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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I read somewhere about "Easy configs", but I can't find any. I basically just want the visuals of a base, but I'm not currently in the life support and resources mood xP If anyone could steer me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! ^^
  2. Informing us on the status of the mod is 100% acceptable
  3. So is this mod 100% dead? Should we have a moderator close this topic or at the very least keep people on topic (if it isn't actually dead)? Getting tired of seeing this topic get a new post and it's just another "He's in Jail" thing. If it's actually dead, close the thread. If it's coming back, let's stay on track! And yes, I had to rhyme
  4. We need not the ejection seat, only adds weight! Astronauts will use the force to keep spacecraft safe!
  5. Compromise, we build half of Buran, and other half is made from leftover school buses. Save money and get children to school faster!
  6. If you're talking about the pictures Pak has shown, as he has stated they are in production, not released yet.
  7. @Beale how much Tea will I be able to ship with these new rockets?
  8. So I DL'd KJR and got everything working, and got to the mun and back! Love the IVAs, you did a wonderful job! So my only problem right now is that the Ares V is larger than the Bluedog Design Bureau Saturn V. It's not a huge issue (I think that might be a pun), and I can't see how to scale the Altair down so the Ares V could be scaled down and Kerbals could still fit in it. My only thought would be to shrink the Altair's Descent stage diameter down so it could fit in a smaller version of the Ares V. Like an Altair Ares V lite edition for stock-alike sizes. If I could ever figure out how to rescale parts in the configs, I'd love to tackle this xD Enough of my ramblings, keep up the great work!
  9. Bug Report! It seems all the joints in this mod and your Hoyo and Ares 1 mods are very flexible: Are you relying on KJR by any chance? Shouldn't have to. I can mostly correct these flexies with struts, but when it comes to the Hoyo docked to the Altair, I tried using KAS struts, but the vessels just break apart. All my other craft operate just fine, it's just your parts. I tried in a fresh install as well. I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly.
  10. Awesome! Been waiting for this I'd recommend adding space lasers in case any Fascists are on the Mun!
  11. Decided to try building MIR again with more details and inclusion of Contares parts:
  12. Unfortunately my phone was on low battery, so I don't have any more pics, but the musuem covers the entire history of the US Air Force from the Wright Bros to the UAVs and F-22 Raptor. You can find out more info here:
  13. Went to the Air Force Museum this weekend to explore stuff, and got some space pics!