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  1. Note:

    SpaceDock has an IRC channel (#spacedock on espernet) Discord:  https://discord.gg/KQbnUF and an Matrix server: +spacedock:52k.de
    We are getting regular questions a bout mods now we cant answer as well as you guys can. Pointing them to the Forums doesn't seem to help.
    So please consider joining.
    Bonus: you can yell at us in real time ;)


    p.s. if you want to use irc and want bnc i can supply that (if you think i just mashed my keys you're fine)

  2. SpaceDock isn't like Google but more like Linux:

    There isn't an Army of Workers and Vaults full of cash but only a handfull of your fellow community members pulling all nighters to keep this running and on top of that paying money to co-finance the whole thing.

    Its only as good as your support.

    Less help less SpaceDock.


  3. Today is Sysadmin Appreciation Day. :)



    Thank you
    to all the digital heros who keep our world spinning, work overtime, get only noticed when people cant get stuff working, sweat in "High temperature server rooms", get sysadmin cold in "normal" server rooms and get stuff to run with paperclips, nail clippers, ball pens and the wrong size flat head screwdrivers.

    Uptime is a fight. Capslock is your enemy you are awesome!


  4. There will be a downtime of SpaceDock on the 30th this month. (somewhere between 8:00 - 16:00 CET ) to allow the Datacenter to work on their storage.

    I will post here before and after the downtime.

    KSP 1.10 will also be added at this point.

  5. Just because things are common isn't reason to ask the other side to explain their view.

    @ShadowZone KSP2 meeting our all expectations (especialy after sort of being under new management) worries me too but i think its about something different here: Trust and ethics.It's not the first time people are stunned by surprising messages.

    I just wait and hope they do something to win some of that back.



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