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  1. I suddenly feel so old. Can we have real world partys all over At least for the 10th.
  2. Thanks to the Help of @HebaruSan , @RockyTV , @allista, @DasSkelett and others SpaceDocks Code is cleaned up If you want to join the fun visit us here: <- use this if you can choose. or on espernet #spacedock
  3. Fixed @linuxgurugamer The storage partition somehow went readonly. Im not sure about what caused that to happen. so there needs to be some investigation. about your ipv6 problem @godarklight used ipv6 via HE for a time. He might be able to help you out.
  4. Yes its a good place. So no errors and no matter the mod your trying to update? Ill check it tomorrow (just came back from a roadtrip). (You have acc to spacedock so you could (in tehory) debug it yourself)
  5. I took the time to setup a Matrix as well as a Discord Chat (Each bridged to the IRC channel mentioned above): <- use this if you can choose.
  6. Im sure you guys find someone to make happy. I gave download codes to random people on the fourms in the past who couldnt afford ksp.
  7. Why not gift it to people? You can buy 5 for the price of 1 AAA Game.
  8. Ah, yes. Youre right. I alos find the selection of the Kerbal version of "Hermann van Braun" as Tutorial Character in the stock game a problematic one. We could replace him with Scott Kerman Since squad had some developer fluctuation and isnt in charge of developing the game anymore, the ability to tell captivating storys could change. This would be better suited to my "Future of KSP thread" but yes they missed to make kerbals more than green minions in the sense that most of them dont have a destinct caracter and we dont know much more about them except they are funny talking guys and gals who build explody rockets and like snacks. Then again: we dont know much more about minecrafts lore either and that doesnt seem to stop people. The question is: do we want to make up our own storys or do we want to play someone elses?
  9. Did they every try to tell a story?
  10. @HebaruSan is hard at work getting dev servers working and repos cleaned up. If you want to help him join us in #spacedock on espernet or click here -> (we arent always there...sleep and life is a thing)
  11. I see it more like lego. Do i need a triple curved hindged piece or can i do the same using simpler parts. as you did by using nosecones and such for legs. Would have been haf as complicated if there where "mech legs"
  12. Another question would be: does adding more and more parts to vanilla take away from the challenge to do more with less?
  13. I build heyapod walkers with legotechnics when i was 11 or so. They worked with motors and gears. bouncy mechs sound funny. I still would wish for a kerbalcon to exist.