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  1. Some more points: @Drakenex is currently experimenting with the new texture switching, so I'll have to ask him how it is. I've been in a KSP slump as of late, and the quality of the DLC doesn't help, so I'm no help! I'm assuming you wanted mesh switching as well? That would have been nice Does the real R7 boosters have separator rockets? I've done something like that with the stock sepratron rockets and got a decent cross, so I don't think you have to do anything Beale. (Though having official Tantares side separators would be nice!) Contares has an Umbilical, and a periscope as well. While I know some people may be thinking "How dare you install Contares with Tantares!", the fact that Contares comes in different downloads now should really help people!
  2. [1.4.1] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.4

    oo very nice!
  3. "Interesting" new re-entry effects

    The amount of puns in this thread is too damn high! >:C
  4. oh, very cute! It's like a squat little.... I see we're still bypassing that VA Launch escape tower. Hello, Inspiration? ... What do you mean Inspiration isn't there? ... To shreds you say? And what about the cat? ... To shreds you say? Oh dear... [This has been another Delli complaint presented in Technicolor! Because black and white never looked so colorful!]
  5. [1.4.1] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.4

    Are the MIR Solar panels supposed to be available with this, or do I have to use a different mod? I have Core and Rus installed with their dependencies.
  6. [1.4.1] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.5

    Hey there! Love the splitting By the way, you're linking to the wrong Procedural Fairing thread. Here's the latest version:
  7. [1.3.1] Tantares now in Colors!

    Oh very nice! Coming soon to a Mir near you!
  8. [1.3.1] Tantares now in Colors!

    Been a busy week, but it might be tonight, or it might be tomorrow. I'll need to go back through all the parts and double check that only 2 are broken at the moment. If there's more, let me know!
  9. [1.3.1] Tantares now in Colors!

    Everything will be okay
  10. [1.3.1] Tantares now in Colors!

    ah, I don't use CKAN, so that's @Drakenex 's fault! xP
  11. [1.3.1] Tantares now in Colors!

    Allow me to correct it: It requires whatever firespitter allows the texture switching