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  1. Alright everyone, reply time ayyyy. I'm once again in school, intensive program, and as usual, my motivation for this mod is very low. However, I do have an update planned out. I will simplify the model and release as a new mod and name and use a weather model similar to Breath of The Wild. This will ease computation requirements and also allow for us to fast-track the development a bit. However, I am still poop at graphics, so that's always a problem to try and solve. Later anyways, when I get my motivation back. ~SilverFox8124
  2. Hi silverfox8124, 

    Sorry in advance for this public message. I have long been a lurker on the forum, and just recently registered for an account, so I'm not allowed to send personal messages yet.

    I saw on your Kerbal Weather Systems thread that you are looking for people with coding backgrounds to help with its development. So here I am introducing myself for your consideration. I am still in college, studying computer engineering, with some experience in Java, C/C++, and web stuff, and a little experience in Unity. My program is also very demanding, but I should be able to squeeze out half a day per week or two dedicated to the development. I'm very interested in AI, and want to see if it's possible with AI to generate realistic and complete weather and climate systems based on the geography of the bodies. 

    Thanks for reading this message. Hopefully you'll allow me to help with the development.

  3. No, I do not have to integrate with FAR. KerbalWind does because it's a damn rip off from KWS in the beginning, which relied on FAR. However, I will be adding stock compat with the next release, whenever that may be.
  4. yes, on a scale from 0-100, Fahrenheit is better at conveying stuff. However, Celsius is just the same stuff offset by -50 degrees, 0-100 is arbitrary.. -50 and you're pretty much dead, 50 degrees and you're pretty much dead.Thing is, the only people that can relate to it are Americans. Everyone else in the world uses Celsius.
  5. @everyone I have returned! But not to the modding scene yet. I am still in college and the program is very demanding of me, I don't have the drive and spare time to dedicate an entire few days solely to research like I used to. This sim has reached a rather large wall and I need to go cutting around, digging, and looking through things to find what's right and what isn't, and what needs to be added or removed. In terms of graphics, those are the least of my concern, and aren't even on the roadmap anymore, since it is in such a far away future, with the rewrites of the sim taking up
  6. @Wolfair corp. That Kerbal Wind mod was a pure port, almost copy paste from original code. The graphic effects of weather are my weakpoint, I do not do graphics and I don't know how to do it. If anything, now that I have time off from school, I can focus some time to rebooting KWS, since we talked a lot about gas laws in chem, it sort of reignited the spark a bit and gave me a new perspective on how this can be done. I just have to lay out some more planning and foundation for all the equations I'll use. What makes this harder than normal is getting all the interactions r
  7. @colmo an experienced meteorologist. Someone who knows the weather system in and out and can provide accurate laws and physics from which to base on, such that no inaccuracies in law are introduced (inaccuracies due to scope and computation power are allowed however). @Wolfair corp. I'm sorry but I don't really support 0.90 installs, it is too cumbersome and outdated to test for and debug, especially since I dont have the code from that time. I cannot help you, I am sorry. Sorry guys that I've been on hiatus, and leave for awhile, it is still rather time consuming to test and
  8. Yes, it would be nice, but I'm afraid I just dont have the time and motivation to put into testing it anymore. I'm in college trying to get above 90 average, it takes a lot of my time, and right now I'm the only one working on this project. Like I said before, we need more expertise on the team before we can continue it further.
  9. I've been a bit busy on my end, and motivation to do much is lacking in my life. I don't need testers just yet. If anything we need more knowledge and expertise on the team.
  10. No, I do not recommend any attempt at compiling what we have. not only do we not have any weather effects showing, it isn't guaranteed to work, nor does it right now. Again, don't compile and run. Wait until a release.
  11. @Fengist 1) At no point in the sim is the weather controlled by us. It is dictated by natural law. 2)Far dependancy shouldn't come as mandatory for the next release That was rather easy. Nice looking boat you got there. I wonder how well it'll react with the sim's wind. It'll be interesting to model however... "How much am I thinking about weather?" Well idk, how much are you thinking about weather?
  12. Yes, working with 1.4x atmosphere will screw with things for now, I also don't know what exactly you're changing and if you're changing what you need to be changing and if things are updated properly because of it. However, that's a discussion for another time. Dev notes for the day: From the testing I've been doing there are some geometry issues we have to work around that are causing weird anomalies to arise. Ontop of this, we are still having wind issues, as this son of a poodle is a monster to tackle, and constantly giving problems. However, we should be able to get this bug fr
  13. Yes, the sim can handle changes, but don't expect it to be as easy as one might think. Also the sim itself isn't fully complete, and we are mainly focusing on the aspects of kerbin and earth. There is a few things you would have to change, and all the stuff the sim takes in is under the BodyData folder and then under the planet you want to tweak. Again, there are only certain things you can tweak currently. But for now, that feature is mainly a focus of KWS 2.0+.
  14. @Kerbinidiel No, it does not change or alter contract types. It is a filter, as the name suggests. @Bishop149 It auto-rejects, and doesn't penalize you for it. It's like you never got them in the first place. (If you do get penalized for the rejection of contracts via contract filter, send me an error report.)
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