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  1. if any1 knows how to config BD weapons to shoot plasma or something like fallout gattling laser i would apriciate the knowledge to that :,D realy need them for my Mech Program that you can find from here if you are curious to see

  2. Just a thought: Homeworld's turrets have a thing referred to as TriggerHappy, what it does is lay out a cone where the gun will just open fire, regardless of whether or not it'd have a chance to hit. Could something similar be applied to the BDA turrets based on the state of the target (Landed/splashed, in flight/sub-orbital) to say, reduce the M1 Abrams accuracy against distant aircraft with its mach 4.8 HE(AT?) round?
  3. A good while back I was screwing around in the mod files hoping to magically understand everything, and I swear to RNGesus that one of the mods (KAS?) was putting something into the kerbals with an MM config. I could very well be wrong about it being an MM config though, after some digging its seeming more likely it was a cs file and my brain has betrayed me once more. If its any consolation, Vanguard Parachutes can gift kerbals parachutes, so I'm sure someone somewhere could tell you how to fiddle with the kerbals.
  4. I don't believe Kerbal Weather Systems still works, which sucks because I'd love to use it for this. Anywho this seems kinda fun so I might try it out. One question before I get started: can I use Hyperedit to get the boat in the water?
  5. Off the top of my head I'd also like a T-junction, and a 4-way junction. Maybe something that could be the corner of a cube. Really could get some mileage out of KIS and use this (and its future brethren) to make a little shack on Duna.
  6. Question about the infantry weapons, are you gonna put a weapon manager inside the guns themselves, or use an MM config to put the weapon manager straight into the kerbals? Edit: What about the making TBF Avenger's top turret?
  7. -Just looked. It could level the space on the opposite side of the planet (it has a radius of 450km, Kerbin has an equatorial radius of 600km). -Being only BDA dependent, no. BDA is not capable of that. -The author already said it did not. -I don't believe there are any mods that can toy with ground scatter, and even then its randomly generated and would pop back up on reload.
  8. The craft file also uses the BahaSP retracting RCS, unless its been updated anyhow.
  9. @CrayzeeMonkey I've messed around with the turret configs quite a lot and have amassed a good bit of knowledge about them. While I have seen something to determine turret speed (in the M1 Abrams config), I haven't seen anything for individual pitch/yaw speeds, so its safe to assume it doesn't exist. Also aimPitch and aimRotate I believe are referencing joints in the model itself.
  10. What you did is make the explosions do no damage. If you want the weapons to do literally no damage then make the bullet mass zero (don't know what'll happen in this case), or set the damage multiplier in the settings cfg to zero.
  11. This is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Would you be up to making its gun for BDArmory though? EDIT: I found it on Kerbalstuff. Less prepared for WIP than I should've been. Still looks amazing even if it it handles like a drunk whale
  12. My only real issue with making the tank bodies command things is that it still has a vertical navball. I think that depend more on the model than the cfg but 4 part probe tanks are possible.
  13. I wanted to say that I edited the cfg's to the tank bodies (initially because 2 tons seemed oddly light, its now 10 tons) then I got carried away and made them fuel cells that run on the mono they carry. Then I went and let them function as Weapon Managers. I'm still debating whether or not to make them manned pods using the generic internals because that could actually fit, or make them probes. Anywho while I was doing all this I discovered the intakes and rcs modules that they have are total dead weight. Granted they aren't doing anything at all (good or bad) beyond probably a couple of bytes of utter uselessness, but thought it was worth mentioning anyways.
  14. Hyperedit. Use the merge thing in the editor when loading craft and you can attach an array or tanks to a big plate or something and use hyperedit to send them in bulk to the destination. You can use to determine the coordinates or fly there yourself and have Hyperedit take the typing out with the click of a button. Also, when I do big battles of whatever kind, I still manually launch each craft. Despite having the option available, I've never done the big plate'o'tanks to deliver them somewhere, for reasons I like delivering everything Antonov A-40 style. Yeah it's tedious, but I deal. And you gotta keep in mind that BDA is built around KSP, KSP isn't built around BDA. EDIT: Anyone with half-decent Blender capabilities up for making a 32lb black powder cannon? I have the sudden urge to siege a castle.