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  1. I started on KSP again since i heard the new engine. Lovely stuff. I did briefly remember what they were saying regarding the antenna when i was building stuff. I guess that was a load of talk over nothing. I was kind of relieved actually. But was mostly looking forward to setting up relays here and there.
  2. I'm mostly on youtube or watching movies as well when i play KSP. usually on these forums aswell actually but no music, not really.
  3. Yea it's a bit buggy - as in sometimes cant work the sky from the ground but it mostly works Still cant play without it
  4. I Just went and tried the auto landing thing on MJ and indeed HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH the engines go crazy as hell. Mine wasn't as bad, as i had a heavier lander and more powerful engine, so it wasn't throttling all the way up like that but yet, that throttle aint smooth and in some cases my altitude increases on the auto landing HA useless. Works better when landing from orbit.
  5. I liked interstellar quest the most, as I was playing on the same version at the time, I had a handfull of similar mods. However, with complex mods like that interstellar with the nuclear generators, and radio micro beaming energy accross the kerbol system its good to see how its done. It was inevitable that series had to end but an alright ending non the less. Since then, I havn't watched much but after his new series starts, later on bugs and problems start showing and that bugs me. I think its down to the mods not working with each other, i dont know. But if he starts talking about how he has to do this or that to make the game work again then i think its not worth it, not even worth watching . The best part about the interstallar quest was that he didn't go too overboard with the mods and he was making massive complex intricate mother ships and I really felt for him as some single manuvers you know he would have spent all night on knowing the series wont go on without. So well played to him Mr. Scott Manley, to this day inspires my Space Kerbal project. And even though the NaN thing happened because the game was broken, he made a good joke/story out of it. Bit of a let down, but if i recall he got the big ship home.
  6. LOL on MJ on utilities windw tick smooth throttle then try again
  7. i just end up launching, then doing a manoeuvre node to match planes with target, then Hoffman transfer to minmus. Whenever I tried to launch to rendezvous its never worked for me on any version. Before when on 1.0 I would infinity just sit there on the launch pad, the launch time comes and goes I cant stage or launch so even if i disabled autopilot for the second then launched then enabled autopilot it never rendezvous. I just glanced at the new updated mechjeb and its soo much more cluttered! more tickboxes, most of which seem to be labeled in another language /not understanding. Used the landing autopilot and some data for something displayed about 50 decimal places after making the window bigger than my screen. wtf. So just mostly using the easy stuff no problem Anyway I just use the normal ascent guidance I like to mess around with random stuff on the way up then do a match planes with target manoeuvre if I get to orbit.
  8. I'm on my zillionth career save now, and i've set my own new record. Jeb, Bill, Bob, and four tourists are in orbit around the mun, the plan was to land and do some science. Unfortunatly, half the science stuff fell off the craft somehow. I might have been pushing it with the clipping in the VAB, it tested Ok... Must have been the vibrations on launch. But anyway, Deciding to abort the mission, I started to develop a space plane for the rescue mission, much to my surprise it worked! And it got to the mun. The plan was to dock to the science/tourist vessel, refuel and take everyone home, but a few problems occurred. First the spaceplane ran out of power, sending a small rocket with solars on to weld. (accidently sent the first to minmus because I'm a genius) THen it turned out i filled all the crew seats on the space plane! It was full! No way I couldn't believe it. Then to make matters worse, I forgot to put RCS on the spaceplane!! ... so i couldn't dock to refuel the damn thing. And i'm flat out of oxidiser. My only option now i think is to send a mamoth crew cabin loadout and do a swooping rescue of everyone in my space program lmao. I've sent a rescue mission for a rescue mission before, but never this bad lmao
  9. I don't even have an Intel CPU but has been very interesting read. I thought making the physic delta frame lower to 0.03 would have increased performance, but I'll go home and crank it the other way (up) to see what happens. I've already had a good play around with all the graphics options, it has littl effect to fps I'm playing with a gt650ti boost & AMD 8350 8 core. I'm not overclocking as Temps scy rocket, I ended up setting refresh sync rate thing to every other frame,!then the VAB is at 25fps solid instead of it pushing for 300 and burning up lol. It seems maybe true because one of my CPU cores are getting thrashed then it may be stepping down the whole thing due to heat or voltage or clock speed. But I do not see a difference with browser open and I often play other games at the same time - just because it has little to no effect on fps on ksp.
  10. In my career I make payloads first. I never seem to just test that on the launch pad. It's just over engineered in the VAB/SPH - then streight onto the launcher stage. If a launch goes wrong, I can revert to launch (thank the kraken for revert), and that goes down as a trial run. If it gets to orbit, then I can either scrap the "test" and continue as a "real" mission, or continue the "test" and try land on kerbin. Have not yet landed on Duna, did my first crash land a week or so ago havn't had chance to play since! I have a sandbox game aswell where I can feel free to timewarp to test stuff on other bodies. But not using that mod to put ships places.
  11. Unfortunatly i do not have the mental capacity nor the arse to make a prefix system. When I do things like that, I forget what I meant, half the time I build i get carried away and my cra(p)fts end up doing more than originally intended anyway. My names are simple, Usually blatently the first mission objective of said craft e.g. Duna lander, or KerbinSAT or 40t launcher, or muntest etc. Infact I do use a number system after said name - for revisions. E.g. Duna landerV2, or Lunar crane V3.1. When I end up completely re-building something then it gets a new number, then when faults are found and fixed it gets a new 0. decimal number. Actually I sometimes put a TL at the end after, meaning (to me) "test launch". This is usually the final save before the last launch. i once made a something V3.3 TL2 but thats the worst of it. My load list sometimes gets boggling because I have all sorts of things e.g. like 8 different "minmus landers", when I want the science one, the good one but it isn't V8 then I make again lol. but usually the highest number works or I make again and add to the list moar
  12. This thread is hilarious! I dont make animals out of rocket parts LMAO but keep em coming thats brilliant! An actual flying horse! in the heroic pose of "I'll save you!" LMAO i'd like to see that land!
  13. I've been playing for a year or two, not even got to another planet yet. In the mean time i've spent my hours building stations, rovers, mining rigs, moar rovers, lifters, landers, tugs, cranes, trains, and no planes. Well, i have been playing with my first working plane atm. It goes, it lifts, it turns and goes fast! I can get it into space and back, just not quite an orbit. My first working plane after so long
  14. This is my biggest ship I just finished. The payload on this one is 40t, just around 100 parts i think, its my science lander. The launcher itself is about 600 parts. :/ I might have slightly overestimated a. the payload, b. the distance.. and c. the power requirements. Much like the moon it seems i might be landing on duna on my "middle" stage. You know, the bit before the lander, but after the launch. I ended up in space orbit with 8000m/s Dv LMAO Look at those seperations. Ohhhhh Unfortunatly, i fell asleep during launch missed the next stage where the 4 big outer tanks all let go at the same time. Then all the structural parts let go, one by one rather cool if you ask me. about 2600tonnes on launch just short of 750 parts probably could manage 80t payload to duna i dont know lmao probably took about 2 hours to get to orbit, who knows but it was probably no more than 10 mins game time lmao
  15. I think they are moaning because if they choose put this on then they could go out of their way to put their plane or rocket on launchpad empty, and then have it fill tanks after launch. But it would be up to them weather they do it or not. But we're not adding it for that Nothing is cheating, and I think this is proper cool. Like the real launches (probably). Its so cool to see when the rockets take off, and all the tubes and arms come flying out all the hatches, and swinging out the way. Squad needn't do anything here, i've used OP's post to correct my launch stability enhancers. All this talk about it taking funds off makes it so boring :/ Heres me playing on normal career with 19 mill saved up lmao got so good at doing minmus and mun missions loool One thing i'd like to see with launch stability enhancers is the option to change the LENGTH OF THE ARMS. I sometimes have to attach detachable parts to my ship in order for them to reach some places, and on launch some parts get exploded because they are dropped. Funny to see a ginormous rocket only be held at the bottom of the rocket, i like to put an arm a bit higher up, so it points upwards better before the big space bar bash. you know.