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  1. ah good, just in time for snow! Needed a giant snow blower! Thank you beale! o7
  2. refreshing the github every minute now! xP
  3. Looks like a perfectly normal science station to me. Absolutely normal. Nothing to see here. Carry on!
  4. The Soyuz rocket engine, he's experimenting with verniers being detachable. Salyut 1 in full operation! o7
  5. After some fine tuning (probably needs more but :P) I give you Delli's Tantrums! Tantares, Tantrums. Get it? 8D This is the pre-release until Drakenex gets back to me about a thread and his files and what kind of ducks we want guarding our thread. Delli's Tantrum Download Link Salyut Screenies: Installation: Put the Delli_Alt folder in your Gamedata folder. Make sure you have the latest Firespitter and Module Manager installed. Uninstallation: Delete the Delli_Alt folder. Now dance! License: I recolored Beale's textures, so it's the same license as Beale. Parts Affected: H-CA1 Avionics Hub H-FS1 Forward Section H-PC1 Propellant Control Block H-PC2 Propellant Control Block V-SA7 Crewed Block E-1RK Stern Crew Module E-AB6 Midsection Crew Module A-B10 Crewed Block E-8E4 Power Bank A-S12 Large MonoPropellant Tank A-S10 Small MonoPropellant Tank LR-ET9 "Kampoks" Rocket Motor LT-Z18 "Sverdstav" Rocket Motor LV-NDF Rocket Propellant Tank LV-15N "Komfyr" Rocket Motor
  6. Paintares? xD Though "Pimp My Soyuz" has a certain appeal. hmm.... yeah, "Pimp My Soyuz" just has that bite!
  7. I separate thread would probably help us both out and make us feel more special! And provide a single place to put the download link so people don't have to hunt through the topic. You wanna go ahead and make the thread?
  8. *Bows before the audience* Thank you! Thank you! I have a picture here showing the difference in the Texture_Alniyat_General_1 texture in the FGB Folders. On the left is the one in Tantares currently, and on the right is the one in the Tantares Assets: As you can see, there are quite a few differences o: And for the soyuz tanks, looks like I won't have to recolor them! The Darker Grey with Orange looks the bets and gets us that much closer to looking like the real deal! Very nice work
  9. @Beale On Github, the Tantares assets are out of date. The MIR and FGB folders for example are older than the folders in the tantares parts folder, so I'm working with outdated textures!
  10. I did some Salyut texture changes. I think I'll just keep Tantares Grey as "White" in order to cut my work down xD
  11. Did you install the latest firespitter? If so, in the VAB, you right click the part (Only soyuz right now) and it will have more buttons for switching textures.
  12. Hmm, now I'm not sure what to do xD Having that extras folder in Tantares and TantaresLV for ours and Beale's alt textures and the Modular Manager configs would be really nice so we don't have to provide a DL link, just say "Latest version on Git!" At that point, having the extra thread wouldn't be necessary since Beale doesn't mind it all being here So if @Beale wants to give us and himself an alt texture folder for Tant and TantLV, we can then just stay here and help people out, and take in requests. My plan currently is to fix my N1 Green (I'm currently thinking of just the mostly green with green/white 3rd stage and moving on for now), and then Green Salyut parts with Orange and Orange/white Stripe big section. Perhaps even milky white for MIR. And then Green and Dark Grey and Orange for the Soyuz Rocket. Hoo boy, that's a lot of work!
  13. Gamedata/Tantares/Parts/Soyuz I believe that's how it goes.
  14. So first you need to download the latest Firespitter plugin. Then you need to download Drakenex's configs After you DL that, you put the Alt folder into the Soyuz folder for Tantares, and the Soyuz Texture Switch config can go anywhere. I suggest right in the Gamedata folder so you don't lose it in all the soyuz files in the soyuz folder. Oh, it does have that half and half! And the fairings are all white. Okay, that shouldn't be a trouble to make, just have to delete some layers in Photoshop! @Drakenex should we just make a temporary Tantares Texture Switching thread?