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  1. I rather miss SpootyMan myself. I managed to catch him one night on KSPTV doing the last stream of the night, and one of the other streamers stayed up to commentate with him, and he decided to do a trip to Jool. Threw a rocket together helter skelter, got it into orbit, and then went to the map. He then Babe Ruthed the trajectory to rendezvous with Jool. Just swing his finger around the orbits and pointed right at the spot where it would be. The guy knew his rockets, though it might have been Yoda giving him a hand.
  2. Good thing kerbals have us along to keep an eye on them. They may be able to build the rocket parts, but they need us to get them where they are going and back alive.
  3. Watching the KSP 2 trailer again for the umpteenth time, during the scene when the kerbals are revealed and we see the two on a new planet in a new system, I got to wondering if they might have been a couple on honeymoon or such. And it got me wondering if any players out there have kept certain kerbals together for missions like they were married, partners in science, or best friends forever. It honestly gets me the idea to start doing so. Of course, I've tried to keep the Big 4 together one way or the other, but there are more kerbals than them. Say you were to somehow get a Noble and
  4. I've read of players before setting up a little Mun base solely for the purpose of planting a flag on the Mun when the KSC decided it needed another flag on the Mun. After the 10th flag-planting, I'd want to do a fly-by to see how it looked from above...as well as see how it affected framerate. See? KSP testing even infects real life! I don't mind most of the silly ones myself, as you never know when it might actually be a legit test. You should honestly see what the Underwriter's Laboratories (The UL you see on electronics and the like) do to a product to put it through its paces to ce
  5. Danny's still around. He just released a video not long ago and he hinted at more to come. As one experienced with career, reputation isn't affected by Kerbals that are permanently posted off-planet. Only when they are MIA or KIA does the meter get adjusted. And the nice thing about permanent postings is you can use your cheaper models of craft to get them there. And as Danny2462 showed us when reputation was first implemented, you have to try REAL HARD to get a negative rep balance. I mean, if you wanted to go for the SpaceX Spacebus to haul 2000 kerbals to Duna, then you'd be taking
  6. Minimal is fine. But there is room for more detail, and the game already has the resources to add to it. A couple of trucks and the bomb shelter would be a huge step that would likely make the site look more of interest.
  7. Recreating this might be a fun challenge: Would be interesting to see if you can include mission parameters that can be met by separate kerbals.
  8. I have, as a matter of fact. Doesn't change what I stated. Maybe you should read up the definition of bane before making assumptions.
  9. Silly. Jeb's Bane is sitting in the cockpit on the launchpad doing absolutely nothing and being told to do absolutely nothing.
  10. From when maneuver nodes were first introduced, I've seen plenty of instances where a vehicle on an escape trajectory would show an orbit like this when it was viewed from another vehicle. It never bothered me as it seemed to merely show "this is what would be if the vehicle was not on an escape trajectory." In fact it was rather fascinating to see such things. Nothing was changed about the vehicle's trajectory and it progressed as I saw it would when I last left it. It was just an odd anomaly in the maneuver node as seen by a third party. If it happens as you saw it in the image again
  11. If you are a stock purist(like me), but also want to juggle multiple missions, there is something to keep in mind: NASA currently has a plethora of missions on their plate. Whether they are in the planning stage, construction, prelaunch, launch, in progress, or somewhere in between all of that, those missions are being overseen by designated teams, some which number in the dozens and even are partnered up with other space agencies like the ESA, RSA, or private firms like SpaceX, among others private, military, and public. Not to forget a lot of those teams' members are sitting in on othe
  12. The devs are probably debating on whether to just outright have it on the console menu, or require a code to open it. Like maybe something emulating a certain Konami code. Either case, @Bberg1970, you got your answer. As soon as what I more prefer to call the developer menu(as opposed to the icky sounding cheat menu) becomes available for the console version, you will have your unlimited fuel.
  13. The real trick here is not only landing the boosters, but to take it even further. Refueling them after landing and then using them again for another launch and not just salvaging. That is, of course, if you really want to emulate the full Falcon experience. Whether you do liftoff horizontal or vertical is up to you, but it should certainly feel more legit if the second launch was the same attitude as the first launch.
  14. Tourists only get discouraged if your reputation is mud. If you are one point in the positive, to them you are the safest way to space to be found. Just let them try to find the competition! *laughs solitarily* @StrandedonEarth brings up a good point. You do not have to take on every contract. Survey contracts are ideal if you are an avid aeronaut. But for me who prefers to fly ballistic, I got other things to do. Tourist contracts are actually great because there are a lot of times there is another contract you can fulfill while taking them along. And there is a lot of leeway in thei
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