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  1. Hi all, Sorry I haven't had time to update this mod recently - lots of RL stuff getting in the way, and I can't find the time to give this the amount of work it needs for me to be happy with it. If anyone wants to carry on with this mod (thanks to everyone who kept it going without me!) - please feel free. I've had a few people message me about the license - the general gist of it is that I'm happy to let anyone do whatever they want with my original code except sell it, pass it all off as their own, or change the license. If the community gets behind a fork of my code by someone for 1.0+ that
  2. What if CC automatically closed the popup when you get to the title screen, if OK hasn't been clicked by that point? Then the people who don't want to have to click on the OK button each time they start the game don't have to, but you still get the message across.
  3. Yeah, I've considered adding that before - I might replace the "current vessel" filter with that. (I'm not convinced that the current vessel filter is that useful - does anyone actually use it?) I'll try and get it into the next version
  4. v4.0 is out! Now with blizzy's toolbar support! Settings will now be persisted across game sessions as well. The save file can be found in GameData/[x] Science!/settings.cfg. Changelog (just a little update this time... ) : 4.0 --- Added support for blizzy's toolbar - find the toggle in the settings menu if you've got it installed. Changes to the settings are now saved across games. Enjoy
  5. v3.1 is out! Hopefully the performance issues people have been having should be much better now. I've also made it so that if the window isn't open, the mod doesn't do anything. Also: Compact mode! NOT searching with -! And a few other bug fixes as well. Changelog: Can now use the - symbol to do NOT searches e.g. "goo -Minmus". Added compact mode. Moved the complete experiment filter option to the settings panel. Now only updates when the window is open. Fixed ArgumentNullException when running alongside Karbonite (thanks Jaxx). Fixed experiments not being detected in biomes with spaces in
  6. Thanks for that - looks like it's the Karbonite experiments not being detected properly. Should be fixed in the next version - I'll try to release it this evening.
  7. Sorry to hear people are having lag issues - I'll take a look at optimizing everything for the next release. I've already thought of a few ways I can do things more efficiently, and I'll try to get something sorted for the end of the week
  8. Glad you like it Any new parts that have basic ModuleScienceExperiments should be added to the list of available experiments automatically. OrbitalScience (which uses a custom implementation) is also supported. Other mods might be detected, but could have their science levels calculated incorrectly. If anyone has any issues with a specific mod please let me know and I'll try to add support for those mods if possible.
  9. I can take a look at adding support for BTSM - I can't make any guarantees on that though as that mod makes a lot of changes to science gathering, which could make it a pain to integrate with. Interesting about your 2.0+ issue - could you upload a save file and let me know what mods you use so I can look into that? I'm going away this weekend so won't be able to look at it until Monday evening, but I'll try to figure it out then
  10. v3.0 is out! Now with CustomBiomes support! (N.B. CustomBiomes' extra experiments will not appear until you've entered the flight scene at least once - KSP doesn't load the CustomBiomes plugin until you enter the flight scene, so there's not much about that I can do unfortunately ) And onboard science tracking! (Shows amount of science you'd get if you retrieved all experiments from every vessel) Changelog: 3.0 --- * Added onboard science detection. * Added support for CustomBiomes. * Fixed experiments not showing up as complete correctly due to a floating point rounding error. Enjoy
  11. Hm. Yeah, definitely looks like a rounding error. Guess I'll just clamp the values to 0.1 science because as you say, it's basically complete at that point I'll release a hotfix for that soon (maybe this evening?). As for the visited biomes filter - I'll probably implement that along with ScanSAT integration and a further options menu for version 3. I'll also try to get blizzy's toolbar integration in with that version - there may be a little bit of a wait for version 3 but I'll see what I can do
  12. I just gave it a try - looks like the biome detector shows them correctly, but the experiments for those biomes don't show up in the list. I'll take a look at that for the next version.
  13. v2.0 is out! Changelog: 2.0 --- * Implemented current situation detection and filter. * Added tooltips to buttons * Completed experiment progress bars are now rendered in a different colour. * Replaced text on filter buttons with icons. * Fixed several memory leaks. * Fixed addon being loaded multiple times Enjoy
  14. Sneak peek for the next version Just need to sort out some tooltips, move the biome indicator a bit, and fix another memory leak Additionally - lakes in mountains confirmed: