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  1. download the lastest ATM without using CKAN and try removing the texturecache folder in ATM, this might takes nearly an hour to cache again, but it should work, I am running more mods that that list + EVE HD and it is 1.9G startup , 2.4G at flight
  2. Can you please add support for the unofficial 0.90 KSP Interstellar? Please do so, I am just wanting for this to be added so I can start a new career mode, this tech tree looks awesome and I am kinda bored with the stock tech tree.
  3. So I am trying to write my first own addon for KSP. After learning from others' code, I found that sometime my code complied but KSP doesn't load it, saying some classes get "ReflectionTypeLoadException". But I fixed this by removing some references and change the .NET version from 4.5 to 3.5. So do I have to use 3.5 to develop? Is there any tutorials telling me these kind of basic things?
  4. could you please make a config file for the key binds, at least some options for alt, shift keys, because for some reason the Alt key is not being captured on my Ubuntu (i check the debug log and nothing pops up when i press Alt+R or Alt+Z). I tried remove all key shortcuts in the system that use Alt, but it still not work. Finally, I edit the source file and recompile the key binds with Shift (Shift+R, ....f +Z), then every thing works.
  5. i am always wondering how can you guys found out all those *weird* classes, apis in KSP assembly... this is really awesome btw.
  6. no FX on linux x64 KSP, am i the only one or it is a problem with 64bit or openGL?