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  1. I am in need of help very dearly! Solved it... I have been modding KSP for awhile for a new get-back at the game. Due to many of the mods not being compatible with 1.3, I have returned to 1.2.2 through Steam Betas and have been using the 1.2.2 releases of the mods. I have managed to run everything smoothly and everything is simply working marvelous. However, I have a single problem that really puts me down and on edge since I am unable to solve it at all! In fact, I cannot find the culprit, and I can only imagine. This problem appeared as I have installed OPM, the game does not crash so I cannot provide a log, or I am not sure if I can provide a log without it crashing but I the main lead I have to pinpointing is that the debug menu is being flooded with a repeating error every milisecond! The error is as following: Exception: MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Celestialbody.get_DisplayName'. Exception: MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Celestialbody.get_DisplayName'. Exception: MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Celestialbody.get_DisplayName'. Exception: MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Celestialbody.get_DisplayName'. repeats indefinitely... My observations have led me to notice it only occurs during CAREER mode not on the main menu, not in the sandbox mode and neither in the Science mode, so that narrows my suspicions to contracts specifically. I have a few mods that alter the contracts, DMagic, Contract Configurator (only uses kerbal Academy pack), Solar Science, SCANSat etc. I have tried to remove all of them at once and individually to try again to see if it works, and unfortunately, did not change the result. Edit : Solved it. It would seem the cause of the trouble was : DMagicUtilities
  2. Oh no, by no means take offense in the aggression-like attitude of mine. I am thoroughly in appreciation and admiration towards you and your work, god knows, my gratitude is sincere. The frustration comes from literally spending hours to fix this and blatantly blaming the scatterer itself rather than the modified config file. I wholeheartedly apologize for the word "huge". Imagine that after searching for the TV remote for a long time and blaming your wife for having put it in an irrelevant place, you realize it was in your hand all along!.. The hand being the modified config file of the SVE for the scatterer in this case of course... Still, I do have to admit that I was slightly demotivated to see it took 11 days for an updated version to come out. "Marjorim!" posted the very same issue on November 3rd, also believed it was an error on the scatterer's part, so I read the topic over and over and over again to see if there was an answer on it... There wasn't... I searched even more, found another post on July 5 (Yes... July, can you believe it?) regarding the exact same problem, and again, believing it was because of the scatterer itself. Naturally, at that point I had little doubt it was the scatterer causing all this problem. Hours passed and I found out that it was actually SVE config file.. So I went "FFFFFUUUUUUUU". Hence the word "huge" was ushered. On a final note, I wish I could download your newest configuration for SVE, but I already edited some stuff to my personal liking and now I am a bit too lazy to go over those again. I will read your changelog later to decide whether I can bother all the edits and whatnot. Please, do keep up the good work! A game would be very shallow without the mods in these days of 21st century, especially since the modders don't get the appreciation they quite deserve...
  3. Praise the sun! \o/ You are considering it in a technical perspective, sure it could very well be just one simple value for those who are able to spot and fix it... But for the user (that would be me) having Kerbin, the planet where MOST of the game's visuals take place early and even later on in the game, completely turned blue after it hits the 125k-ish mark without any features what-so-ever is a huge mess mate.. If it were on Duna I'd say, meh, I'm sure they'll fix it, or perhaps on Eve, or Jool, Laythe, I wouldn't even bother... But Kerbin mate... To miss out a big mistake on Kerbin.. It is a huge mess for the users isn't it? Well, I later learned that I could just turn on the eclipses, which I did... But not before I had to spent hours trying to figure out what was causing it and fixing it. So no thanks, relaxation comes when it is fixed, not when it occurs.
  4. I am having a problem with scatterer when around the orbit of Kerbin. When my distance reaches after 120kms all I get is a blue-ball with zero features on it. I removed every other visual mod to pinpoint the cause of this, as it seems, scatterer is the core of it. Yes, I did uncheck "draw atmo on top of EVE clouds", no dice, problem persists. I found some people are having the exact same problem, in fact, let me just copy one of their screenshots to show you what I mean in more detail; The problem is NOT the scatterer, but the modified config file by the SVE. Stock Visual Enhancement has its own config to integrate itself with the scatterer, as it turns out, they did a huge mess of a job in doing so. Stock scatterer config files fixes it all up.