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  1. Was wondering when someone would come up with something like this that was a bit more customizable. I'll have to try this one out when I get home later.
  2. Got a weird very specific glitch with contracts added by FinePrint. If I accept 2 orbit contracts at the same time, Contract Window displays them correctly but will randomly switch the information in each one around at (seemingly) consistent intervals of maybe 3-5 seconds. This can be a little disorienting as, for example, I'll glance down and see I need a LAN of 147 degrees, look at the map, glance down again and it will say 251 degrees. This happens only when accepting the contracts at the same time, regardless of duration or expiry. The issue is present in version 1.2, 2.1, and 2.1. Haven't
  3. I love the Alcor's pod attention to detail and always wished it was present in the other pods. Your work on the MK1 is incredible and can't wait to see what you do with the other ones. Keep it up!
  4. Started forcing OpenGL yesterday and noticed a HUGE increase in performance. Went from around 3.0-3.3GB of memory usage to 1.6-2.0GB. Saved around 1.5GB on average! FPS was noticeably better too. Whereas I would get around 50 FPS average with random drops (depending on what was being done), I now get a consistent 60 FPS at (almost) all times. Even my giant space station, which usually gave me around 20-25 FPS, is now idling at about 40! I could not be happier with this tip. Can't find any downsides to it either. Thanks a million, I owe you one! CPU: 3.2GHz i7-960 GPU: EVGA 3GB 660Ti RAM: 12GB
  5. Version 2 looks excellent. Is it compatible with 0.24.2? Not looking to update just yet.
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