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  1. Happy Birthday! And congrats on the job! If you don't mind my asking, what exactly is your new job? Or if you can't/aren't comfortable giving that info, what field is it in?
  2. great job on release, testing now. BTW, your Kopernicus link in the OP points to a comment deep into the thread (~ a quarter of the way, page 26), not to the thread itself.
  3. I'm curious as to what was wrong with the one @QuentinJericho had, and what the new one was...
  4. will Uranus be getting rings? Will it have proper axial tilt?! These are the important questions... /s, though I would be curious as to the answers of those questions. This is looking better and better with every screenshot you post!
  5. this hasn't been updated in ages, and as Astronomer hasn't really been around, I doubt it will be any time soon. Not to mention, EVE has been entirely rebuilt since the last time this was updated, so porting it will not only be very difficult, it would be nearly impossible, and you'd never get quite the same look, since some of EVE's features that make this pack so beautiful no longer exist (mostly nighttime visible clouds and dedicated aurora configs). Use SVE or another pack from now on, or at least in the mean time. You may find you like them.
  6. You never want to put the .zip files right into GameData. You want their contents in GameData. The reference to 2 .zip files is from just a few weeks ago, when there were 2. Now there's one, something like "AnyCPU-EVE.zip" I think. there are 2 zip files. see edit. double click them, and you'll see a GameData folder in each. double click those as well, and drag their contents into gamedata EDIT: sorry, I was mistaken, there are still 2 .zip files, "AnyCPU-Configs-Release.zip" and "AnyCPU-EVE-Release.zip". you need both if you're just using EVE. put the contents of both into GameData; they
  7. WOW that looks incredible. My jaw hit the floor.
  8. I'll take a look in the morning, way to tired to compare numbers right now. They'll get all jumbled in my head, 'specially cuz I don't have the ones for the stock system or RL memorized.
  9. So a question on the exact scaling of various things then... Earth is Kerbin size I'm guessing? Are all other scale values derived from that one? So the whole system is scaled by the same factor? Or is Earth Kerbin sized, Mars Duna sized, Venus Eve sized, etc...? And how are orbital altitudes/distances of the various planets/moons scaled?
  10. This looks absolutely stunning; very nice job. I'm not sure, but I believe this is akin to the S^3 (SmallSolarSystem) Mod from a while back? 1/10 of Real Life size, but using RSS? Either way, based on your activity in the SVE, EVE, and Scatterer threads, I'm sure this is going to be a really stunning mod, maybe even enough that I'll install my first solar system modifying mod.
  11. are you referring to the warnings AVC gives? those don't mean anything in this update, they're just due to modders making the version file compatible to 1.1.0, so now with 1.1.1 AVC thinks they're broken, but I haven't found any that actually are. Mods that say they're compatible to 1.1 or 1.1.x should still say they're compatible
  12. Didn't realize this was fixed in the dev version, so I just submitted a pull request with a fix. My B!
  13. shouldn't take too long. both are relatively quick downloads. anywho, I'm signing off for the night. Talk to you all tomorrow!
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