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  1. My experience with this bug makes me think this is the problem. When I encounter this bug, the thermal readouts from KER fluctuate wildly as temperatures quickly go off the scales.
  2. In the forums, on Reddit, and on the bug tracker, there are various phantom/runaway/unexplained overheating bug reports. Happening in modded and stock installs. Issue 5181 on the tracker is an example. Turning down conduction in the thermal debug menu seems to work around it.
  3. Typo in materials study high over the mun. "Your lab report is strategically written to convince to KSC to let you land on the moon." Should read: "Your lab report is strategically written to convince the KSC to let you land on the Mun."
  4. The craft is all stock other than the RemoteTech changes to the antennas and the Procedural Fairings. The batteries are attached to a probe core (the first one unlocked in career that isn't Stayputnik) and a stack of the small circular batteries. Craft file. I'm using FAR, am NOT using Deadly Reentry, and am also using several other mods, but none that I would expect to affect this issue.
  5. Even without clipping any parts, putting too many batteries close together causes the fairing not to shield the payload. As soon as I stage the fairings with this ship, at least one battery explodes. I did not clip any parts.
  6. Put your arms down Kaminsky. You look like a West Texas cheerleader at a pep rally.
  7. Scott Manley is pretty godly.
  8. There should be a contract for directed panspermia from a primordial goo pond on Eve to the greener pastures on Laythe.
  9. I'd say a combination of the first two options: there is way too much science, and too little funds. The main problem with the funds is that the building upgrades are way over priced.
  10. Gotcha. Thanks. That's not a big deal at all, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't result in the contracts not actually getting updated. A 5 second delay is still better than the stock contract app when it bugs out anyway.
  11. Not sure whether to post here or in the Contracts Window+ thread, but will the new version (3.3) of CW+ conflict with CC now that the former implemented local caching in its new update? There was some discussion here about it, but it's not clear to me how/if that was resolved or what the ill effect actually are.
  12. Not sure whether to post here or in the Contract Configurator thread, but will version 3.3 of CW+ conflict with CC now that the former implemented local caching in the new update? There was some discussion on the previous page in this thread about it, but it's not clear to me how/if that was resolved or what the ill effect actually are.
  13. It's the latest version of KJR. I realize stuff happens with such a heavily modded game, but figured it was worth documenting, since this bug supposedly pops up in stock too. Thanks for helping to document, workaround, fix, and squish the bugs.
  14. I ran into this bug in my current 0.90 modded career save. The bug occurred while launching a station to fulfill a "build an orbital station around Kerbin" contract. I had two set of docking ports on the craft that got stuck and would not undock. Both docking ports were linked to action groups to undock -- this may have caused the bug, but am not sure yet. Here is the craft file. I was playing with the following mods: Active Texture Management Astronomer's Performance Improvement KSP Add-on Version Checker Blizzy's toolbar Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Alarm Clock Trajectories Deadly Reentry FAR Procedural Fairings Kerbal Isp Difficulty Scaler Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Real Chute Remote Tech SCANSat TAC life support Dmagic Orbital Science Universal Storage Kerbal Attachment System USI Kolonization Systems MKS/OKS Contracts Window + Contract Configurator Contract Pack: Remote Tech Contract Pack: SCANSat Chatterer Precise node Eventually, this fix got the stuck docking ports unstuck. I'm going to see if I can reproduce the bug and will provide any logs or other useful information, if I can. Edit: So I was able to reproduce the bug by doing the following: 1. Start new sandbox save with the mods listed above. 2. Quit KSP. 3. Copy paste craft file above into the new sandbox save's folder. 4. Load sandbox save. 5. Load Skylab craft. 6. Launch. 7. Use first stage to get apoapsis above 100 km 8. Trigger staging to decouple SRBs and ignite second stage. 9. Circularize and cut engines. 10. Press 1 for saved action group to undock docking port connecting main craft and second stage. Docking port now stuck together even though should be undocked. Vigorous shaking, rotating, thrusting, etc. will not get unstuck. Here is the output log after reproducing as such. I've made a backup copy of the entire KSP folder as it existed right after reproducing this bug, so I can send any other files that might be helpful as well.