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  1. That's what I would like if it is easy enough to do, and meant from my earlier post. @iDisOrder Yep I'm old and cranky too, and those math mumbo-jumbo things makes me brain hurt as well
  2. How about making an add-on for AntennaRange. (For those who want ground stations) Some of the benefits of setting up ground stations, extra science/biomes.. why not if you are hopping all over kerbin to grab that extra science mooch why not set up a sat link while there? I guess I would prefer something like that. And for the graphical lines you could put a line (maybe dotted) through kerbin to indicate a link. For the educational side of it, it gives a lesson on how to land at point A (or fill in yer favorite letter/number here ) while in an atmosphere. And as far as the ocean blind spots go, why not make a floating sat link? Just my ramblings and what not.. either way you still have an awesome mod! Edit: I always play career mode, so that's where my point of view is from.
  3. And this is what happens when you stop the signal... Almost had a good early career mun landing, but that dang antenner broke clean off!!! By the way, thanks for the mod toadicus.
  4. "Yeah, but will it work with the Unity 5 update?" Nice job & congrats on making the front page! Love the do-it-yer-self projects.
  5. Tontow you have to have a probe core in your craft to keep SAS on. I think that is by game design, but yeah the breaks should be auto set to on.
  6. You can use the pin option (upper right in the window). It will move the contract to the top, or under anything that is already pinned. Edit (oops): Well the pin option is above each contract.
  7. Sitting with Jeb, Bill, and Bob watching the endless launches of satellites.
  8. I can email good directions on how to build a good dog house if ya like Nereid .
  9. 1000+ hours. Lots of time using FAR/DE. Two days into a new career set on hard. 3..2..1.. *Kersplosion* oops pulled a noob staging and killed the dream team, plus took out the launch pad. RIP Jeb, Bob, and Bill.
  10. When you are watching a stream/youtube video of someone playing KSP, and try to grab the screen with your mouse to rotate the view. Oops, guess I am not the only one that does that
  11. With All credit to kitoban, Enhanced Nav Ball v1.3.3 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/50524 sorry if I UPS this up
  12. Thanks for the update Starwaster. All the extra crispiness now with less RC spam! Only thing missing now is a little Soon trademark Icon for your toolbar that you keep forgetting to hide
  13. Thank you NathanKell for all the extra-crispy atmoburns and close calls, and the time & effort of letting us have this must have mod.
  14. I like the Big Bang update.. but since I am a peon in forum status (Really?).. I can not vote