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  1. XD sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Junior year of high school has hit me like a bus. Here's a link to the extended stay module I made. https://kerbalx.com/jackvony/SESM
  2. Beautiful! Haven't seen an Eagle in quite a while. Maybe you could give us an F-22 next?
  3. I would probably slope the control surfaces a bi more drastically. And maybe not upturn the nose so much.
  4. WOW. It looks absolutely fantastic. And that whole idea for the stabilizers is jaw-dropping. Just the part count makes me shiver. BTW do you think that hinge would work for the swept wings on the F-14?
  5. Thanks! This was my first time trying out such a design. I'm thinking of making a smaller type.
  6. This is a little ship I made based off the spaceship designs of old. She can get to Duna and back with a refuel stop on Duna, as long as she starts in orbit, so take out a big launcher. She has about 3000 m/s of delta-v to give you an idea. She has 3 drills and a large IRSU to produce fuel when she lands. Can be a little finicky so be careful with thrusting up tooo much in atmospheres. Overall I like her a lot. You can take her to the Mun or Minmus if you want too. Pure Stock. Action Groups: 1-Engines 2-Ladders 3-Solar Panels 4-Main Cargo Bay 5-Drill Bays 6-IRSU Craft Download: download Explorer
  7. Well with my return to KSP I have a built a new version of my Freedom Station using Near Future's epic truss system. Will probably expand but I do like the way it is now. All built using Inigma's shuttle.
  8. Well it has been awhile. I remember when I used to go through this thread everyday. I've had a lot going with high school and a job, I also found out about War Thunder, but it's nice to be back. Just want to let everyone know that the fuel line problem is because the hardpoint the lines are attached have to have crossfeed enabled. For me, the shuttle has been flying quite nicely though I do make my ascent path a bit more shallow. Also, if anyone cares anymore I've got some ideas for some more payloads.
  9. Yea she's a bit laggy. Once I get 1.1 I'll load her up with a bunch of base modules to take to Duna. She's on her way home from marking an asteroid now
  10. Trying to do the American line now and I just got my first tier 3, the Hellcat (which is pretty good except for armour) and I have to use it and a pair of Shermans to take out Tigers and IS-1's.
  11. Silent Death is a top secret shuttle developed by the Orbital Warfare division of Kerbal Defense Administration. The shuttle is equipped with state-of-art* sensors and communications equipment. She also has a Vulcan minigun for wiping out those nasty Komunists. Silent Death flies under remote control and has room for 4 kerbals plus a small cargo payload. Has about 1800 delta-v in orbit, just remember to unlock orbiter fuel tanks and turn of main engines using action key 1. Action Groups: 1. Toggle main engines 2. Toggle OMS engines 3. Toggle cargo bay 4. Toggle solar panels and antenna 0. Countermeasures Download:http://craft file here Mods: BDArmory Fuel Tanks Plus HGR 1.875m Parts KW Rocketry MechJeb 2 Mk2.5 Spaceplane Parts Squad (stock)
  12. Yea but thats little help when the matchmaking puts you up against Pattons, T-10's, M103's, and T-54's.
  13. Ahh the bane of my existence in War Thunder.
  14. Thanks so much. Time to download 0.23.5 just to view lol.