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  1. Hello great mod but I'm having an issue with the career mode there are no comets or asteroids that spawn if you like I can take a screen shot of my mods I have about 10 years or so on the Kerbal clock so no rush but I know sooner or later I'm going to receive the comet one to track a comet so is this just my problem or is it a mod problem?
  2. Ya that seams to be the problem My problem is I tend to save a lot my son said once saved and you go out and return the next day your screwed thanks Kerbal. He said I can build another and bring that one back in carrier that hurts lol
  3. Have you seen my recent post on Ship not together but still connected I have not seen this before or anyone having this problem. I have tried removing mods but it still happens or I don't know what mods are causing the issue. its like my ship is disassembled than Kerbal decides to remake my ship in its own likening with spaces in-between I have had ship just blow up or do the krak en
  4. If your playing a long time this can happen I reload every hour or so sometimes sooner Remember your playing off your computer not a big one somewhere else.
  5. If you have a Twitch account or set one up I and other could watch as you do it but Im willing to bet your not staging correct. with boosters you want the engine to burn than the decuple in a different frame or stage, a picture or shot vid would help more here. it on the outside chance your hot key could be the problem I moved my staging to page down because if you have a sensitive keyboard like mine just a light touch will set it off. There is one mod out there I can not remember this was a problem with. sometime a clean restall will fix the problem. just save all your files to the desktop make a new file named kerbal that's the ships you have built and all the saves you have you can reload after you have opened Kerbal again and use it to at lest new game or get to play default a little this insure a clean path. I don't make any mods anymore take way to much time and effort to keep up. there are people on here that are great with this new stuff and do a nice job its just some mods don't work well with others, Nothing against any mod maker. its a great game but can be frustrating. Just remember its not rocket science. Oh yes make sure you have any auto staging turned off if your using MCJEB2 if using boosters for your first stage Do you remember the mod that did this there was one when you went to the pad the side decuples would all go off
  6. when youy dock it depends on the ship that is in control usually its the one you are controlling if your using the so called kiss method. IE lining both ships up and than thrust one ship forward. its usually that ship. not I said usually we are talking kerbal here since your new its easier on you it was at one time you ended up with the dreaded debris on one ship with kerbals inside you would delete it and bam kill all kerbal inside but now when you undock it turns into a probe so all you need to do is rename it it will be name like Mun ship probe. just remember you can have 50 ships with the same dam name gets confusing keep that in mind especially doing carrier. do sandbox for awhile than do science and carrier. good luck and kerbal on
  7. I have not ran across this my ship seams to be apart but still connected and kind of redone not in a good way I know this has to do with a mod I have a couple pics and my mods I would like to do away with some of the mods maybe spitfire just have had some ships so long I know it messes with thing when you delete a mod lol
  8. I have notice that on career that not to many asteroids appear, I do not tend to have it when not using OPM.
  9. Its just best to go to the Modder not ckan or twitch or Curse its up to the Modder to put it on there not curse or twitch. there ckan will let you know if it needs updated Kerbal -x is a great mod also TriggerAu is great at keeping updated. you need to understand coding is not easy sometime. Korponics is still trying to over the 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 1.8.0 had a lot of dynamic and mechanical changes not so much on crafts but on texture. Than they came out with 1.8.1 very soon after with bigger changes sometime using an outdated mod may work but it will have bugs mixing some will be worse, just follow their instruction on bug reporting and they will help you because it helps them . most always its something you done wrong and not their mod. I had 2 versions of a moduleManager didn't see it until it was pointed out. the best thing is don't load a bunch of mods at once load on use it for a day or so and go from there. the only thing that has upset me here lately was a cameras that came with JSI that is needed because I use FASA great mods the camera is not there anymore and now I had to delete many of my ships there was way around it but it required changing the code I don't do that even though I can I fell its not my code to change. Fair warning some mods end up not supported. IE the Modder stop updating them. I think the heads up display is gone on kerbal engineering back to the bar unless Im not setting it right. such a disappointment. Fun flying because it wont be safe for the kerbals.
  10. P.S> you really have to load both from your account first the kerbal game from to 1.8.1 than the expansion 1.3.1 they are separate files and need download separate the expansion in not part of the core down load.
  11. It is part of the squad update squadexspansion the serenity is a subfolder but it is also part of breaking ground robotic. unfortunately it is not downloading in the 1.8.1 for most users. Like me The ships will load but the robotics will not work. it has problem with 8.1 that is part of the Gamedata folder for squad that has all the robotic. I don't know why but it will not load on 1.8 I do not know if it is part of the core game or not I sent it off to support no reply yet
  12. Check to see if squad extension loaded in gamedata folder. If you using older ships you built in 1.7.3 as that file is not loading on many accounts. it contains all the parts and dill. files the ships will load without any problem but the parts will not work
  13. MoD manager needs updated to 4.1.1 it also could be a few other things if you have Kerponics it will not work on 1.8.
  14. Maybe you can help me was 1.7.3 to 1.81 free. as I paid for it and than realized I may not of had to pay. plus robotic will not load at all. the squad extension folder will not load. thanks for the help I also sent emails 4 days ago.
  15. Im having the same problem its the squadextention folder in gamedata sometime the icon will load but the serenity parts will not load. I have done 3 clean installs will try one more time. Making sure all kerbal file are gone
  16. Hello: I understand that Kerbal 1.8 has a lot of mechanical changes and program changes. So I'm knowing this may take some time to get Kopernicus updated. I'm posting this to help let other know that You all do a great job. keep it up. From what I see and understand there were big changes in the mechanics and programing so it mat take some time ' they are always on top of things. it just not easy going in and doing a few keystrokes this time or changing the date on it. sometimes that all that needs done. but not thins time
  17. Make sure you have the latest update for your version. I have ran across this before they just updated KAC. if that doesn't work reload the game I know its kind of a hassle but this usually works. I just put everything in Gamedata in folder on my desktop uninstall and Download. this gets rid of any catches that tend to hang on regardless of what you do Hopefully this will all be gone when Kerbal 2 comes out.
  18. OK after carful research I found the problem and reloaded to correct Kerponics it seams the correct one was sitting on my desktop. so it didn't get replaced I have deleted the old file and the everything is working great as usual. Thanks
  19. Ya I knew it was a Version-locked I believe It was ok a couple weeks ago just was doing things now I have more time I uninstalled and loaded Everything a week after the new version of Both came out just probably had the panel thing than just didn't go deep enough into playing the game to see that problem, than. so was confused when I tried to reload the Kopernicus that its doing this now
  20. Hello I was having problems with the solar panels. So I thought I would reload Kopernicus. Now I am getting a message stating that this mod is not compatible with version 1.7.3 So is Release 1.7.3-1 the correct one. I did not get this message the first time.
  21. Yes I seen the sorce folder and removed it last night I'll try the other And let you know. I'll check out your site if you have one. again thank you. I have just loaded everything it looks good and working fine so far. Again thank you Now if I can oly get E.V.E to work lol
  22. Sorry about that . IS this what you needed https://1drv.ms/u/s!AneT8Vt1fAkat2Hx9LJZGqocdQhf sorry about that is this what you need I redid the Nereid folder what other ones do I need to redo.https://1drv.ms/u/s!AneT8Vt1fAkat2Hx9LJZGqocdQhf. This is from onedrive but they are just screenshot
  23. Thanks sorry about the up load. didn't mean to upload all that. thanks for removing the link. Being dyslexic does not help me solving these problems. I reinstalled the Nereid folder.
  24. I do not know if it is something I've done but I get this message: Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process. Loading your saved game is NOT recommended. I'm giving the last load logs and mods if you need anything else please let me know THANKS For doing a great job on this. I know this has to be something I'm doing on my end Just can not figure it out. [Link to full GameData upload removed by moderator due to copyright]
  25. Yes sorry Being dyslexic has its draw back I thought the were waiting until 1.4.2 was just checking Can the really fix Kopernicus lol just kidding
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