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  1. THX There is Microsoft edge on android?! I dont think i can influence Microsofts or Googles idea of good or bad behaviour.
  2. What is this? (Its our first blog post but why post it here?)
  3. i hope the dogs name is "jeb" would be fun. btw in my last company my boss had the email jeb@.... his initials worked out that way.
  4. Its relative anyways. We just have to move slower.
  5. There will be a downtime of SpaceDock on the 30th this month. (somewhere between 8:00 - 16:00 CET ) to allow the Datacenter to work on their storage. I will post here before and after the downtime. KSP 1.10 will also be added at this point.
  6. @Nate Simpson Would it be possible to make ksp1 open source when KSP2 comes out?
  7. Just because things are common isn't reason to ask the other side to explain their view. @ShadowZone KSP2 meeting our all expectations (especialy after sort of being under new management) worries me too but i think its about something different here: Trust and ethics.It's not the first time people are stunned by surprising messages. I just wait and hope they do something to win some of that back.
  8. Interesting. What could pd/t2 do now to salvage this? make ksp1 open source?
  9. Its for them to explain themselves not for us to explain them.
  10. Hi, i also posted about this as i became aware of it. This community consists of the highest concentration of highly-intelligent people i know. I'm hoping for actions from take2 in reaction of this article that consider this fact. Give us reasons to believe in you and to follow you.