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  1. Stupid question: I usually like playing with CTT but this time around I wanted to just use the stock tree after seeing the prices and just how many branches there are since my last play through. I have deleted CTT and for some reason the tree is not reverting back to stock. I also deleted all the config files for MM to start with a fresh load. Idk what I'm doing wrong here can someone direct me?
  2. Can anyone help? I'm getting "1 warning related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/M2X_Tweakscale.cfg". I am using most recent versions of TS and MK2E. Is there a new config I could use floating around? MM is telling me that this will corrupt my save sooner or later, should I be worried? I have had zero issues thus far. Tried reinstalling both with no change.
  3. You are a god among men! That was fast. Thank you. You saved me from an evening of rebuilding my small stations!
  4. The script only replaced three of the missing textures so it looks like there were some that were either moved else where or completely removed by squad. The parts it missed were in the structural parts and fuel tanks: Structural: OX-MTV (All of them) XC-MTV (All of them) Fuel Tanks: OX-32 Inflatable (Both frame and tank texture missing) OX-32S Inflatable (Just frame texture missing) Just so you are aware when you go to update the mod. Cant believe I missed the instructions in the OP. Also I am not using Restock so that could not be affecting it (unless its h
  5. Graphics are full stock except the skybox replaced with texture replacer. Its running default dx 9 or 10, what ever unity runs in. Its a fresh install with only the mods in the spoilers installed, as well as all the mods being re-downloaded and up to date. Nvidia control panel has everything set to application controlled too. It was perfectly fine in 1.6.1 with the exact same mods installed. The weird thing is its only affecting the structural parts in the pack and nothing else. Im out of ideas lol. So if you got nothing ill just reconstruct the stations that use these parts and live without t
  6. Hey Linux, there seems to be a conflict with the textures for the structural parts and I cant find it... I have tried loading each mod one by one and I cant find which one is causing the textures to turn black. I know you are busy but can you help me? I dont know how to read this log file Here is the log file and the images below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V0ongpuT-F9EOax4LkpkezFrPSdCyS8-/view?usp=sharing
  7. First off, love this mod been using it for a while. I just revisited it and absolutely love the inline solar and batteries. I'm having an issue where anything with a battery has the correct max charge amount in the hangar but when launched it drops to a max of 0.1 and is dead. Has anyone encountered this?
  8. Good afternoon! Is there an easy way to add scalability back onto a part? I noticed I can no longer scale any of the parts that have been re-textured by squad in the latest patches (i.e. OKTO 1 & 2, LV-909, 48-7s, and a few others). Also thanks for keeping this mod up to date. I feel it is an absolute must have!
  9. Is there a texture pack out there for only replacing the planets orbit textures that I can just drop into default? I dont like how all these texture packs make you install the whole overhaul. I'm fine with base KSP shaders I just want higher res planets and moons to match the high res skybox. I cant find anything that looks good and or that isn't super outdated (like from .90) except for a random Kerbin retexture off curse forge (that is really beautiful).
  10. I love the new textures but the update broke my 1.4.5 save and all of my ships that i used clipping or rescale on are now broken and parts are loading with about a 10ft gap between nodes, soooooo I will be sticking with 1.4.5 for now.
  11. For some reason none of the antennas phone home after I leave the sphere of influence of Kebal. I have 4 25M rlay dishes on the way to Duna with a relay network around Kerbal and they lost connection as soon as they left. I have the dependency. Any idea what could be wrong?
  12. Sorry if I missed something but what would the fix be for the problem above? I ran into this exact issue and was coming here to see if there was a fix. I currently have ships that cant phone home because the dishes wont deploy, but I cant simply delete the other mod because I have manned missions with those dishes as well.
  13. I know this might be a bit ambitious, and straight up not possible, but is it at all possible to make locations in the telescopes appear and load as they would if you were in physics range? i.e. If I zoom in on a craft I have orbiting another planet it would load in the camera box. Or say trying to take satellite images of a Mun base on the surface textures and craft files actually appear. I haven't messed with unity at all but would it be possible to make the zoom slider send an untextured probe with out a collision mesh with a camera attached to report the image back to the window? Or would
  14. Hey, I am not at home atm so I don't have the log file but I am having an issue with MK2 Storage bay doors not opening when the mod this installed. Even with only stock and just this mod it occurs. I was wondering if anyone had similar issues? Its not that they are stuck its that the button with the option to open it disappears so there is literally no way to open it.
  15. Yup, its only $5 a/mo but its something. Without him my KSP would be unplayable.
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