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  1. It seems to work for me. I'm not entirely positive about that though. I'll get back to you on that.
  2. v0.3.1.22Y has been released. Changes over last relase ( - Readjusted a lot of stock jets - Added full KW support and some B9 Engine support - Cuts all fuel tanks (except for jet tanks as I don't quite want to break your planes) mass to 50% - Added minThrust limit to most of all engines (pretty sure it's this release) - Cut back all stock reaction wheels (including those in command modules) - Made all command modules (manned or not) consume a good amount of E/c - Made solar panels somewhat more powerful, and batteries a lot more capaci-tious - The RTG now consumes 238Pu as fuel - Other minor fixes
  3. Ahh, sorry about that. That might be because of something went wrong when I was repacking and reuploading it to Spacedock as KerbalStuff went down. The one on GitHub should have all those stuff included, and I'm fixing the one on SD now. Update: SpaceDock doesn't quite want to upload for me. I guess I'll have to try again in a little bit. Update again: Done.
  4. Just download it and check. I'm not the author of the plugin (original author is HoneyFox), so I felt no need of uploading it to my GitHub repo.
  5. Yes, without ETC, all SRBs will act like as if they don't have a curve.
  6. As far as I know of, I didn't find anything similar to Engine Thrust Controller in the stock game though. I'll look around and see if anything pops out.
  7. (You meant, folks, right... ==================== And, thank you @SirCmpwn, for all the services you've committed to the modding community and all the players.
  8. SRR v0.2.2.19Y All jets will have their Isp changed according to their speed Tweaked Whiplash Other minor adjustments
  9. Thank you very much. That worked out nicely. Your help is appreciated.
  10. Then this doesn't make any sense. Even if I happened to write my own patch against ModuleEngines, then when I tried to transplant configs from KW's patches (which, their solids use ModuleEnginesFX), same thing happens. If I at the part wrong, nothing should happen. Here is the code:
  11. Nope it has everything but the Kickback SRB. Or else I would not try to make one myself.
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