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  1. Energia M new rocket. First flight must be Kerbaled of course.
  2. Here are my ships folder and subassemblies. Mods needed: Tantares Contares and Contares RUS Blue Dog AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads Tantares in Colors Monkey business Inc LK parts Cormorant Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (Not a requirement, I just chose to use that.) I think that should be it. I also have the DLC for KSP, but I don't think I used any of those parts.
  3. I just completed the MIR. Have look comrade! Oh wait... I'm not finished... ;3 Also interesting mining laser.
  4. Spektor Attached. Additional Snack capacity increased.
  5. Meator spy weather satellite observing MIR. Space weather. Meator satellite took a stroll to the Mun
  6. Been awhile since a Buran post Buran dropping off cargo and personnel to MIR. Kristal module was moved to forward port for Buran docking. Many snacks were had.
  7. Excuse me, sir, but where did you get those cool floaties? (unless I missed an update somewhere here) I need floaties for reasons.
  8. Polyus?! Indian Space Program confirmed!
  9. Ah, there we go, thanks for the info! Also congrats on page 666 @Beale
  10. Here I sit broken hearted. I came to see more posts before posting, instead I have to double post. Anyway, I made this thing. I've seen it before but I don't know if it was a real world design, or if it was Eyes turned skyward or something like that.
  11. I present the Spoot probe. No comrade, this is not from an American parts pack, we swear!
  12. Saw a progress 2, so I made one too! Docked with MIR, dropping off snacks.
  13. Launch of the Meteor X experimental Satellite! And now I present to you, Vosk.. I mean Vostok 2.0!
  14. Holy mother land! Thank you, I will save this for future uses!