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  1. Hi, suddenly I can only build my fairings straight up. I was used to enlarge them as I build them up and close up top, but now when I move the mouse to the side the fairing wont' "open" up. At the end it has the same size of my fuel tank, so it's no use to build it. Cant change the width of it all. Is this supposed to happen? I may be wrong but I recall not having this issue with KW fairings in the past. I only have the problem with KW fairings and my stock fairings are working properly.
  2. Edit: Thank you very much Spike. As you can see, I don't even know how to proper quote someone. Still learning a few things.
  3. I will never understand this kind of answer. I was nothing but polite. Maybe you are confident about your modding skills, I am certainly not about mine. I lost the count on how many times I screwed everything up trying to mod games, including KSP. Fresh install, install each mod again, and the ammount of time I have to actually play is gone. So, since I just made a question, which I imagine a lot of people wants to know, I see no reason for this kind of answer. Also, I tried to find this answer reading the last pages, but I couldn`t find. It`s beyond me as a simple and p
  4. This mod should be kept alive. Kerbal is one of the most original and inspiring games ever. No one can deny its educational built in experience and this mod is one of the best additions to that. Please consider that this mod is not just a mod. This is something greater, something needed to keep KSP more then just a game.
  5. Hi, I Know this is not updated to 1.8 yet, but can someone confirm if it's working? Someone using it with 1.8?
  6. Is this working with 1.8? I mean, I know it's not updated yet, but is it working? I tried to find the info reading the last pages but I couldn't find. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you for your info, very helpful. I can only see Sounding Rockets, USI tools, Alcubierre Warp Drive, USI Life Support, Community Category/Resource and Project Orion on CKAN, and this last one throw an error saying USI Core is not available.
  8. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post my question, but I will give it a try. I see all USI mods are updated with latest releases 4 days ago. Already installed all. I am just curious as I see some are on ckan and others are not if they will ever be available there. The reason I ask are two: 1. It's easier to keep mods update 2. I "heard" some people talk about a boycott. I don't mean to rush, just curious to know if they will ever be there like in the past game versions. I dont mean MKS only but all USI mods. Thank you.
  9. Oh...my bad....I assumed ModuleManager was ready since ckan says so. That make sense now. Thank you again.
  10. It is not working for me. I extracted to KSP gamedata folder, should I change to KSP root folder? Maybe because I am launching from CKAN? Thank you for your quick reply.
  11. Well, I see you came back to the game not so long ago. I did 2 days ago, and got hit by the 1.4 update. I also saw your post on Xscience forum saying that is the #1 mod you can't live without. This is mine. I don't mean to rush you, but do you have plans to update it soon or this is something you will take some time to address? It will be easier to do some self management with your answer. Thank you.
  12. Hi, does the Star Trek uniforms works with 1.3 Version?
  13. Hi, I am having trouble to complete contracts with this mod. I have the contract - Flight: Kerbin's Bottom -->The Shelf. I can't check the paramater "Has All Passengers Aboard", even though I have an aircraft commander aboard. Gus and Virmund Kerman are green checked, but I can't load then into the aircraft, even though I have crew spots available. They wont show on the IVA windows at the bottom. I am guessing they cant use crew spots, but I can't find what kind of cockipt they use. I do use Unmanned Before Manned, so that may be changing my parts available on
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