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  1. Hi, site is back up. I was stuck in traffic on my way to the nearest computer
  2. Hi, you cant rename mods because it would brake links. You can make a new mod and point (in the discriptions) to it. If you find bugs post them on our github page: NOTE: SpaceDock is now down for maintenance as announced yesterday.
  3. Important: SpaceDock will be down for maintenance tomorrow (30th January). I Will post before i shut it down. Sorry @VaNnadin for the late reply. Uh i rarly have mods that large. You could try uploading an placeholder file and i give you a nextcloud share where you can upload your version so i can replace it. Send me a PM here. I will also look into the problem to fix it for future releases.
  4. Hi, please post if you visited the KSP assembly at 36c3. VITAS
  5. Gotten and acted uppon. Everyone a Marry Christmas and a happy new year.
  6. Update: I spend the last 3 weeks working on the infrastructure addressing all those small tasks that are boring and simply not fun. Im thinking about services i could offer to the community besides the site itself. any suggestions?
  7. yesterdays reboot fixed ipv6 routing. Next on the list is to maybe get nextcloud going again and maybe trust it enough to start archiving mods again. Im thinking about moving to a more reliable (but more expensive) storage solution in January (Donate to help me finance it).
  8. I have to reboot the server now. Something is still clonky Please Hold on to your hats.
  9. On it Should be working again. I want to shake the DC staff violently and ask "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!"
  10. Thank you. You can stop by in our Channel on Discord, Matrix or IRC @HebaruSan @allista or @DasSkelett can give you pointers to what needs to be done.
  11. As you know Development is an on-off thing because of the lack of devs. I would welcome a more user friendly fix if there where a constant group of people working on the site.
  12. Thx for the pinning. Yes i think files are only deleted from the DB and not from the drive. Only workaround i can give at this point is renaming the file and if not possible ping me. For the rules of deleting postings on SpaceDock (as of now): 1. inform the possible copyright owner. (If a posting violates German law and/or shows pedant insignia i will remove it instantly on notification) 2. the copyright owner should try to contact the other party and make substantial efforts to settle the matter 3. the copyright owner should request the deletion either here in the forums (this thread or PM) or via IRC/Matrix/discord with the following information a.) claim and reason for request b.) link to infringing mod on SpaceDock c.) efforts made to settle this on their own 4.) i (or someone else with the proper rights ) will delete or "unpublish" the mod in question. Note: im against deleting user accounts because it will just cause people to register on a new name and be hard to find again. This procedure hopefully ensures that deleting mods and users wont be misused as a weapon in flame wars and also isnt used by me and others inconsistently.
  13. Yes, i know. SD uses "Flask". Fact is, that i would be very happy for someone to implement that because sadly i dont have time for it. IF you would know php or/and vue.js i could use also a hand.
  14. You could change the python thing. I learned python just to do SD stuff (and then forget half of it again).