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  1. Not really, sorry, maybe I will continue developing it again if my health and life situation improves. It should be quite trivial to update for 1.5 though, if @Papa_Joe doesn't I might do it next week.
  2. When bodies emit light without color it's usually because PlanetShine can't find the config for this body : can you find any error in the logs that seem related to that? If you are not sure how to look for error in the logs, please share it to us. Did you install PlanetShine with CKAN? If yes, know that it's split in two parts: the core mod and the config, maybe there is some issue that made CKAN somehow remove or omit the config. Check that the file "Kerbal Space Program\GameData\PlanetShine\Config\CelestialBodies.cfg" is present. Currently PlanetShine only works when you are in the vessel view, and adds light only to the vessel, and only from the planet or moon you are orbiting. Planets and moon are not shining on each other.
  3. wow, thanks for featuring my little mod again! PlanetShine does barely impact performance (compared to most other visual mods)
  4. (quote from OP) This is not the case anymore since years, it uses ModuleManager, this sentence should be removed You should also edit the mod URL, since I'm not maintaining it anymore and @Papa_Joe took it over:
  5. RSS already supplies an extra config file for PlanetShine, it should be in GameData/RealSolarSystem/Compatibility/PlanetShineColors.cfg Which means that you don't have to do anything, it already automatically works with PlanetShine. I see that the file hasn't been modified since 2+ years, but it should still work fine, can anyone confirm that?
  6. I have the same issue, by installing from CKAN. I didn't try to see if manually installing fixed it.
  7. Could anyone please clarify exactly what is the current status with antennas and ground stations? How do they work, how to properly use them in a playable way? Let's say, if I want to go to Minmus, what is the simplest way to have an uninterrupted signal? If I want something closer to the old version by @ShotgunNinja, should boosting all station ranges to "Range = 9E+11" in "Default.cfg" work? I would greatly appreciate some details, as would probably many users of the mod.
  8. I could try to help with that maybe later today
  9. I think there is definitely some problem with antennas and ground stations : I just tried putting a satellite around minmus with an RA-15 antenna (100Gm), and it can still only reach the KSC ground station, when it's visible, but none of the other ground stations. I have several relays on low orbit of kerbin which seem to properly use all of the ground stations, and relay signal between each other, which were useful when I had to relay signal to a polar orbit satellite.
  10. Thanks for updating PlanetShine, I gladly approve your decision of adopting the mod and will help you with it if needed.
  11. Hi there, thanks a lot for updating PlanetShine, I'm not much active anymore on KSP since some time and you did the right thing. I was actually about to quickly update the version today (for real!), but if you can take the mod over it's even better! Well, if you are ok with that of course. I would really appreciate if you could look into this bug with HullCameraVDS : Also do not hesitate to ask me anything
  12. The thing is that planets are not a simple points emitting light, they are a surface emitting light from one half, and that's why I need to simulate it using several spread out lights so that it looks realistic when close to the planet. Currently the game engine does not allow using actual "surface lights", so that's why I need to resort to such a simulation. Another thing: the game engine's light intensity fade-out formula when getting further from a light source does not feel realistic, so I made my own. Technically you could turn the planets into light sources, but for many reasons it would not give a good result, mainly because you need to take into account which side of the planet is lit. The version 0.2 uses a list of planet light colors from the settings, and 0.5 uses a kind of "screenshot" from the point of view of the vessel to calculate the light color to use.
  13. I don't see myself continuing PlanetShine anymore in the future, I will only try to fix it when a new version of KSP breaks it. I kind of lost the drive to continue working on it, and it's only in a beta state because it does not include all of the features that I had envisioned for it. The version 0.5 experimental would need some work to be ported to KSP 1.2 and is close to being a rather stable version, which also has a cleaner code than the main 0.2 version.
  14. Ok, you're welcome, please let me know when you find the cause of the issue.