found in #753 here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/116790-1-0-USI-Life-Support-0-1-0-2015-04-27?p=2169103&viewfull=1#post2169103 I have a 1-crew command pod in orbit, with no Supplies. The life support timer appears to reset whenever I go on EVA and return. During EVA, it's the expected, accumulated value; it's just every time I go back into my ship, the timer resets back to zero. Is this a known bug? A feature?
  11. I'm not sure if this addon is still being maintained, but if it is, the owner might want to add an additional display for part skin temperature/max temperature. Right now it looks a bit weird during atmospheric re-entry since it's displaying internal part temperature, which doesn't rise nearly as rapidly as the skin temperature.
  12. Awesome! You are very expedient. Just to confirm, I'm using the updated .dll and MCE is saving its settings as expected.
  13. Hey, thanks for the reply. The problem persists. I tried doing as you said (specifically, I updated the MCE settings to disable Orbital Research and Lander Research contracts, then I launched a simple ship to make sure I go through a few scene changes). The results are the same; even when I reject those contracts, they'll keep regenerating.
  14. I'm trying to disable Orbital Research and Lander Research contracts in the Settings menu, but changing those settings does nothing. If I exit out of the game and return, the settings will be reset. (I've also noticed there are no flags in the config for those settings). Am I doing something wrong?
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