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  1. sometimes i just activate everyone still unactivated. but thats manual. thank you Redneck and John for your pledge. due to the succsess ive upped the goal to get some upgrades going and compensate for patreon and wireing fee losses.
  2. i lost track of time but its daylight out there. still tired but noticed some slowness again...NOT AGAIN! restarted the webserver. that helped. but something is still fishy. calling for backup....everyone asleep. need coffee.
  3. if you guys want to donate for spacedock you can do it here:
  4. as i stated earlier today we discovered a hd was close to death and it was swaped for a new one. my monitoring tells me average site generation is down to 0.53s bandwidth usage is max 8% so no reason for it to be slow anymore. i will repeat: NO ADS on spacedock! if you wish to support donate on patreon: but i made sure we can survive without donations if we must. if you dont want to sign up for patreon you can ask the guys on the team via #spacedock on for their address and order them something nice like a cake or some massage seats also its an ongoing discussion if we allow sponsorships of comapnys and in turn make a "thank you" page with logos and links. everything is good on the station that is spacedock so join us there. p.s. now we are working on the logo
  5. i dont know how patreon works but $someone said i should use it so here goes:
  6. some updates server problems were having a hd failure. the server is now getting its drive replaced (im running raid 1 so no data will be lost) email we decided to see if google will play ball in the course of a week or so. if not we plan on discussing messures to take (e.g. outsorcing to a "google trusted" mail provider) i f youre having problems getting your mail please show up in #spacedock and ask darklight or me to manualy activate you. banners i know what the problem is and after the server is sorted out i will adress that issue. updates from github were preparing a staging server to test new code before wie put it into production to preven surprises. until then no bugfix or feature from github will be deployed. dontations ims till thinking about the how. there will be donations at some point. logo several ppl are making submissions everyone is welcome to make one. we will decide on the one we use later
  7. k so for the moment i declare this one fixed. some slowness might occur at least once a day when the server is doing its backup run. off to fix more stuff....and getting some sleep
  8. i made some server tweaks i hope this solves the slowness surges. pls report your page load times
  9. yesterday i bumped up the timout to insane numbers to solve the upload timeout problem. i now reduced it back down a bit again. maybe that helps. after restarting the webserver everything is fine for a few minutes so my gist ist that the server is chocking to death on zombie connections.
  10. There are sudden surges of slowness on the server. first i thought its backups (and it still might be) but honestly ive no idea as of now. But ill figure it out. p.s. cpu load is arround 3-4% and bandwidth use is 1% the entire time (fast or slow phases).
  11. They didnt pay for the Game but for all that jucy Personal Data and Influence they get. Minectraft players are cave men? But yes. Minecraft is more versetile than ksp. So ksp wont attract such diverse audiences as Minecraft does.
  12. Minecraft has at least replaced building real Treehouses (for Kids) youtube for it
  13. Hi, moving a "organicly grown" productive website wasnt as easy as i hoped. The Server itself is running smootly, but i had to remove some issues in my code that i had overlooked when moving. If someone feels fluid enough in php js and those kinds of things i would be happy to have some help. BTW the site now supports ipv6 and https (im looking into http/2 now)
  14. Hi, i moved to another host. I hope its more stable now. I had some major trouble with my router locking up due to regular ddos attacks. If anythign isnt working (that was before) please leave me a note in irc or post it here
  15. what exactly is refreshing? How is your server called and what is the team name? Found your problem (you where the guy in the chat wherent you?) the server address must be the ip without the port you inserted "address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX port: 6812" and "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: 6812" but it must be "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" you can send me your plugins cfg file via pm here if its still not working. also you can use the description field and dont have to put it in the name. (descriptions are multiline and support markdown for formating)
  16. Hi, I reply in english, so that others can understand it and maybe help you too can you check your external ip (if its 192.168.XXX.XXX or 10.XXX.XXX.XXX or - If you have (i think) kabel deutschland you sadly have a carrier grade nat and therfore no "real" public address. Why doesnt your friend host the server? Is there any reason why you dont use one of the public servers in the serverlist on ? Tungle usualy works better than hamachi. Tungle adds his own Virtual nic so if youre using it make sure its the first one in the list and also make sure to restart the server and client after every change to the nics. (btw tungle is based on openvpn) Do you have any additional firewall/security software like kaspersky running? if so it might be the thing blocking. Also in case your using wifi try using a cable instead for your computer (wifi isnt usualy a big problem but its always good to avoid it if you can) Have you set up other servers or services in the past that worked (on the sys and inet connection your trying to get dmp to work on)?
  17. It does work on (Big) Macs. You have to use mono (see FAQ, Wiki, Readme , Chat, etc.)
  18. Minorex: In german: Unter windows ist es nötig den VPn Adapter als primären adapter einzurichten. Geh in Netzwerkumgebung->Adapter Halte ALT gedrückt und gehe im Menü auf Erweitert ->Erweitert. Im neuen Fenster den Hamachi Adapter ganz nach oben schieben. Ausserdem in den Firewalleinstellungen auf erweiterte Firewall. Firewall Einstellungen und dort den Adapter von der Firewall ausnehmen (Deaktivieren der Firewall reicht bei windows nicht). Ping Via Hamachi funktioniert nicht immer, da Ping ICMP Benuzt und Hamachi damit so seine probleme hat (Es gab mal in Hamachi einstellungen für broadcasts, ICMp usw.) Probier mal tungle, kein vpn oder setz dein eigenes vpn auf (hamachi ist in meinen augen mist) In English: In Windows VPN Adapters must be the primary NIC. Goto Networking-> Adapters hold ALt and select Extended -> Extended in the menu. In the new window move your hamachi adapter to the top. In addition to that click on Extended Firewall settings in your Firewall settings and exclude your hamaci nic from your firewall. (under Windows it isnt suficiant to disable the firewall) Ping via Hamachi doesnt always work , because ping uses ICMp and hamachi has its problems with it (there where some options in hamachi for icmp, ping and multicast). Try using tungle, the internet or set up your own vpn (Hamachi is crap in my opinion) I hope that helps p.s. im to lazy to translate this to german but: Windows from 7 onwards by default blocks ping so do most routers. (incoming that is) If you dont use any vpn the ping request goes to your outbound router (not your pc), so ping doesnt help you finding out if the server is realy acc from the inet. one method would be to let your friend connect via putty or some other telnet/raw protocol capable terminal client to your external ip & port and if he sees some characters theres a service listening on that port. also pirelli does routers?! arent they a tire manufacturer?
  19. Hi, ive no idea what youve played but it wasnt DMP you can spactate other players and take pilote their vessels if they dont. You can interact with other players while youre in the same time (Just click sync). About setting up a server: Theres a wiki on explaining how to do it. But baisicly you need some sort of computer (one in a datacenter is prefered but home ones work) and in the case of linux / macos the mono runtime. JUst dl the server files onto that server. and start it (using the mono runtime "mono your.exe" on linux/macos) if your behind a firewall or nat dont forget to forward/unblock your server port optional step: install the reporting plugin (see wiki on for details) to get listed on the server list.
  20. Sorry. The Router got stuck. From time to time i get some annoying DDOS Attacks and sometimes my routing appliance cant keep up saying "No, youre not allowed to get in!" :/
  21. Hi, doesnt your Router have some spare Ethernet Ports you connect your RasberryPi to? Using Cables is always better than using WiFi. BTW: Sorry for not reading your post more carefully
  22. the lo interface (and localhost / is only if you want to connect to a service running on the same machine (loacaly) normaly you should have 1 external ip address on your router. 10.... and 192.... ips are for local networks and dont work from the internet. (you only use them to connect to your devices that are connected to the same router at home that you are using) it might be helpfull if you can copy the output of "ifconfig eth0" from your rasbberypi. also do "route" if i understand correctly your laptop is beeing the router for your rasberrypi? i hope you know that your rasberrypi wil only be accasible as long as you have your laptop running. that makes the rasberrypi kind of unneeded. also runn ipconfig (for windows) or ifconfig (for linux) on your laptop and see what ips the different interfaces have.