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  1. I know it's been a little bit, but I'm glad that there was at least an update after my last post in this thread. Beautiful story, happy it was out there for all of us to see.
  2. Oh goodness! This is a damn blast from the past. EIGHT YEARS AGO to the date. Can you believe that? I just cannot believe that it has been that long, I remember being hunched over my mom's old laptop, its fans burning holes through my floor, way past when I should have been asleep, listening for any sign of a noise. I, indeed, never heard anything: But I wish to believe. Keep exploring and pushing forward, @Nazalassa!
  3. What an honor to be a part of this. I will not lie - an awesome feeling to be the second person on screen I don't remember the first rockets I built, but I remember the very first day I landed on the Mün, in (I believe) the summer of 2014. I on the couch by the window, and it was an awful lander with two Thuds, a Lander Can and a single fuel tank. I touched down, put my laptop on the side and jumped up yelling. There was no more fuel for the crew to return, but it was a memory I'll have for the rest of my life. I hope that more and more people will continue to be inspired by this game the same way I was. My life goal is to set foot on the Moon - And though I have a very, very long way to go before that, I am so grateful for the way this game secured my path to becoming a pilot. This game, the people behind it, and the community that has formed around it are all incredibly special things. Godspeed to you all. Dennis.
  4. A spectacular game. Looking forward to 10 years tomorrow.
  5. It's been years since I've properly been on these forums, and I don't think that many people here will remember me. It was a good time, and an important time for me to further my knowledge of Space and science in general. I'm making this post because I want to say thanks to KSP for installing in me a love of flying and engineering. Though those things were always a part of me, KSP brought out an interest in flight that no other game had truly captivated me with. I've come a long way since I first started playing in 2014. Funny to think it's been more than half a decade. This is a video I recently made of my recent advances in my flight adventures. I have to add another thank you credit to KSP for inspiring me to first start making videos, too. All the best, everyone.
  6. This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.
  7. I'm sure hoping it will be. It's been way too long since I last gave KSP a roll, gotta hope I still have the "skill" in me!
  8. Nope! First chapter. I have a lot of the world-building for this story based off of some of my stories of old, but as you said yourself, all will be explained in due time.
  9. Happy to announce that I have finally begun to write this story. Enjoy.


  10. Table of Contents March 6th, 2020 - OT-101 April 20th, 2020 - Athena III Ahead March 6th, 2020 - OT-101 “We’re go, flight!” The last callout echoed over headsets and control stations across the nation. Many keen viewers listened in on radios, many more on televisions, waiting for the moment that would decide the future of the program. For all watching, the clear blue sky was something almost more compelling. At the launch site, the rocket’s backdrop of the Mun was even more incredible. On the launchpad of the Kolonian Space Center, a 23 meter high vehicle, the first of its kind, sat, held in place by 8 small holding towers near the engines of the lifter. The rocket, known to most as the Casa I, had the callsign OT-101. High upon the lifter, a cone shaped capsule sat, a boilerplate for what was yet to come. Procedures had started 3 hours ago, and with final checks done, all those running the mission prepared for launch. Speaking through scattered confirmations at mission control, Flight Controller Lukza Rouvic checked his screens, and, after a moment’s wait, began the terminal launch procedures. “Final countdown begins on my mark,” for a few seconds, tense silence cut across the control room, with only the sounds of computers processing data coming from the activating sensors on the lifter filling the air. “Mark!” “10 seconds.” All who wanted to listen now tuned in. Eyes were glued to television screens across the country. Controllers stared at their monitors, and readings beginning to pour in. “5 seconds.” Aboard the Casa I, a series of commands activated further code. Systems went to full power, and the turbopump aboard the shining star of the rocket, a massive KR-2, began to spit fuel. “3!” Guidance switched to internal command aboard the boilerplate Athena Capsule. “2!” The four RE-I5s engines bordering the core went to full power. “1!” Fuel pressures reached critical point across the central lifter. “Ignition!” For a moment, the rocket was enveloped in a giant cloud of white and grey smoke. Spitting out all the way to the top of the lifter, water vapor and rocket exhaust obscured every visual observation of the Casa. Then, from above, reaching for the skies, the cone of the Athena shone through. In seconds, the fiery plume of the 5 engines, most prominently the brilliant one leading off behind the KR-2, cleared the dust. As the speed of the vehicle increased, the Casa shook above the power of the KR-2, the trail of fire behind it proving the engine worked, and might just be enough to power the space program for decades to come. As OT-101 flew towards space, it left behind a crowd of flight controllers cheering like they had when Valentina Zruskova had breached the edge of the atmosphere. Those in mission control would not know until later in the day, but seeing the Casa rise into the heavens did another thing - It left behind a nation filled with awe and with pride. As the Casa pushed into orbit, the years of trailing the Rocketry Organization of the Bosak States were forgotten, and for a moment, OT-101 had taken back the upper hand. On a podium close to the administration building at the KSC, President Alois Sklenár rose to speak to the nation. With a view of the VAB and R&D facilities behind him, the cameras made their countdown, similar to the launch just a few short hours ago. “People of Kolonia, For 300,000 years, Kerbals have looked towards the heavens above. Though stars changed through the millennia and the pinpoint colors of planets danced through the night, one thing has always stayed steady in our skies: The Mun. Visible from all of Kerbin, and perpetually engraved into the minds of all its people, that monochrome sphere has been a target of dreamers and believers for as long as we’ve been able to do both. 200 years after the attempts of Karl Lobček to visit our nearest neighbor in the darkness of space, the world can know that Kolonia made the first step out once again. Today, the Kolonian Space Program achieved something unparalleled by any other organization in history. On the heaviest launch vehicle ever to take flight, the heaviest engine to ever ignite propelled OT-101, the program’s first test of the Casa 1 Launch Vehicle, into orbit. On it sits technology that is nothing but a testament to the achievements and the capabilities of Kolonian industry and its corporations, who, amongst other things, have also brought the newest and most advanced space capsule into orbit. The launch of OT-101, from now on, will be named Athena I. Today, the Athena program begins, and under a new name, will lead Kolonia forward to a future in the stars. I am proud to lead this charge into the future, yet, we must accept the reality that this future may not be ours if we let ourselves slack after this achievement. From now on, Kolonia and its people must realize that we are in a fight for the heavens above us, and if we do not progress faster than the adversaries that our on our heels, we will surely fall behind. That is why, today, on March 6th, 2020, I dream that we will have a Kolonian on the moon by the end of 2024. Like those before us, we will follow this path to the future with a steady hand and the ideas of our people in heart. Today, we stand united under this dream. Farewell, and goodnight.” Once again, the nation erupted into applause. For Kolonians, it was a night of celebration. For Bosaks, it was to be a day of defeat. Many were, in the early morning light, able to see the massive glint of the Casa I in orbit, shining down on them like a beacon calling from the heavens above. For the leaders of the ROBS, it was a beacon that would not be left unanswered.
  11. Currently still running in 1.7.x, all my Mun enhancement textures are no longer working. All other bodies in the system are fine, I've checked, but the Mun has lost its re-texture and dust clouds. I assume this is because of a clash between mods, but I am unsure what two. Does anyone else have a similar problem, and if so, how did you fix it? I have no idea where to even start to fix this so if anyone is willing to help, I can provide any data or game files needed. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Finally got back to KSP, and it saddens me to hear you are leaving just as I arrive. Raptor, all the best. Thank you for the hundreds of craft that so many thousands of people have taken into the heavens, and, though I haven't gotten the chance to see anything new, I thank you for the fun that you let me have back when I did play. I know that you aren't retiring or quitting KSP or anything, but I still feel like the end of this catalogue is a pretty big deal. We're all here if you ever need anything. Hope to see you around in the coming months and years! All the best, man.
  13. To anyone still following with any hope of something coming out of me - Congratulations, today is your lucky day.

    I cannot believe it has been so many years since I was last properly on here. How time flies is beyond concerning sometimes. Yet, said passed time has not been half bad. I've had a lot of things happen in my life, good and bad, but now, I am doing better than ever, and things are only looking up.

    No thanks to the inspiration for flight that KSP gave me, I have taken up flying. I'm on the brink of getting a pilot's license, but, thanks to unusually high wind and heavy clouds throughout the year, there have been a lot of delays with training flights. I have a lot of touch-and-go experience, to say the least. Around 1.5-2x the hours that someone would have at this point, actually.

    Recently, a friend recommended me to watch For All Mankind. Space had really faded from my day to day life years ago, but, with such high praise and with a topic that I will always be interested in, I decided to get that free trial and watch the series.

    Not only was the TV show the best I've ever watched in my life, but it kindled something again. Coincidentally, with the graduation of Group 22 over at NASA, and the fact that we're heading back to the moon by 2024, that little kindled fire has really picked up. For the first time in half a decade, I'm truly dreaming of going to space again. And, if everything goes to plan with the AFROTC, I might actually get the chance once I get out in 2032.

    Alas, the reason why I came here was to let you know that I've been seriously working on a story idea about a Space Race between my classic nation, Kolonia, and another, possibly two nations to branch out off the surface of Kerbin and to the stars. I have yet to actually install KSP on my computer yet, but, I have surprisingly good memory, and have actually been able to design the craft without seeing any of the parts in over 2 years time. If you're still following for any of this, I hope you're ready for an entire new level of storymaking. There were some good moments in my old KSP based writing here, but god, some of it makes me cringe. I'll try to do better this time.

    We will see how this goes. I wish all the best to you all, and I hope that things have been well for you.

    Take care, and I will see you guys when I do.


  14. Finally decided to try my hand at KSP again, but this was the first place I had to stop by before doing anything else. Crazy to think it's been so many years.
  15. So I decided to check back on the forums for the first time in about half a year, if not more, and I just have to say I'm super surprised you found this. How'd you end up at this post? Also, I cannot believe it's been 4 years. To think this is 1/4 of my life ago is absurd.
  16. Makes sense. I think there are a few of the older ones that actually are just me. Would those ones be deletable? [Edit]: Scrap that, almost all of them were responded to. I'll just have to live with the garbage that was 2014-2015. Many thanks Vanamonde!
  17. Hello, I've been recently trying to get myself back in the forums but I'd like to have more of a fresh start. I've missed so much that I feel leaving some of the old stuff behind is the only way to move forward. Is there any way some of my old threads could not be locked, but just deleted all together? It would be a huge push for me to come back here. Many thanks, I hope that you've all done fine in the times I've been gone. A lot has happened apparently.
  18. I haven't read this in almost half a year. I think if I'm going to come back to the forums I better start catching up!
  19. Sure as hell did! Your videos are always make me scream at how damn good you are at KSP. That miniature aircraft carrier is amazing too. You should put out that craft file as well, it's those sort of things that we're in short supply of too!
  20. Credit to @Azimech for the ZSU. Is this a sign that I'll be coming back here? Maybe, stay tuned.
  21. This is a damn old thread, that's why! But @Majorjim!, if you have a file lying around I am sure many people would be happy to take this base out again.
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