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  1. what about cosmetics? Or game boosters (buying more science or reputation or buy new parts with real currency)?
  2. Question for the Devs: Is Take 2 going to force in Microtransactions? If so, will KSP2 be free to play?
  3. So on a Tuesday after a night of [redacted by moderators]
  4. So I decided to find an unorthodox way of assembling a space station: Giant Space Claw. Robotic arms? Pffft. Just load up some dangerous fuel in a 50 year old Moon lander and attach a giant scary claw to it. Space shuttles are great for testing giant space claws.
  5. Comrades, may I present to you: The Manned Clawed Armored Tugging and Towing Soviet 19-1! MCATTS-19-1 What it can do: Latch onto anything Tow anything Tug anything Salute flag Assemble Capitalist space station parts Slice an apple into 3 pieces with less smoke Throw comrade over large unnecessary fences Create stability in developing nations coming in version 2 Create IVAs coming in version 2 Fall in love
  6. Here is my Soyuz For anyone else, this recreates the soyuz launch escape system as closely as possible. I did some Gif fun today with SPOOT Launch That Cross tho Deploying Spoot
  7. yeah that one! I edited my post with a pic. It all fits in the VAB
  8. Would you be opposed to increasing the size of the N1 so the top is 3.7m? I think that would make the N1 more useful. We could also use a 2.5m version of the Blok G. I used Tweakscale to increase the sizes of the N1 and blok G and it looks much better. Here it is in larger scale. The total stack reaches the top of the VAB, just like BDB's Saturn/Apollo stack.
  9. Congrats on the release Beale! Wonderful work as always! So beale, did you say something about an N1 revamp?
  10. The problem is you're looking at the radiators. The tanks themselves are covered in insulation, and can't be seen properly. I have seen 3d models of Zarya that show the tanks as different sizes, but I don't know how accurate those are.
  11. Personally *dawns monocle* I prefer to not mod a mod with another mod. But that's just me. myeeees. I do like how we both have Luna missions in our wishlists. I was hoping for some crossover!