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  1. Thx for the pinning.


    Yes i think files are only deleted from the DB and not from the drive. Only workaround  i can give at this point is renaming the file and if not possible ping me.


    For the rules of deleting postings on SpaceDock (as of now):

    1. inform the possible copyright owner. (If a posting violates German law and/or shows pedant insignia i will remove it instantly on notification)

    2. the copyright owner should try to contact the other party and make substantial efforts to settle the matter

    3. the copyright owner should request the deletion either here in the forums (this thread or PM) or via IRC/Matrix/discord with the following information

         a.) claim and reason for request
         b.) link to infringing mod on SpaceDock
         c.) efforts made to settle this on their own
    4.) i (or someone else with the proper rights ) will delete or "unpublish" the mod in question.

    Note: im against deleting user accounts because it will just cause people to register on a new name and be hard to find again. 

    This procedure hopefully ensures that deleting mods and users wont be misused as a weapon in flame wars and also isnt used by me and others inconsistently.

  2. My worst flight was when i got into a stormsystem back when i was flying Sailplanes. Theres a realy strong Thermic in front of such cloud systems that shoot you upwards. Everything was gray and full of rain and i gained 4km of altitude in minutes. We luckely had oxygen on board (You have that only if you try to do so called "altitude diamonds" aka trying to fly exceptionaly high. The person who had flown before us had tried to fly above 3600m (Thats where you legaly req. to use oxygen).
    It also gets realy cold.

    The whole process of being in the clouds,being like a feather blowing here and there and its up to you to get yourself home is something that made me more than a bit afraid.

    In terms of commercial flights: the worst one i had was with Kazakhstan Airways at the beginning of the 90s. if Airoflot was scary back in Sowjet times you can imagine what happens if you fly with an airline that gets the old planes from Airoflot: :D


    I want to do the second image thing. If youre Python is up to it you could implement that ( The code is on Github).


    Ill take a look at your mod problem later tomorrow. :)

  3. On 10/16/2019 at 10:08 AM, zer0Kerbal said:

    while I am here in this thread.

    Thank you for Spacedock.

    Is there a way to rename a mod? Example: "Training Lab" --> "Field Training Lab"?

    what is the best size for header images?


    I have been added as an author to several mods on Spacedock, but these mods do not show up on my profile? Can/will this be fixed?

    Forgot to answer the second half of the question:
    Must be a bug. Can you write me the username and th emods in question?

  4. I would face a 20+h flight and it would cost at least 2-3k €

    I would have to fly to Dubai then be 16h or so nonstop in the air till i get to Sidney and then fly out from there to wherever. Im not sure if i can survive that in economy class :D


    Even if i couldnt attend you can organize something in a location that you and others could reach easily.
    I know there was a German meetup at an air museum once.

    I think that the years we have spend together in this community should give us reason to put more effort into meeting than we would with the usual virtual contacts.

    I also think if the Minecraft community gets to meetup all the time we should also be able to.

  5. Yes, i was thinking about flying to Canada next yer (if time and money allows it). I dont want to visit the USA until there is a sane person in power again :)

    I also still want to visit Darklight in Australia but i dread the flight.



    But ill do a KSP meetup in Leipzig /Germany this year again.

    Its at my computer clubs yearly meetup between Christmas and new year:

    Ill  help you guys find tickets if you want.


    Take2/Squad should rely do that Kerbalcon (especialy with KSP2 coming) and invite me to it. :>

  6. The DC will do some work on their storage infrastructure. I will have to take everything offline while theyre at it:

    Start:          16. October 2019 07:00:00 CEST
    End:           16. October 2019 17:00:00 CEST (estimate)



    Ill start booting everything again now (Hope theyre done).



    Renaming Mod names is problematic because of Links and so on.

    If you still want to you could make  a "new" mod.


    Header images are both used in so many different ways that there isnt realy a "good" reolution. YOu can go by 16:9 and 1080p but that changes depending on window size (I need to make that more fixed i know).

  7. The DC will do some work on their storage infrastructure. I will have to take everything offline while theyre at it:

    Start:          16. October 2019 07:00:00 CEST
    End:           16. October 2019 17:00:00 CEST (estimate)



    Stopping servers NOW. (while The Datacentre does Maintenance).