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  1. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Looks like im Bug hunting on the new server. Debain 9 is full of unresolved issues and the Ryzen CPU seems to cause the server to lock up after a week of uptime. Fun times. But appart from the cost involved in keeping both servers up im in no rush to move. So im trying to make it right before i do (as you surely know form installign your computers its hard to change some decissions later). Im also always open for sugesstions or requests for services to offer. I also want to thank everyone supporting SpaceDock with donations, kind words, help or simply by using it. Without you i wouldnt be able to have the opertunity to run a site as busy like SpaceDock. Its 90% fun (and 10% screaming at Servers/Code/my Bank account) I also want to note that everyone calls the interwebs a mean place without laws full of idiots and egocentrics. This comunity proofs them wrong. I never expected to have so few people missbehaving or raging. So thank you for that too. Special thanks to Greys for keeping me on the list most important to HER. <-insider
  2. Please do. I would prefer them not to be on spacedock (ckan files arent mods itself) but you might attach them on the forums and if you cant ping me and we find a solution on where to put them.
  3. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Apache got somehoe eneded uop with a bunch of zombie processes and didnt want to restart. I kicked it a bit and its back to normal.
  4. (Mod Hosting Site)

    If the site is not responding its usualy not intended some longer explanation: Its a good idea to check here if the site isnt working and post if noone did so far. I will be migrate at some point to the new server but i will psot before that if i expect any downtimes.
  5. Licenses and issues with them are taken very serious, thats why modpacks arent a real thing in KSPland. We (as in the mods here and on SpaceDock) dont like deleting your links and im sure you dont like having them deleted. So may i suggest offering a ckan file?
  6. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Im German. We dont do Halfass jobs ;P BTWThanky you Squad for managing to offer https for the forums
  7. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Update: I decided to rent a new server for SpaceDock (and eventualy get rid of the existing main server) The current main server has the following specifications: i7 2600 (Sandy Bridge) 32GB RAM 2x2TB Magnetic HD 1Gbit/s The new one has: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x 64GB RAM 2x 500GB SSD 1Gbit/s Its a bit more Expensive (than the current one as well as similar newer intel ones with ssd) but the added cores and memory hopefully speed up the database an thus the site. You can also see that the current server is in use by me since 2011 so even exchanging it for some similar intel system from today would bring me some performance gain. Migration will take quite a while, because im busy at work and my motivation to do even more sysadmin stuff after work isnt that great. Theres also a bunch of services (like email) that arent as easy to move.
  8. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Me trying to be on Holliday and the apache server beeing unresponsive/crashing (dont ask my why) was the problem. Fixed and Sorry Regading my thought on switching Servers: the Database is slow and spacedock is very sensetive to any other service running on the same system (e.g. antispam gateway). i also think, that the site could be way more responsive. Especialy for unbuffered loads (first time visits)
  9. (Mod Hosting Site)

    Hi, somehow Apache was stuck. i just restarted it. Sorry about that. Im also debating to move servers soon. It comes down to: do i want to have the hussel to migrate everything i set up since 2011 and think that 2011 is old enough for server hardware to get something newer. (And it also depends on my predictions regarding donations in the future)
  10. (Mod Hosting Site)

    the css is kerbalstuffs modification of bootstrap, that i in turn modified to look like it does. SO dont expect it to look like you want by overwriting it another time
  11. (Mod Hosting Site)

    one day.... i hope
  12. (Mod Hosting Site)

    i dont know if there is an optimal image size
  13. Some vocabulary: Wavelength: a datapoint. This is about fluorescence spectrometry aka measuring the intensety at different wavelength of light. Component: a dataset containg measurements for a range of wavelength Model: sort of a folder containing multiple components Goal: The user wants to find similar components to the ones contained in the model he selected. how it (should) work(s): the tuckercalc function calculates a value between 1 and 0 that represents the similarity between all wavelength (aka measurements) of a component (aka dataset) in relation to another components (datasets) wavelnegth. 1 represents 100% identical and 0 0%. But we can only compare ranges of data we have for both components. So we have to a) start at the smallest wavelength both components have and stop at the largest and b) interpolate mssing datapoints that are in the source component (the one we want to find matches for) from the existing data of the target component using linear interpolation. What i do is to first get the source component data fromt he db and dump it into an array. then i cycle trough all the datapoints in the db that dont belong to the source component trying to extract the needed wavelength or interpolate them for each component of each model. so what i should end up with is two arrays: one source component array and one with the correct target wavlenegth (without the unneeded ones and with the missing interpolated ones) once the loop finds out that a new component started it calls the tucker calc function, gets the similarity value and dumps the result into an array that is later used to make a bulk db insert after all components of all models have been checked. my problem: the result is always 0 what i know: the tucker calculation is correct until i start to compare the results of the source and the the target. And i also found that there are more wavlenegths compared as needed. My guess: my array preparation code (in the main function) isnt matching the source and target arrays, so they contain wavlength the other doesnt contain and because php tends to return zero isntead of null for non existant variables it messes up the tuckercalc function what i think is needed: someone to revisit my hot code mess in the main function with the goal to make sure the arrays that are send to the tuckercalac fucntiona re in order (as defined above) The future: Im open for improvements that make the code faster and/or more compact after its working as intended. I know i repeat myself but i hope this is clearer And another disclaimer for anybody new: Yes its PHP and no this is not a place or time to voice your opinion about it or suggest different mathematical solutions. This has to be done the way i described with PHP. Getting this to work is my main priority. Making it beautiful and fast comes after that.
  14. thare are no nulls in the db (as you can see from the db dump) but zeros are a thing that exists in the db and are valid values.