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  1. Cobalt puts new developments into the development branch on github. So there's the release branch which is now old, and the development branch which has new stuff in it. Soon Cobalt will release an update to the main branch, but you can download the development branch now and try it out. I don't know if anything has been tested for 1.8 yet, that may be this weekend. Remember, you can always download previous versions of KSP along with the current version.
  2. Welp, new version of KSP is out, so you know what that means. Absolutely nothing. Back on topic: Using the robotic parts, I managed to make a folding lunar rover. I think I need to adjust the wheels a little more, but it's really fun!
  3. Screen shot tax No film grain, and I haven't adjusted the kopernicus sunlight settings, but looking good!
  4. Those are some interesting looking engines you have there. Would be a shame if someone didn't know what they were
  5. You might need to tweak the OMS angles till the angle of thrust is as close to the center of mass. The included craft file should be a good example. Also you can change the control point of the shuttle cabin. Right click it and click the option that says "Control Point Forward". It should change to "Control -15". That will help you line up your burns in space.
  6. For Benjee's shuttle, the OMS engines have some effect situated far away from the other effects. The little puffs in the upper right. Is this realplume or something else?
  7. Ah okay, my mistake I also think I need to try updating realplume. I'll just take that to the realplume stock thread if I have further issues. And the translation stuff, well darn. Mechjeb needs to control from the docking port in order to auto dock. I did however manage to dock manually, so I'll probably just have to get used to that. Thanks Benjee.
  8. Firstly, loving this mod. Really great job, Benjee. Secondly, I got some bugs to report. 1. RCS Effects aren't playing (latest version of Realplume stock, (I'll need to double check my version) Plume party not installed because I thought I didn't need it) 2. The orbital engines have some of their effects set very far away from the engines. 3. Okay, this one is a doozy. Using the CADs active docking port form BDB, if I control from the docking port and make sure RCS is on and I'm pressing the correct keys, some of the translation directions don't work. Back and Forward, up and down. But left right translation still works. Having though it was the docking port, I tested my Apollo with the same docking port, and the translation directions work. So I'm clueless as to what could be causing this. The translation directions work when I control from cockpit.
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