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  1. At last, I have arrived. First on the list for my name change request was the title of "Ono Shinos Madiq Steiny," though after reviewing the forum guidelines that name is rather, eh, no. So, I respectfully request that my username be changed to "Forum Guidelines." Would this be possible? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I did a quick (and lazy, sorry) search but came up empty: what are the general guidelines around creating a username? Thank you!
  3. I'm not exactly new; this account was made back in 2014 but I've never officially introduced myself, so here I am, the dumpster diver!!! ...but that name is a bit out of date (no longer looking for scraps, I'm officially a zillionaire now). Is it possible to have it changed? Thank you!!
  4. I just took the folders for each specific ship and added them to the 24.2 Kerbinside folder (I have a bunch of mods that I'm sure won't work with .25, so I'm holding off on updating until all of the mods are also brought up to date). Only problem is that the aircraft carrier doesn't show up.
  5. A few questions about the Oceania pack: 1.) Do you have any larger pictures of the carrier? The only one that I can find is the small picture in the OP. 2.) Will the carrier have any sort of arrestor wires? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to this one!
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