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  1. Absolutely not. You can't just pick up and play KSP like you can Minecraft. The barrier to entry is huge.
  2. I like tvtropes's way of doing it. They have a setting where when someone is making a mod post it turns the background of that one post pink.
  3. Holy hell! Now I must do the same... as soon as I unlock more parts. I want to put an entire munbase up in one launch and you've inspired me to think bigger.
  4. If you don't want realistic aerodynamics, then why are you even looking at FAR? That's what NEAR is for.
  5. You don't get good guy points for sarcastic declarations of how not sarcastic you're being. Awesome, thanks!
  6. I've got a stupid question that I think I already know the answer to, but I want to make sure. The voxelation is going to work on fairings, right?
  7. If I understand how it works correctly, then your stuff should be shielded.
  8. All I know is that my rockets are acting weird without FAR. They're much harder to control.
  9. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever started a game on Easy, especially not when there's a Normal. Not even in Touhou.
  10. I've been wondering, are aerodynamics affected at all by the scale differences between KSP planets and real planets?
  11. If it is, this is the first I've heard of it. The latest version is the one that supports 0.9
  12. I did the whole thing in one launch and assembled it in orbit. ...never again. That rover has orbital capability and cost about half as much as the rest of the base together. I barely broke even on this mission, but it should save money in the long run if I get much more of those "take temperature scan at x site" contracts.
  13. I use A/D to orbit, except for when using a vertical launch spaceplane (got one to work, I'm so proud!). I suppose I'm a suicide burner? I'm not entirely clear on what a suicide burn really is, but here's what I do. I keep my tail on the retrograde marker and burn at full throttle and try to get it so that my horizontal and vertical speed fall to zero as close to the surface as possible. I usually end up killing my horizontal speed well before the vertical though, and then make a powered descent straight down. Why the hell would anybody use docking mode? It just means you have to switch back and forth to make adjustments, and the translation keys are perfectly intuitive in normal mode anyway.