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  1. cool. I thank you. I fear every change i make to the code could break it. Its layers of layers of strange workarounds But i see what i can do when i have time.
  2. youre right. ill see what i cen do about that. btw: was it in your spam folder? I think i fixed the leakage. Seems like SpaceDocks mail implementation is sub optimal.
  3. cool thx for the mail. Im also having fun with some bruteforce attempts from china right now
  4. Youre welcome to help me out. I wont charge you for using my server resources for your ksp-mod needs instead :> Its not that i dont know what im doing. Its the amount of time it takes to keep everything working. You have to keep in mind its not only SpaceDock or even KSP Stuff im hosting. It takes up as much time as a dedicated job would but ive to remember ive to work for money too so i can pay my rent. I rely wished it would be my real job and better still: i could hire some of you so you too. BTW if you know your way arround computers: DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; h=Message-ID:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; s=mx1a; bh=0YHWb6MVind/ajpL+ZgbWxc5St1kQCEby9mXRyQMsyA=; b=OlhQqquBhQIT MjAQAZTNDb1YK6KuyuIplt6cv8eoO9XMZ8G3wWaHvGs7W5EtcZQ7Kl5OS2B4gftM 9j1eedXffzjex3SOSnVv2syJsVGUn0izgGPiF4dC3ptltfkRqUA9yA3Hm8Yronce vZCwvDO/dhhc3ZQ/vnSpfPkppwpfvys75zUZJXXXwTbqQa+VDdqwe/arodPNJAGv CcfIpKRpr3hVx9fuUl9+zSVre1n3WfgOk4FxGeWE0dFDd1EEp7RrQmJrqz2k0nu/ 1jbT/ATI13UFNDIWRd9yfwGEGezCBeP1MIbZWtP9wKHe6uTZwPfFaPwwGTUWGuNR aEcfdcYaaw== Signed-by: Expected-Body-Hash: 0YHWb6MVind/ajpL+ZgbWxc5St1kQCEby9mXRyQMsyA= Public-Key: v=DKIM1; h=sha256; k=rsa; t=s; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA0AZ00fV0siCQXQYwp3MmFU5pWUKOVlAejPWCcq8Fkp4nSXHycyeXsce3bnBqVnNB8PEuAsOOMexm5nsIsFy6xmBUEVXx2IGmvwN63D/k9wbk4Z2ZDcYdBgaitpBr/NeriZTEPjyhMvhmaUNjxD06qbeWB2CeFyYOdgZSxlGyxxf0SOcybZVIKicb4rTa6WK+U8WdK7dZqDustaZjc4iuoYrys+3PexMkPMgIn88u/yKBxQM6qwewXTKoSKj6Vsyujwy49k9RBhSXIU9ZccvcI2XhB8egKlPlEWe2NDJmUGv9f3ZLg3LH8fM+rVqLzIrlj7i7EEowcTnRGqNOIAjLZQIDAQAB; DKIM-Result: fail (bad signature) I just made new keys, updated the DNS, made sure they are distributed and used, checked with mxtoolbox and made sure each key is unique for each domain on that mailserver. ARC says everything has a pass. Idears?
  5. Im back on fixing mail stuff. A lot of copy pasting to do
  6. Upper right e.g. on "updated Mods" is an orange icon: We have to wait till a mod you subscribed to is updated or till we find out its still compleatly broken. I tried registering and it send mails. So it does something. So much to do...
  7. Yes i remember something was broken but not how much. This Site would be a fulltime Job for more than one Person. I need to find a way to make this my job Im Interrested in knowing if you recieve anything from now on (maybe ins pam). It would also help with debugging if you could send me the full mail source (including header) to DStaalMail.v[at] Because of all this spam mail floating arround setting up Mailservers is very hard nowdays.
  8. @Joal ban Kluane You can also use the rss stream for that (if thats at least working). BTW can you ping me here when you get mails again? I fixed a bunch of bugs i found. Theres still a problem with the DKIM signatures. So mails are now send but might be rejected or more likely flagged as spam. *takes a brake after 6h of staring at shells*
  9. @Stone Blue 5 sounds like a default value ill look at that too. The higher the limit the easier DOS are. So i will have to have limit. @Joal ban Kluane Thank you for the info. Im still workining on the Mailserver (its mails seem to be refused or flaged as junk by some other mailservers atm). But now mails is odd. Ill check the script responsible and ask it nicely to cooperate.
  10. Thank you. Ill do a test setup to check if its SpaceDock or the proxy.
  11. Many sorrys. In that case: i have to fix it so it doesnt cause any problems with CKAN now
  12. Interresting. Thank you for telling me this. Maybe thats mod evasive restricting download requests per second. But they download simultaniously? How long would you guess the delay is? Fixing this would be good if the CKAN guys every implement paralel downloading.
  13. Over 87% of all data requested now comes form ATS (Apache Traffic Server) cache. That also includes downloads. Average page loading times even at peak DLC/1.7.1 relase hype is ~1.5s and go as low as 0.7s (No client side caching). I think there are a couple of 100ms still in it ( needs to get faster) but that is about as fast as i can make the old code. Iam pleased.
  14. Yay i was waiting for you. Thank you ill add it instantly. Done.
  15. no he doesnt seem to remember it was him. i take it as sign of progress in his skillset. And by fixing spacedock he again proofed to be better at linux than me Stuff keeps crashing but i might found the problem and not only solved it but made the site faster. Lets hope it works (because ive to go to bed now). My tests show site loading speeds as low as 800ms and averages arround 2s (from germany) and 4s from sydney. Just DOSed my own server and it survived. Lifting the server siege... done. Transactions: 2451 hits Availability: 100.00 % Elapsed time: 106.10 secs Data transferred: 154.52 MB Response time: 4.21 secs Transaction rate: 23.10 trans/sec Throughput: 1.46 MB/sec Concurrency: 97.14 Successful transactions: 2451 Failed transactions: 0 Longest transaction: 12.64 Shortest transaction: 0.38 The Site seems to be still up. Im a very happy camper.
  16. Somehow process keep getting stuck darklight & i are currently looking at it. Darklight is going trough the server complaining about his own code from years ago.
  17. Thats one feature i would love to have: flagging versions as dev/beta so modders can upload mods for them but they arent automaticly chosen as current/default version. SO many idears for when i finaly get arround to rewriting everything (and finishing it).
  18. i can only add the new ver when they exist becaus it will outdate all mods.
  19. Thank you. Im sure i can make it even faster if i tweak the caching and threads a bit. old server: 4 core i7 from 2011, 32 gb ram , magnetic drives, http/1, apache webserver as rev proxy new server: 16 cores AMD from 2018, 64GB ram, SSDs (with external storage for modfiles), http/2 , trafficserver rev proxy
  20. Finished. There where some problems with redirects not working propperly (it redirects to the internal FQDN or IP). If something like this is spotted (sd1.52k (without .de)) please notify me here.
  21. SpaceDock will be moved in 30 Minutes! Expect downtimes of 1-2h
  22. hmm i should speed up moving the site then. i ofcause will setup the new instance and test it before closing the site for a bit to move the latest version (db and also files). it might be possible to put it into read only mode. i try my best to keep outages / problems to a minimum and to be as transparent as possible. Heres the new instance im working on: (Should be like but older data) Im now fixing the missing parts and try to make it faster. Please check for stuff thats working on spacedock and not on sd1. Notify (CKAN and E-Mail) is disabled for now. I dont want to confuse everyone. You can post and alter as you like. i will overwrite everything when i move the site. Cant get the site below 6s uncached and 1.5s for subsequent loads. If there arent any complaints and i can sort out the ckan stuff with the ckan people i can move the site today (within 12h) or tomorrow (within 32h). Its now 07:42 GMT Any objections?
  23. the server hasnt moved only the domains and the nameservers. In order to be able to do DNS-01 challenges with Lets encrypt ive to host my own primary DNS. Thats what im doing now (It wasnt possible to change the Nameservers of my former Domainhoster so i had to switch that too). the TTL is quite short because i will also move the site from the old to the new server in the coming days (Yes i will post before i start).
  24. Hi, so the story was: Tee domain got stuck in transfer for a week. The old hoster refused to give his ok earlier. It was (ofcause) transfered at a random time i wasnt near a computer and mapped to a DNS server that wasnt fully ready for it. If it isnt working for you please report.