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  1. Good morning y'all! We're gonna continue the story of the Crew Chief today! She's had a few changes in her life since we last saw her, wild times mirroring the wild changes coming to the space program. But without further ado I humbly present the next chapter of... Not even a year ago did The Chief expect to be meeting the President. She didn’t expect to be doing a lot of the things she’d been doing for the past year, but here she was. As always the heat around The Cape was punishing and close during the summer and Chief always thought the sun seemed a little bit bri
  2. I guess you'll just have to keep reading, liking and commenting and find out in upcoming chapters NEBULA decals, with some homebrew decals I made. Although Cineboxandrew has released on a Conformal Decals mod which (from what I've seen) is superior in just about every way. I don't use it in this save because, well, I'm lazy but I'd check that out if I were you.
  3. Hey y'all! It's the weekend which means it's time for this week's new chapter of On the Shoulders of Giants! No pics from KSP today, but I'd argue this is one of the most consequential updates in the series. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the mundane nature of government reports in this chapter of.... The Orion Report's major conclusions, laying the groundwork for NASA priorities for the next twenty years...
  4. Well after many trips back and forth between my old and new place, many boxes packed and unpacked, and some slight damage to my spine carrying a couch down 3 flights of stairs (never live above a second floor in a place without an elevator kids), I'm more or less moved! I'm honestly just glad to be back in the regular rotation of things, which means that I finally have time to post the latest edition of....... Almost a year after the STS was grounded a return to flight was announced by representatives from NASA and STS contractors. The STS-161 Accident investigation Board’s report wa
  5. The whole point of this save and series was for me to move beyond my standard rotation of VTVL boosters! Anyway I have some news, since I'm gonna be moving across town this weekend I won't have the time to do my weekly update for OTSOG. So to make up for it we're gonna do a little step back in time from when the series takes place, and take a preview of Starlab's neighbors in orbit.
  6. Hey partner I’m glad you like the series! I’ve been having a lot of fun writing and flying for this and I’m just happy somebody even read it lol. It’s worth noting here though that I didn’t actually come up with these big winged booster designs. The American one is actually heavily based on the Reusable Saturn from the alternate history timeline Right Side Up (and I highly encourage people to read that), and the Russian one is almost a 1:1 copy of the Baikal booster idea.
  7. It does! Rule of the game is you want mass up front, drag in the back, like a shuttlecock. I had to fudge the heat tolerances to make it not explode since those parts aren’t really intended for this purpose.
  8. Happy Sunday y'all, on today's chapter of On the Shoulders of Giants we'll be taking a look at some of the goings on beyond the American STS while the system is grounded. So strap yourselves in, and get ready for liftoff of today's chapter of: The mainstay Russian medium launch vehicle "Revolutsiya" To call the Russian space program a survivor would be an understatement. Despite the economic nadir Russian space officials found themselves in at the time of STS’s stand down, they had succeeded in maintaining the gains made since the actual dawn of spaceflight. Mriya, yet to
  9. Howdy y'all! First of all I wanted to give today's shout out to the good technicians, engineers, program managers, and all the support staff at both NASA and SpaceX. Without them, Crew Demo-2 would never have lifted Astronauts Hurley and Behnken and the capsule Endeavour safely to orbit on target to the International Space Station. These are some pretty wild times suffice to say, and yesterday's flight remind us of the light in the darkness. Second of all, I'm immensely grateful for the support the prologue post got, keep em coming lads. Anyway intro spiel complete, let's get into th
  10. Howdy y'all! Some of you might remember me from some of my previous mission report series but for those who don't, I'm Stephen and this is On the Shoulders of Giants. Before we get into the thick of things I just want to give a shoutout to everyone and everything that allowed me to build, fly and write this series. To the outstanding mod makers who are the engine behind this game, to the poor stand-up guys who read my drafts, to Squad, to the writers who continue to inspire me every day, to the people who helped me troubleshoot my install, and to all the mad lads coming up with wild ideas in t
  11. 21 F Salute for probably one of the best mods I've had the pleasure of using over the years. F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F O7
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