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  1. I just realize this sentence was based on historical idea... People actually thought the outer planets would never be visited... Via NASA historian David S. F. Portree, https://www.wired.com/2015/01/challenge-planets-part-one/ Also from the article: Therefore "crew before probe" was also historically accurate...
  2. I just learnt about "Orbiter-derived station", a non-NASA proposal to turn Columbia into a mother ship during the 1990 round of Space Station Freedom (SSF) redesign. (https://www.wired.com/2012/03/space-station-columbia-1991/ , written by David S. F. Portree). Tried to build it with benjee's amazing parts! (In short, it takes the 3,600kg-heavier-than-usual Columbia out of the fleet, than utilize the modules and solar array being built for SSF. It focuses on having more pressurized volume for micro-gravity research by diverting Earth-sensing and space-observation experiments into other unmanned spacecrafts.) More pics:
  3. No idea how this thread is the first result Google shows for "orbiter derived station" (1991), so sorry for digging it up. (BTW this is my first time hearing about this patent from Philip E. Culbertson so thanks for sharing.) Both of these designs are just ideas, made by industry insiders but not contracted by NASA, (And the impression 1993 Redesign Option C gave me is that it was never serious, created just for the sake of having another option.) Either way, the 1991 stripped-down Columbia one fascinated me. It mostly uses the modules that went into ISS so it is easy to make it in a modded KSP. I tried to build my own in a 2.7x scale system. It seems very reasonable. The main objective seems to be having more pressurized volume for micro-gravity experiment, Earth-sensing and space-observation experiments are diverted into other unmanned spacecrafts. It does accommodate all the international modules, are have just enough docking ports for some expansion. All the drawings available online: Launch: Initial configuration: (unfortunately no way to get rid of thermal protection here) Assembly complete: (CST-100 to act as a "Apollo derived ACRV") Further expansion based on the description: (50% more solar power from module attached to nose, docking port at belly. Also I believe extra radiator would be helpful)
  4. Oh well... I guess CEV is slowly turning into CRV/X-38 now... (which is much cooler!)... just need to add a little docking port to the top...
  5. I've also recently started playing a scaled up Kerbin. I do feel like the core stage has a low TWR after separation. In real life it should be from around 1 to above 2, here it is 0.8 to 1.3. I've seen another mod balancing the Soyuz by giving boosters more fuel, so the core burns much shorter after separation. I see that you have excessive TWR on first stage, maybe you can lower the booster thrust a little? For control just use the "surface mounted gyro". I also use a different MechJeb ascent trajectory for Tantares R-7 (high flight path angle, high turn shape, aggressive corrective steering when "time to apoapsis" is falling). It would take a 300m/s steering loss but never had problem reaching orbit.
  6. The Buran is from Cormorant Aeronology. It flies really well during decent if you deploy body flap inverted. It actually includes the craft file "CA - Petrel Orbiter" to work with Tantares LV. But I built my own following the drawing here: http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/buran/index.html The Energia texture is made by the amazing Drakenex
  7. Late to the party but just wanted to say that Energia-Buran is such a fun to fly! It really has a distinct character compared to the American shuttle. And I didn't know that you can see the "Energia" text from IVA seat...!
  8. I was wondering the same after seeing the pic, maybe it is an unreleased part? It sure looks gorgeous and matches so well with SSPXr...!!! It shouldn't, right? I believe KS3P is purely visual.
  9. You mean USI (https://umbraspaceindustries.github.io/UmbraSpaceIndustries/)...? This one seems to be independent of the main MKS mods. Malemute, along with the SrvPack, ExpPack, SubPack, and Akita rover, works perfectly in stock (and were updated to 1.6). Its bigger brother Karibou, however, is fully integrated into MKS and needs all the MKS resources to play...
  10. Oh no ... the modder has a surprise for us...(cutaway view for the 8-kerbal tube)
  11. Really miss these Porkjet parts... Now it has IVA view in every part... Amazing....!
  12. Just discovered this mod, Drakenex's version works fine for me in 1.7.2. Also float/airbag from the USI pack still is still a good combination ( https://github.com/BobPalmer/ExplorationPack/releases ). Since the built-in parachute only slows it down to 12 m/s
  13. This looks wonderful! Great job!
  14. I guess this thing is closer to its real life scale... The real X-37 has a wingspan of 4.5m and was launched in a 5.4m diameter fairing... (The in game Falcon 9 fairing diameter is only 3.75m. )
  15. (It seems this only happens when CommunityResourcePack is also installed.) Go to GameData\Tantares\Patches and delete the folder "TAC" should fixed it.
  16. yesterday was my first time to install this mod, just got to experience how wonderful it is...then I saw this update...but...thank you chris!
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