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  1. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    No, because its used as Identificator (e.g. in Links) You can make a new mod and Link to it (in the description) from the old one.
  2. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    Ill look into it when im home next week.
  3. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    Thank you. Your usage and above all your support keeps this site going. I wish too i could do more. The Site still needs a total rewrite, lots of Bugs need fixing and migrating it to a newer server wouldn't hurt ( i wished there was a dedicated coder base, that would improve the sites code.) All im doing for some time now is to keep it running. I would like to enable others to add new versions, do sysadmin work on the server and so on, but its still on the same system as many of my other things so giving someone root isnt possible. But IF someone would be willing to set up a new instance and help me migrate stuff from the old (that would include my mailserver) we could do that. *looks at @linuxgurugamer * In terms of DB and Mod Backups: I currently backup everything daily to some backup storage in the datacenter the server is in, use RAID 1 and do unregular backups to a NAS at the oposite end of Germany. So we should be good. Because all mods are free to download i would have no problem offering a zip containing all mods to someone for safekeeping. I cant offer the db as dump because it may contain sensetive information, even if i exclude the account tables. I keep track of the site usage. Mainly to give me a good feeling when seeing the usercount (its the same good feeling i get when i reveal to ksp players i meet, that im the one hosting SpaceDock) I always had the idea of building a suggested mod system off the statistics like youtue and others use for their content but since i dont even get arround migrating my servers...
  4. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    No problem. it gives the mod authors time to update their mods before theyre marked as outdated But seriously: its nice of you for doing it at all.
  5. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    Hi, i dont think there are any. We can make some next time. Just imagine a conference room with people of all ages sitting arround tables wildly discussing ksp aspects and showing things.
  6. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    The Meetup on the 35th Chaos Comunication Congress in Leipzig, Germany was a sucsess. We where about 12-18 people showing of stuff we are working on (like that awsome arduino-joystik-status-display thing), talking about ksp as a game and the community. There where also some tutorials and introductions going on. We all agreed on repeating it next year but not so early (10am is a bit rough) and more organized (maybe with official support?). Thank you to everyone beeing there and for those who wherent: Come to Leipzig between the 26th and the 30th of december. the Congress itself is something magical you should wander arround at. I also had another task at that Congress: (distributing 110kg of that stuff)
  7. Besten Dank für den Workshop auf 35C3. 

    1. VITAS


      Danke. Nächstes mal wieder und ich hoffe etwas organisierter. :)

  8. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    i would make make one close to me
  9. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    It always is but theres a Camp in August of next year near Berlin. Think Nerds, Hackers, fast Internet and Electricity meets Camping.
  10. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    There is a plan for you next year. I still think there should be something like Kerbalcon.
  11. VITAS

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    Hi, i will be organizing a KSP Meetup at the 35th "Chaos Comunication Congress" in Leipzig on the 28th 10:00 am. If youre there and interested in meeting like minded people join us.
  12. VITAS (Mod Hosting Site)

    RL currently desintigrates like KSP Rockets But thats just a chance for something new.