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  1. Hey, having a problem where some parts, K type specifically, wont attach to their nodes properly. Any ideas?
  2. I feel like I don't need to ask for much since pretty much everything I need, you've already thought of. But I agree with the others, KAS support would be amazing. It feels strange to build some beautifully designed fighter only to scrap it after one mission because you exhausted your payload. Especially since I'm fighting on Duna's surface right now. Some more orbit to orbit weaponry would be sweet as well but that's me being selfish again. Anyway keep up the amazing work. BDArmory For 1.0!
  3. My god. I've had this mod for two days and I've already forgotten about using stock parts. I LOVE IT. Thanks for the amazing mod and hope to see you in .90
  4. I'm thinking of downloading this but how well do the weapons work in zero g? I'm goin' for ship to ship combat in space.
  5. OK, so a bit more testing later, but i'm still havin' some critter trouble. On low gravity worlds like Duna or the Mun, opening the legs will occasionally cause the critters to spring a few meters into the air. There have been a few instances where i've lost key parts like solar panels from the impact. Any idea what's causing this? Also, while the crawler parts have become my favorite parts period, there's an issue with finding the front end on it's symmetrical design, can you add, like, a line or design or something on it to indicate "this end forward"? sorry it feels like i'm complaining huh. any way awsome work and i would love to see more critter parts.
  6. Hey BD me again, been havin' a kinda strange problem with my critter drones. Sometimes opening the legs causes them to "pop" into the air. They tend to land upside down and i've lost a few this way. Any explanation as to what's going on? p.s. your critter parts have quickly become my favorite toys can we get some more?
  7. Hate to ask since I can't mod myself, but is it possible to get a way to adjust things like speed, lock distance, power, fire rate, etc. in game? Maybe as a slide option? Anyway keep up the great work.
  8. Awsome can't wait, the update kinda screwed me over. Now my kill-bots will have to wait.
  9. AWESOME STUFF. Love your work. Question tho, any plans for orbital or ship to ship weapons? Trying to do a Starship Kerbal kinda thing and your toys are the most fun.
  10. Awsome stuff. Great work. There really aren't enough stuff like yours out there. But if i can indulge in my own selfishness, can we get some more multi-ped parts like the Crawler. The idea of a robot army calls out to me. Just re-sizing the parts looks weird and I'd love to see more varied parts. Sadly I don't have the know-how to make them myself, but I have some ideas if anyone's interested.