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  1. when will we be able to enjoy this mod with KSPIE? I would love to be able to use the internal tanks with KSPIE resources
  2. good day, can I suggest a new feature for the program? I was thinking of something that shows you the new mods that were modified in the jump from one version to another, so you do not have to be reviewing the entire list every time the number of compatible mods changes. Thanks for your time.
  3. woah! cheers! i want to try it @1.3.1
  4. Hi! Is there any way to know which mod is causing conflicts when installing another?
  5. yeah, sorry.... can i try one more time? mooring!? xD DOCKING!
  6. no, i need a docking system thats fits on Kontainers. For expanding projects. adding 2 docking ports, one for main attach and other at the Kontainer looks terrorific, something like construction ports, only works with another const port.
  7. @RoverDude, have something planned about a docking system for Kontainers? i need this in my life *w*
  8. dont be so hard on him, this can be a really good one graphics mod, may be he depend very often on 1 or 2 bits of someone's work, but he is working on that little problem. dont you thing? lets push him up. By Unknow Dev(?)
  9. someone has a hard time to reconect Hinches? i cannot make it conect again.... >.<