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  1. I hope for Scott Manley voice-over in tutorial
  2. Yes, your calculations are correct. We've come up with roughly the same amount of food (I haven't counted drinks), but I've read oxygen mass in kg instead of mg, so my mistake. Kerbal need about 0.2 kg of oxygen per Kerbin-Day (6h) or more if they work hard. So oxygen in Kerbalism is about 40-50 times to heavy.
  3. One more issue with this generally awesome mod. Food and oxygen weight. For one day one Kerbal need 1 food and 1 oxygen. It is currently 50kg of food and 10 kg of oxygen. Average human require about 0,5 kg food and 550 liters (660 kg) of oxygen per 24 hour, so 0,125 kg food and 137,5 liters (165) of oxygen per Kerbal Day. If you aim to have realistic Earth-like values, food is way to heavy (100 times) and oxygen is way too light (46 times). Unless Kerbals are not at all like humans and they compensate lack of oxygen with crazy amounts of food. Still great mod
  4. There is one "Must have" feature that is missing (or I'm blind). Convert-O-Tron can currently convert ore into oxidizer and oxidizer is.... OXYGEN. Keeping that in mind, please add some part that converts oxidizer into oxygen or add ability to convert ore into oxygen via Convert-O-Tron. Having a way to produce oxygen is a last piece required to make self-sufficient base
  5. Hurray - my bug was confirmed. Now we are on the same page, but... I'm using Linux x64 and I don't use CKAN, I simply copy mod manually inside GameData folder.
  6. After recording mission I've ordered my shuttle to automatically dock with space station. After warping one and half kerbal-day I've end up with over 400 active flights called "AdministrativeDockingName" and I'm unable to fly the space station anymore. Actually it broke my save. I've got now about 0,5 FPS in map view. Idea is brilliant, I will definitely try this mod in the future, when there will be no bugs, but for now I'll pass.
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