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  1. @Nate Simpson Would it be possible to make ksp1 open source when KSP2 comes out?
  2. Just because things are common isn't reason to ask the other side to explain their view. @ShadowZone KSP2 meeting our all expectations (especialy after sort of being under new management) worries me too but i think its about something different here: Trust and ethics.It's not the first time people are stunned by surprising messages. I just wait and hope they do something to win some of that back.
  3. Interesting. What could pd/t2 do now to salvage this? make ksp1 open source?
  4. Hi, i also posted about this as i became aware of it. This community consists of the highest concentration of highly-intelligent people i know. I'm hoping for actions from take2 in reaction of this article that consider this fact. Give us reasons to believe in you and to follow you.
  5. Will any of these statements made in this post change now that development was put under direct control of take2? Will Mod support utilize an existing service like epic or steam and/or will mods be controlled/syndicated/controlled in any way by the publisher or one of his contractors? In other words: can everyone publish a mod for ksp2 how ever he/she wants wherever they want or do i need to get approval and/or use specific distribution channels?
  6. Can we get a comment on this article?
  7. Update, explanations & call for contribution Why is SpaceDock down so often / why cant i upload things from time to time The Backstory More than a year ago i moved servers (Having the old one since 2012 and still sporting aging magnetic drives). Because SpaceDock wouldn't fit on the new SSD RAID i rented some "cloud" storage from my server provider, that i can mount from within the datacenter. Sadly there seems to be some miss-communication between their tech guys and marketing. The tech guys set it up as backup solution while marketing sells it as "Storagebox" to use for all your cloud storage needs. The layout SD is running inside several LXC containers. Storage is mounted on the container host (via smb (nfs isnt supported)) and issued to the containers as virtual disks. Mounting it directly directly into the container didn't help and causes potential security problems. Only uploads are stored on external storage. A caching reverse Proxy delivers 87% of all requests from ramdisk. I put a large emphesis on not sharing user data with other companies without your consent or knowlege. That's why i don't use cloudflare or other "free" services. The Problem Seems like my storage is moved between servers from time to time changing the ip address. They update dns but my server caches dns answers. The Problems to reach the Storage wile its moved and until my server has updated its DNS cache results in failures to write. This in turn lets the filesystem layer think that the disk is broken and causes it to go into read-only-mode (Preventing the website from writing new uploads to it). The current solution It seems like i cant get the OS to return to normal without not only rebooting the VM/ Container but i have to reboot the whole physical Server (with all the other VMS that not only share the system but also the Problem). Youve seen the Effects: it takes some time to reboot and results in down times. (Sometimes ive to reboot 2-3x till everything is back to normal). The real solution Move to another storage - Add Magnetic drives to current server - find low cost save storage (if its across the interwebs it needs to be encrypted (at least in transit)) - Rent another server just as file server Bottom Line I cant afford solving this with the level of donations i get and losing my job because of corona. So we have to live with it for the time being. I hope explaining it to you helps at least understand why this is happening. What else is happening? Development @DasSkelett @HebaruSan and others had mercy and are improving SpaceDocks code for weeks now. I cant put in words how happy i'am that especialy @DasSkelett is putting in so many hours improving things. Helping with coding I'm sure hes happy for everyone willing to dive into python with @DasSkelett. I on the other hand are trying to do something about the frontend code and welcome every help with html/css (bootstrap)/js (jquery) You can contact us at the official SpaceDock Chat (its on , irc, matrix and discord) I understand that not everyone is willing to learn coding. If you are among those you can always help by donating. Beta We have a beta Setup where you can test upcoming fixes to the Site and report Problems with them on Github: Will SpaceDock support other games like KSP2 or Balsa? If those games allow us to distribute mods like KSP does i will support them like i do with KSP. There wasn't a statement how modding will be handled in those games yet. Thank you for being such a great bunch of people. Stay healthy.
  8. There will be a downtime for SpaceDock in 1h for 30min to fix the problem above. Finished the update. The Bug should be fixed.
  9. There will be a downtime for SpaceDock in 1h (16:10 GMT) for 1h. Finished. Site is back up again. Special thanks to everyone who has commited code.
  10. yes the datacenter decided to suddenly power down their storage systems or something. throwing bricks and exploding rockets at them as we speak. fixed for the time being.
  11. Yes there are some Problems with the site right now. Im currently rebooting the server. I hope that fixes it. I hope that fixed it.
  12. In the light of corona I hope everybody and their loved ones is allright.
  13. Hi, just a heads up: I just got phishing mail tailored to my country to an mail address i only used once to register with curse. The mail address in question isnt on any public mail service so im fairly sure the mail server hasnt got a security problem. If you got phishing mails around 2h ago too please reply to this post. Forum mods: please move this thread wherever its appropriate
  14. Hi, site is back up. I was stuck in traffic on my way to the nearest computer
  15. Hi, you cant rename mods because it would brake links. You can make a new mod and point (in the discriptions) to it. If you find bugs post them on our github page: NOTE: SpaceDock is now down for maintenance as announced yesterday.
  16. Important: SpaceDock will be down for maintenance tomorrow (30th January). I Will post before i shut it down. Sorry @VaNnadin for the late reply. Uh i rarly have mods that large. You could try uploading an placeholder file and i give you a nextcloud share where you can upload your version so i can replace it. Send me a PM here. I will also look into the problem to fix it for future releases.
  17. Hi, please post if you visited the KSP assembly at 36c3. VITAS
  18. Gotten and acted uppon. Everyone a Marry Christmas and a happy new year.
  19. Update: I spend the last 3 weeks working on the infrastructure addressing all those small tasks that are boring and simply not fun. Im thinking about services i could offer to the community besides the site itself. any suggestions?
  20. yesterdays reboot fixed ipv6 routing. Next on the list is to maybe get nextcloud going again and maybe trust it enough to start archiving mods again. Im thinking about moving to a more reliable (but more expensive) storage solution in January (Donate to help me finance it).