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  1. May i suggest using mods like telemacus to make telemetry of vessels available to viewers? You could even have a viewer based controlcenter or give individual viewers limited control.
  2. I spend my first hour getting the game to work and my second testing every way i could get my staging wrong. Now days I tend to forget how hard building a working rocket in ksp is for someone who never played it. Today its mostly a tool to get my stuff into space. SO i slab a quick jelly-eggplant together and wobbel my way into orbit.
  3. Hi, i wonder what you think the future of KSP currently is, what you wish it would be like and what it would take to get there.
  4. I didnt play ksp today. In fact i havent for quite a while. Every moder will likely agree that once you code for a game you cant play it without the nagging feeling of "i should work on my code". But i did work on my code today....and hit a wall. I hope it will do "click" and everything becomes clear because im trying to understand the tutorials and docu for weeks now. SO yes i did exciting things with and for ksp today and things exploded but not in ksp
  5. I remember grass was greener back then (yes they had a different texture i believe) and you can still see some of the parts we had to work with in the hangar at the island runway. *looks around for his attractive nurse and wheelchair* With the decline in user numbers im sometimes wondering what the last version of KSP will be i play. It will be the last they release thats for sure.
  6. Im still encounter some more of you in real life.
  7. Years....i don't want to miss.
  8. I only remember that it was between single and double digit 0. releases. 0.12? Its all a blur of explosions and rescue missions.
  9. First of all congratulations to all threads. Without a caring and active community KSP wouldn't still be as enjoyable as it is. I constantly find new ideas on how to explode my builds and there's always someone around to help out if i have a question (be it KSP, since or technical). The understanding nature of the community is best shown when i (again) manage to crash SpaceDock and instead of angry messages get calming words and patience. So in essence this community made up of those who share their knowledge and work in all areas is regularly my prime example when people don't believe that there are nice environments on the internet left. Thank you. I took the opportunity to feature @benjee10 s Mod on SpaceDock.
  10. I want to use this opportunity to list ways you can help with SpaceDock: Coding: PHP (Laravel) Javascript (Vue.js / Vuex / Vue-Router) CSS (Vuetify or Bootstrap) Python (Flask) Go (Gitea) other Languages (If you have a cool idea and want to code it with my support just pitch it to me (e.g. SpaceDock app?)) Sysadmin: Linux (Ubuntu Server) Database postgreSQL LXC Container Apache Traffic Server Apache Webserver General Networking / HA / Firewall / .... LVM + Raid ( advanced not only setting things up) Backup systems (and strategys) Support: Answering and sorting E-Mails (with support requests) Help resolve Copyright issues Feeding Community requests back into SpaceDock Donating: Money (See patreon Link in Signature. For lager sums or direct Bank transfers (especialy in Europe) contact me directly) Resources (Ive enough server resources for production and a bit of testing. If you have spare resources you want to donate contact me directly) Graphics: Classical Art (Painting / Drawing/...) We need more Error Graphics and placeholders. New Web Graphics in places (Photoshop & Illustrator) Design (Merchendize, ....) Law: Help Mod Authors pick the correct License Help SpaceDock to conform with current regional ( german and european copyright/ Internet/data protection law) (and international) law Misc: Theres so many tasks in all areas. No matter what you are good at. Thers something that fits you. Remember: you dont have to be a Pro. SpaceDock isnt a Company its a hobby and from the community for the community. This is your opportunity to learn new things and do stuff that interests you. For me SpaceDock is one big Experiment. I wouldnt be able to try out those things in a job or with a smaller site. So thank you all for that opportunity. (Speaking of job: Im unimployed atm so if someone has a spare job (in germany)...) And yes im doing all that and more currently on my own.
  11. WOW! Thank you. (I want to thank my mother and my manager who made this possible. And i wish this is an important step forward towards world peace. )
  12. Every bit helps. I cant keep working 12h days (like ive done over the past 2 month) only trying to keep on top of SpaceDock. So im reaching out to every person i know well enough (and who is motivated) to entrust them with varying access rights to help keeping the site in working order. I also see this as way to give actual mod authors more control over the site. Because you guys know best what others like you might want. All i need now is some web devs to help me redo the site.
  13. hmm what a strange site im running there. Did you verify that?
  14. So we found at least parts of the CKAN problem. Github shut down the account. Im trying to get them to revoke that decission. About the missing checkbox: when the above is fixed i can look into it again knowing that atleast the backend is 100% there.
  15. but i recently fixed that mail thing (at least i thought so) Ill check it after Dinner (Dinner == Cold pizza at the computer)
  16. Yes might be that you cant "unCKAN" a mod. That would be another short comming of the code. I know its there when you add a mod and i know reporting to CKAN is working. Is there anything youre trying to do i can help you with?
  17. uhm shouldnt be missing. maybe adblocker? there are ongoing problems with redirects after changing mod settings (changes are saved). but im not aware of missing checkboxes (but there was a problem with the follow button and adblockers in the past).
  18. What?! on it! BTW @linuxgurugamer now has acc to SpaceDocks stuff so he can do stuff too And im willing to give the following people the possibility to add new versions to the site: @Stone Blue @DStaal @TiktaalikDreaming Tell me if you want it. New Version live. Who will be the first to update?
  19. Seems like one of those messed up redirects im trying to find. note the host its using. should be ""
  20. I will disconnect the old server today. Everything should now be running on the new machine. Lets hope i didnt forget anything
  21. @godarklight told me he manged to fix it yesterday. Can you check if its working? @Geonovast
  22. Thank you for reporting this. Ill check it out later (its 1:30am here)
  23. I could disable dmarc and dkim for that domain but i prefer to fix it. The dkim problem still exists and i dont know why. DKIM is done by assp v2 (spam proxy). Mails froms pacedock are send directly to it. ("Normal" mails go trough postfix). Else everything (Including Nameserver settings) are similar (same sessitngs and options but different dkim keys for each domain both in assp and dns). I will leave it be for now and come back to it once i or another person has a good idea what else to try.